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    Also running a 1000w in a 4 x 4 with plenty of cooling. But the last run which was my first with this setup was light burned at 16 to 18 inches so now I'm keeping a better eye on light height.
    I honestly thought from research online people seemed to be running 1k at 16in.
    I guess its also strain dependant my red widow burned but my 1 blueberry cross held up great.
    Hoping this next run goes better.
    What Are you all keeping your 1k watters at.

    TokyWartooth Active Member

    Thanks for the heads up! I will definitely maintain 16 inches as that 1000w light scares the shit out of me with its power lol. And right now as the plants are about 10 - 15 days old the light is still about 20 inches from most the plants. One plant was stretching a little so I put it on a few books for now.
    How are you cooling your 4x4 is it going in the grow room but out of the tent? Out of the grow room but in the house? Or out of the house entirely?
    I currently have it venting directly in the furnace room. Thus as the house fan turns on its circulating the warm air throughout the house for me. It's below zero out every night right now and only going up to 10 or 15. Yet my house temperature is steady at 26 to 27. I might not be saving on heating costs cause I'm using a lghtbulb to heat my house now not a furnace. But at least I don't have to run the heater at all.

    Here's some pictures from a few days ago.
    First one is of the 2 c99's and either the cheese auto or super lemon haze.
    Second is the GSC
    Third Canuck cookies
    Fourth 3 gDP
    Fifth and sixth green crack with the quick and feeble attemp and furthering my training knowledge and practice with a plant I don't care too much about. (Bag seed)

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    Aby55 Well-Known Member

    Im vented into a different room. It was to hard to keep it cool with it venting into the same room.
    I also didn't realize my ballast was set at 750w for 2 or 3 months lol...
    I'm moving the tent this weekend to a room where I can pull outside air easier. Hoping to not need the a.c. over the winter months.

    TokyWartooth Active Member

    That's exactly my problem as well my house is so frighten hot right now.

    Lite Well-Known Member

    Hookup to the exhaust fan in your bathroom (fart fan), That will expel the air out of ur living space.

    TokyWartooth Active Member

    Good tip I didn't think of using a bathroom vent to exhaust from the house thanks a lot! I may do that in the summer, however since my air currently vents into my furnace room i'd be more likely to just get a booster fan, another 12 feet of ducting and I could just set it up with my houses dryer exhaust. Or I was planning on doing it out a window in the grow room if I felt like building a black out barrier for the window.

    TokyWartooth Active Member

    Hey guys so I'm at day 16 of flower for the three GDP as well as the GSC and Canuck cookies. Day 11 of flower for the 2 c99's as well as the cheese or super lemon haze plant. The green crack is recovering from the heat damage the shoots are looking good. I've switched my lamp from 75% to 100%. I have some photos here. I think most plants were suffering from slight lack of nutes at this point. I've given. 3/4 strength feeding of medi one. This is their third feeding. The others were at 1/4 and 1/2 strength.
    First 2 are of the GDP
    image.jpeg image.jpeg Second three are of the unknown cheese or super lemon haze bend over then standing up (with wire)
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    These three are of the heat damaged green crack. As you can see new growth looking much less affected and healthier.
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
    Next is of the GSC (big pot) Canuck cookies (little pot)

    Lastly the two c99
    Thanks to all the feedback now that I'm very aware I cannot veg for over a month with this many plants. I plan on flipping in ten days. Before I do I have a couple things I want to first. Obviously as I'm the baby's are in solo cups I must transplant. Also I want to fim the plants.
    I have chosen to fim because of the short veg time. That way I'll still get a few main colas per plant hopefully but won't stress the plants as much as topping would so I can veg nice and short still.
    I don't know which I should be doing first. The roots have only just started touching the edge of the cup no fear of going root bound yet. None the less unless I get any one saying otherwise I will probably be transplanting tomorrow and fimming about 3 -5 days later. As I do worry about the possible speed of growth with this light.
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    TokyWartooth Active Member

    Okay so enough about me bragging how my temps are all perfect and shit.
    I realized why people have trouble in such a small tent. I may be able to extract the heat fast enough but I'm also sucking out humidity equally as fast.

    To combat this and yet keep my lights on etc I've put a mini humidifier in the room. A full size humidifier. I spray the wood of the grow tent to add moisture content there for evaporation. I have a rubber made lid filled with water.

    As of three days ago temps were at around 30 Celsius. with humidity around 20% which during seedling / early veg stage just does not work lol.
    Now the temps are around 28 Celsius the humidity is continuing to rise as the humidifiers add moisture content its right now at 38% which is already making the plants perk up and start to green out again whereas they were looking pretty yellow before.
    The biggest helps with getting the humidity up haven't been dropping temperatures more like people have recommended on the Internet. But actually putting the humidifier in the outside room cause any fan will pull that moisture straight out of the grow tent. But if you add moisture content to the room outside the grow tent you pull the humidity in slowly and it works. The other BIG help is spraying the wood. As it has so much surface area and holds so much water as I spray.
    Will post a couple pics of the sick but recovering babies tonight

    Edit I also transplanted yesterday as they needed the extra root room now.

    Aby55 Well-Known Member

    After moving my tent to a different room my humidity is an issue now too.
    The cold air I'm pulling from outside is just to dry.
    I think I will be doing a humidifier as Well.
    I'm guessing the rh being low is why my girls are starting to look sick.
    Rh in previous spot was 40 to 60 so I'm guessing it dropped to fast Idk.
    Nice to see your grows moving along good.

