1. R

    Blue Dream, Hydro

    hello, I believe its heat stress, leaf bubbling. set up as follows, canna coco, 3 gal, water every 4 hrs, ph of res 5.7-6 ppm 1300, air temp 72-82, humidity 50-58 light 20" from the plant 600 w hps at full strength week 4 from seed. 4x4 tent
  2. BigMoistDaddy

    Can I go To jail for growing weed on seperated state lines?

    So my house is divided in half. One side of the house is in a state where marijuana is illegal, and the other side of the house is in a state where homegrow is legal. If my house gets raided by police by the state where it’s illegal will I go to jail even if the plants are on the side of the...
  3. Smokezz420

    trying to find original autoflower seeds

    Hi everyone. About 14 years ago I ran some amazing autoflowering variants of AK47 from the breeder Dark Wizard Genetics. I understand autoflowers are bred with an updated auto now that grows bigger, produces more bud, and has more potency. But, these original autos I did stood about 1.5 feet...
  4. G

    Need advice new to growing

    Hi all. New to growing all together. Trying to learn and pick it up by trial and error. Ive had about 3 previous seeds die after sprouting. Best one made it to about week 4. Ive only tried autos as of now but want to try photos as well. plant im working with now is purple haze auto by original...
  5. jackmoo

    what can i do better on

  6. G

    First time grower. Any kind of advice is highly appritiated.

    PLANT ON THE RIGHT: It's an auto for sure, that much I know. The seed was from a buddy and he said it might be La S.A.G.E, but it was just a guess. It's 72 days old. Around 40 days since it started flowering. I repotted it 2 times (didn't think it was auto) and also lollipopped it a few days ago...
  7. A

    Need help with diagnosing (mites or ArMV?)

    So I'm 26 days into flower and my buds look to be dying. Seems to start with a blackening of the pistil till they completely wither and the buds begin turning orange/brownish. Aside from the white lickz (first two pictures) plant, all were healthy until week 2 of flower. The white lickz plant...
  8. F

    How often do I need to change the water in my reservoir?

    I have an ebb and flow system with a 55 gallon reservoir, I plan to use RO water with drip clean and a couple airstone along with my nutrients. I've been told you have change the water every 1-2 weeks or you'll get algae and salt build up but if I'm using airstones and drip clean is that really...
  9. B

    Self watering fabric pot base

    First off, sorry for the long post, and also, thank you for the help. So I picked up some AC infinity self watering fabric pot bases. I am running fox farm ocean forest and ff trio for nutes, 5 gal fabric pots. I'm wondering about how to feed the nutes. I currently mix mine with distilled water...
  10. Mr1PopU.k

    About to get my grow on... a little help thankyou

    Hi, im new to the forum and about to start my first grow. Personally i like to perfect my art and what im doing so for me ill only be growing one plant at a time until i am absolutely sure i know what im doing since im just starting out, Im about to make my purchase of a kit and just wanted a...
  11. Astro_dro

    Are my plants flowering ??

    These plants are still in veg but it looks like buds are forming :(
  12. Astro_dro

    Hydroperoxide used in grow ?

    So I have some plants that are very brittle they fall apart with very little pressure. I believe this is just because of the genetics (Gelato punch) but my dad thinks it's because we had some hydroperoxide in some nutrient bottles that got to fed to the plants. So I guess my question is, is...
  13. Astro_dro

    Weird question!

    So I have some plants that are very brittle they fall apart with very little pressure. I believe this is just because of the genetics (Gelato punch) but my dad thinks it's because we had some hydroperoxide in some nutrient bottles that got to fed to the plants. So I guess my question is, is...
  14. G

    11 weeks still no amber trichs.

    Hi . I'm new to the forum. Been growing off and on for years. But never really stayed solid in it. I have a green house now. And I'm currently building a winter setup. I have 2 really nice ak-48 ladies. Huge buds. And lots of them I imagine I'll get a pound from each at least. But. This...
  15. L

    my plant has stunted growth this is at 37 days in (auto mokums tulip)

    this plant definitely has stunted growth should i just continue growing and see what possibly could be harvested from this tiny ass plant
  16. C

    High EC = Dropping PH?

    High Guys I have a question. I've had quiet some time growing in soil and it all went fine. I switched to hydro about a year ago with well... Ok results. Pulled around 300-350g on 4x4 with 400 watts. I am using the Lucas Fomula on RO water with Cal/Mg to EC 0.2 Top feed with clay pebbles...
  17. D

    White mold cliff

    So I finally flipped my 1st mimosa x orange mother plant after 5 months and a lot of cloning practice. The buds have me drooling with a few weeks to go. Caught the white mold early on the lower part and have been trimming and trying to get rid of it the past 2 weeks. Its been slowly working...
  18. C

    Urgent help auto flowers in veg

    As 2 of my auto flowerswent into flowering the 2 younger plants in veg/ early flower got a bit neglected checked on them to see light brown spots on the leaves. Recently had to flush 1 due to a ph problem what lead to over watering and they seemed to be bouncing back but now have brown spots...
  19. K

    Mycorrhizae or a bad fungus?

    Hey, so I’ve been growing for a couple of years, popped a new seed a few days ago and this has started to form (see photo). What do I do? I’ve not changed anything, the cup was washed out prior to planting and fresh bag of soil (same soil i always use too). Some is a yellow/green colour? And...
  20. N

    Is this normal? And what could I improve for next grow…

    Been growing bagseed outdoor and noticed how my buddies weed and most other plants have much thicker buds (calyx’s) and a lot less pistils. Plant has stopped growing and is currently in final weeks of flowering. Universal soil under 10-10-20 NPK fertilizer