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    Heavy Weather - White Widow, Skywalker Haze, Diesel Daze, Dutch Guaraní + Cats & Music

    ...Also add some dry amendments like bone meal, kelp meal, dolomite lime, oyster shells, thermophosphate (rock phosphate), potassium silicate (greensand), mycorrhizae. Compost tea monthly applied. As a living soil, it's full of earthworms, mites, colembule. Since I've introduced a gal of...
  2. Bareback

    What did you accomplish today?

    I tried to buy green sand locally but not one nursery in the three nearest towns had a clue what it is, same thing with azomite . I can’t believe not one “ professional “ even knew what either one of those are. Your amended soil will make a helluva difference.
  3. MissinThe90’sStrains

    What did you accomplish today?

    ...This is more work now, for less work later. Also topped all the beds with a mix of compost and native soil, mixed in some more peat/verm/perlite, added some builders sand, greensand, about 30 pounds of rock dust, and 25 pounds of dry amendments. Hobby? Problem? Obsession? What’s the difference?
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    ROLS 2 Cats

    ...recover some LST, I fucked up the plant. Slow, easy, gently. I'll learn. Top covering with bone meal, dolomite lime, kelp, oyster shells, greensand, raw sugar and EWC over all these minerals. Plant#2, Day 15 Full spectrum, huh? bongsmilie Stick clones (Day 8 from cut) from the plant's...
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    Bad looking seedling

    ...meal, mineralized phosphate, insect frass, mined potassium sulphate, basalt rock dust, humic acid, gypsum, kelp meal, oyster shell flour, greensand. That said, I think most people amend right off the bat, as the potting mix can only sustain a plant for a couple of weeks. I don't do...
  6. Tolerance Break

    Tierd Of This

    Mix perilite outdoors or with a mask on, as it contains silica.
  7. cannabiscrusader

    Working With Consultant/Grower, Can You Please Tell Me What You Think Of This Advice?

    I've never used roots organic, or greenfield. I only use plain water for the entire grow. Sometimes I'll put a gallon of filtered ewc and bonemeal tea around week 4, bit only if I'm bored. In that barn you can just drag a garden hose and fill them all up in 10 minutes. Cover over the dirt keeps...
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    Working With Consultant/Grower, Can You Please Tell Me What You Think Of This Advice?

    ...Fiber, Peat Moss, Composted Forest Material, Pumice, Worm Castings, Bat Guano, Soybean Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Fishbone Meal, Kelp Meal, and Greensand. Also contains beneficial mycorrhizal fungi: Funneliformis mosseae, Rhizophagus intraradices, Septoglomus desertícola GREENFIELDS MIX -Composted...
  9. LewberDewber852

    Tierd Of This

    Very nice! :joint: What do you mulch with?
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    Tierd Of This

    ...then to every cf of this is 2-3 cups NPK ammendments like kelp, alfalfa, neem, crab. 4 cups minerals. Like basalts, azomite. Greensand,glacier rock dust et 1 cup oyster shell 1 cup gypsum 1 cup Briwn rice. I find that the most important aspect is when measuring base ingredients you...
  11. Richard Drysift

    Where in the midwest US do you buy your compost?

    ...browns along with dry canna leaves. You want a balanced ratio of “greens” to “browns” along with some grit. A sprinkle of crushed oyster shell or greensand in the bin provides grit; helps the worms digest whatever else you give them. Having a worm bin is the baller-est move a grower can make imo.
  12. Z

    First time outdoor smart pot set-up bone, fish meal, insect frass, bat guano, oyster shell flour, malted barley, activated biochar, basalt, glacial rock dust, Azomite, greensand. Composts include 5 for diversity- lobster and crab, soft wood with biochar, and 3 different brand worm castings. Topped dresses with alfalfa...
  13. Week4@inCharge

    Official Gaia Green Grow Method begin with. Here's what's in the Gaia Green 4-4-4 Feather meal, alfalfa meal, bone meal, blood meal, glacial rock dust, natural rock phosphate, fishbone meal, mineralized phosphate, potassium sulphate, insect frass, basalt rock dust, humic acid, gypsum, kelp meal, oyster shell flour...
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    6 On 6 Off 6 On 6 Off Lighting Schedule, Ever Tried?

    I appreciate your enthusiasm, but very little of what you're saying is backed up by science. You're basically saying what you do is better than everyone else and that WE need to do it YOUR way, with zero consideration for the experience of the people you're talking to.
  15. Trey_Green

    Soil Food Web Gardening with Compost Teas

    ...because of the ease of care. Just dress the bed with some nitrogen and maybe a little P and K too, from natural sources like bonemeal and greensand. Then you're good for the year. More specifically, I like blueberries for the soil comfort challenge. (They like it hot!) Blueberries keep...
  16. Trey_Green

    Spider mites why and how the fook it's too spicy. So I spoil them and NEVER use chemicals or salt fertilizers. Just pig shit, straw, belly wool, vermiculite, perlite, greensand, cow shit, worm shit, human shit, compost, peat moss, and molasses. Write those down if you want body builder plants from Hell. Bugs can't so...
  17. Wastei

    Sulfur toxicity and lack of P

    Why choose dolomite lime instead of gypsum? You're going to have a hard time trying to combat the insane amount of Mg in the dolomite lime. Dolomite limes Ca:Mg is negative and should not really be used for growing Cannabis IMO. You should have enough P in that mix. Main problem is your Ca:Mg...
  18. S

    Sulfur toxicity and lack of P

    Soil is the usual sphag , ewc, compost, perlite. Kelp meal Crab meal Fish bone meal Alfalfa meal Neem cake meal Greensand Gypsum Dolo lime Azomite Bokashi grain The seabird 0-11-0 is to add only P back into my pots . my N and K are almost a bit much but just barely.
  19. 2cent

    Craft blend bas Info

    That’s what I thought seems a bit easy and random ovwr here we seem to only sell grass fertilisers , elixir 7-7-7 and 8-6-11 and a grass company winter feed 3-10-5 they seem the closest to bio tone and gia green we have like their 2-8-4 bloom ? the cannabis market ones all have neem and kelp or...
  20. weedstoner420

    Craft blend bas Info

    ...label on any of the Espoma "Tone" products, they all have the same 7 ingredients - feather meal, poultry manure, bone meal, alfalfa meal, greensand, sulfate of potash, sulfate of potash magnesia. But most of the mixes have different NPK/Ca/Mg/S values, because those same 7 amendments are...