    Lite Well-Known Member

    Take a bowl of warm water and a small air pump. Throw the airpump in the bowl of water and stick the very ends of a dish cloth/wash cloth whatever into the bowl. Hang the towel straight up by hooks or whatever to keep it standing up.

    Similar to this.


    maybe put a fan behind it, a tiny small fan.
    The towel will slowly wick up the water and become damp. not saturated, just damp, the fan will blow through it and straight up add humidity to ur tent.

    this will work as a free humidifier, just add warm water twice a day

    TokyWartooth Active Member

    That has to be the best piece of advice i've had yet! Cheap easy clean.
    Definitely going to set this up.
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    TokyWartooth Active Member

    As much as I've been stalking this rollitup page forever. Watching the problems everyone else had. I constantly thought I had it better, or I could do it better. Lessons on humility lol

    I've found another example kinda. So Ive been using a ph test kit from a first aid kit. Thus it is for urine. Unused I decided to use it on water/ nutrient enriched water to check ph. My water was consistently testing as neutral :) OR NOT :( My Girlfriend was in the process of setting up an Axolotl tank. While researching local water ph she noticed it should come out the tap at 8.5 or 8 depending on locality / piping. Tap water should settle near 8- 7.5 again depending.

    I then rushed to find myself a more accurate tester.

    I hit up the local pet store got a test kit with a vial a reagent and good reviews.

    Post test I decided to always listen to the wifey.

    Anyway I've been using ph up as needed now post adding nutrients. With just tap water for foliar feeding I am using some ph down.

    Now A question for the community.
    -Is it ok to use ph down in my foliar spray? Spraying plain water just to raise humidity in the room.
    Another bigger more important question.
    -I've been watering with water severely too basic should I flush all the plants?
    I flushed one that seem the most affected (yellow leaves almost all over) it's coco flushed at the same as the water going in. That being the case in theory since ive been fallowing the same feeding schedule all around I should be good to keep watering normally now correct?

    First photos are of the 3 regular GDP
    Second set is of the 2 "C99's" fem

    Third set is the Canuck cookies fem smart pot GSC bagseed regular pot
    23874554_2012956745387579_273947648_o.jpg 23874536_2012956732054247_1725542495_o.jpg

    Forgot to get a picture of the (cheese or super lemon haze) but at this point I'm pretty sure it's the haze.

    Fifth photo is of the Green Crack as you can see i have started low stress training it. I considered mainlining it, but since I cant veg that long I've just started tying it down and I fim'd the shoots that were forming. As you can see in one of the close ups the fimming is working like a charm 24008054_2012956838720903_930400653_o.jpg 23998606_2012956828720904_398671048_o.jpg 23961044_2012956865387567_1314555672_o.jpg

    The plan is to basically flower as soon as all the plants fully bounce back from the issues they've been encountering.
    looks like i posted the same pic twice

    Lite Well-Known Member

    Wait, you have 8.5ph and you are using PH UP?

    What the hell? check yourself before u wreck ur plants

    ANC Well-Known Member

    Post a full picture of your tent, I suspect some common errors that are costing you a few degrees of heat more than you can get away with.
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    full of purple

    full of purple Well-Known Member

    I run 16 plants in a 4x4
    1week into flower cut off all smal branches and make clones

    theslipperbandit Well-Known Member

    You ph for root zone feeding no need for phing when ur foliar feeding
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    TokyWartooth Active Member

    I'm only using the Ph up when I add nutes. Adding the medi-one I'm using to water brings the ph from 8.5 to about 5.5 or 5.
    I then correct the ph with ph up.
    For regular watering though I use ph down obviously

    TokyWartooth Active Member

    So here are the pics. I'm not too too worried about heat I feel like it's in control. It goes to 21 at night and stays around 28 during the day (around 70 at night or 82 during the day) Because of the climate no matter the temp humidity is an issue. My rooms humidity is naturally right now around 20% I have managed to with

    In this photo you can see the overhead room above the light. The black thing in the top right is my exhaust. I have a nylon sock to collect dust over the 6inch duct
    This photo shows the current layout of the grow tent. One fan in the back left corner another center in front of the blu bucket.
    Another slightly clearer picture

    Top of the tent just a small amount of storage up there, as well as the exhast pipe exiting the tent,
    The top of the tent with the pipe venting down
    The bottom of the tent you can see in the back of the photo, there's a hole in the wall. The exhaust duct is then up about six feet into the wall so the heat dissapates into the rest of the home.
    That sounds like a great system. Interested in know how long you veg for, what strain ( if you stick to one or a few). What lighting are you using. Soil or coco?
    I'll most likely be doing something like is in the future is why I aam so curious.

    Why not for foliar? I feel like spraying with water that is up to a ph of 7.5 or 8 could cause immediate leaf damage nearly equivalent of watering wth water ph'd the same.
    In the past 3 days since I've been using properly ph'd water when foliar spraying most of my leaf problems are dissapearing now.
    I foliar spray so often as I'm in veg still and humidity is so damn low.
    This is definitely a combination of things though including proper feeding now humidity, and testing water properly.
    Anyway let me know if you think I should stop, the only reason I can see it being an issue is if ithe water becomes too hard.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    There are different processes involved in getting nutrients through stomata and roots.
    No real need to pH but it is probably more natural with the low pH of rain.

    As for your tent, you don't seem to run much wattage, needless to say, a light fixture that can be exhausted, covered in thermal insulation it will make the setup run cooler.

    This video will teach you about routing all those ducting and shit too.

    theslipperbandit Well-Known Member

    Domt you find that youtube guy super dodgy lol im waiting for him to offer me a car at great rates

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