1000 watt 4x4 grow

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    full of purple

    full of purple Well-Known Member

    Mainly strains that grow tall and skinny
    Maybe 50/50 or70/30 hybrids
    A lot of kush,cookies etc
    I personally grow candyland
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    TokyWartooth Active Member

    Sounds good so as far as ph goes with foliar spraying your saying scientifically it doesn't make a difference probably.
    But on another level to try to stress the plant less by sticking to a more natural climate the better.
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    There is nothing wrong with trying your best.
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    NoTillPhil Well-Known Member

    To me it looks like you will need all of them if your flipping to flower in ten days.

    IMO, Nobody can put a number of days on vegging until they have grown strain x in set up x at least once. One guy might achieve an amount of growth in three weeks and another may take five weeks to get to the same point. Topping, LST and being late on potting up will all add more time to the veg process. What light and what temperature your room is will effect the rate of growth. Soil mix or hydro set up....... you get the idea. Each space has its own learning curve.

    Side note: the mix looks very light and airy to me with plenty of perlite. With that light and warm temps they may end up needing water several times a day come flower time.

    Best of luck!!

    TokyWartooth Active Member

    Absolutely learned exactly what you said! AS SOOn as I tried training. I could see the immediate drop in rate of growth as a result I feel I'm gonna keep flowering. Could likely be my temps aren't allowing the plants to thrive quite as much as other peoples too. Basically I'm an amateur and I think I could have done things better but I love learning too.

    But your already right about water. I switched to the HPS yesterday to help tell the plants they're about to flower anytime now. But even at this size theyre drinking just about every drop of water I give them in a 24 hour period. Because of my work schedule i think during flower i shouldn't have a problem with watering them about every 16 hours. which I feel is DEFINITELY going to be necessary especially while they're especially hungry during the stretch.

    This is whats making me think more and more about creating a reservoir attached to a pump that I can ph in the morning before leaving and it can water the plants for me if they're too dry and I can then just go about feeding them or maybe looking in to an ebb tray style growing as I would like to grow with the many plants less time style, meaning my pots would be the same size or smaller than currently and I would not want to go about watering 16 plants a day.

    Thanks for the great advice sorry that I kinda like to ramble on

    sam123654789 Member

    The new federal law as it is currently written will not allow for outdoor cultivation for personal non medical use :(

    NoTillPhil Well-Known Member

    Your very welcome. An ebb tray may be a solution that works. In the future you can just make the mix a little heavier if watering twice a day is an issue. Container size,plant size and seasonal temps help me decide how heavy or light my mix is.
    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    id say that depends on how the plant is trained.

    I have some (9, but 7 are regs, in a 4 x 4) that have been vegged for 6 weeks (from seed in soil) that are all around 1 ft tall. All have been topped a few times and super cropped. If they double in size then they are still under 3 ft..

    last run was 4 plants in a 4 x 4 under a 3.5 x 4 net and got a pound. But the veg was way longer.

    Its all relevant. Medium, if any, light. strain, training. SOG guys would put 20 plus plants in a 4 x 4.
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    TokyWartooth Active Member

    Thought i’d Make an update as I’m getting to about a week or so from harvest.
    Got some great things going on and some things I have learned from as well.

    296126C2-7DDC-4505-A3BD-2A733260A4EA.jpeg FEA2FA5A-471D-459C-99CF-4F311F6E1F50.jpeg 43D91BFC-8A9F-482A-B103-6CAEA277BE0D.jpeg
    These three are of the bagseed gsc obsiously super stoked by the colours. I’ve had the grow area up at 80 every day and down to 55 every night for the baby’s. I’m pretty sure some of the colouring is a result of mg defficiency as some of the buds have started getting what I can only describe as “crispy” my light is fairly far still shouldnt be an issue.
    Next off 509BF6E4-19D4-4B52-A220-8933EF077C0A.jpeg 02EF1F21-33A8-4533-BD6B-EBF2A620B773.jpeg
    These two are of the grand daddy purple. It’s doing well again. Had some stretching “issues” as you can see i lollipopped it to help colas to really form up. Before that I was concerned I wouldn’t get any smokable bud from the plant. Now it’s getting dense and has to that great purple smell too.
    60D8C9A1-4812-4A23-8A82-1A21AA37DFDE.jpeg 354A0AA8-A67D-48C6-BF43-E73EBDC6A630.jpeg
    Super lemon haze looking good. A little shorter than expected I think because of cold temps at night possibly restricting the stretch I have no clue.
    10271D36-4C28-4D56-AC28-DA03DE069EF6.jpeg 7B61A6E6-C010-4469-9F32-3C7904805BC5.jpeg
    C99/ Cindy these last two are of one of my c99 I’m happy with how it looks I wish I had trained it more like the other c99 to get more bud. In the end Cindy lived up to any growers dreams. Was forgiving has fattened up with minimal training. And the smell out of this world. It’s like some crazy pineapple orange punch and something you can’t quite put your finger on.
    One more to show her purple side!
    I’m gonna make another post with the rest of the images
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    TokyWartooth Active Member

    Got a few more pictures here 4F8063A5-F3CF-471E-B176-AF8BE2175CF2.jpeg E5C46801-AC9D-438F-92BD-679156930EE3.jpeg These are two more of the other Cindy. No purple pheno’s coming out in this one. However the smell has even more of that distinctive fruityness I mentioned in the last post. 72EF288A-EA91-41BF-9AC8-3FD1526DCF14.jpeg 216785D3-E054-431B-AC23-65E487851C08.jpeg
    And two shots of the gsc from canuk seeds. Smelling okay not as pungent as the bagseed for some reason. Still holding onto hope though because of the strain and because it’s a little further behind than the other one
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    WheresmyATF Active Member

    hey man, if you go for another grow after this may i suggest dropping Canuk seeds? They are actually garbage from everything else i'v tried. Just low frost and uglt plants. But good job on ur first go!

    TokyWartooth Active Member

    Yeah I personally found i made it all work ok for a first grow but only just ok - and just because they are what I have I'm probably gonna put more of them in the ground this next time again

    Tx-Peanutt Well-Known Member

    Very well done my friend u should have a lot of great bud to smoke after it’s all said and done...Congratulations .....

    Tx-Peanutt Well-Known Member

    Why would someone want to pop seeds that are garbage

    WheresmyATF Active Member

    meant dropping as in not using haha my bad. Garbage was a bad word but crap compared to other breeders i'v seen
    If it's what ya got and ur happy that's all that matters! Buuut next order i'd suggest not Canuk

    TokyWartooth Active Member

    Not Happy but im smoking my own bud not selling for sure. But after your previous post I have been considering just buying a 5 pack from a reputable breeder.
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    GreenHighlander Well-Known Member

    Do yourself a favor and get yourself some beans from PeakseedsBC. Great prices on great strains, including c99, and all will perform great under less then ideal conditions.
    Cheers :)

    WheresmyATF Active Member

    some 3 packs are good in price too, but single seeds get expensive. Big names like barney's and green house seeds get mixed reviews but if you get thier cup winners you're probably fine.

    Tx-Peanutt Well-Known Member

    If your in the United States u can look up DC seed exchange they have really good breeders on there and some give u freebies...

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