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    12 critical kush.4x4 tent.1000w hps.

    GG @Rasgrowsensi I've got a few freebies of these, so I'd be interested in how the strain smokes. I estimate 3/4 lb dry. pls keep us updated
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    First timer, looking for the terps!

    Nice monsters! whats the humidity like in your cloning room? looks like it may be on the low side..
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    Update - Package safely arrived after exactly one month. Sannie threw in two freebies of Motherlode Kush for my troubles. I will be making my own feminized beans of both herijuana and motherlode w/ 500 ppm colloidal silver.
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    Attitude and Ordering Seeds , Delays for Anyone ?

    Yup, Im still waiting on 2 of my 4 orders that were placed on 4/20. -first one took 3.5 weeks -second one arrived yesterday (one day short of a month) - but the package was ripped to shit by US Customs The final two are currently in ISC chicago, hopefully they make it through. :roll:
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    Aficionados of cannabis seedbank of colorado

    Legit but the genetics were weak, very low yielding. I had the hellboy OG, and got about an oz off of 2 plants... Good smoke, not worth the effort. Find a better breeder
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    Anyone having seed delivery issues??

    Same, and ive been ordering from overseas for over a decade
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    Humboldt Seed Company (HSC) Thread

    I got All Gas OG and Notorious THC seedlings up and running. They sprouted in 4 days and have been great so far. I see a big difference between Humboldt Seed Co. and Humboldt Seed Org. already!
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    Problems with DNA Genetics

    The company went downhiill. I avoid all DNA genetics, and Reserve Privada..they’re selling hermies and reggie weed
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    THE SHIT LIST ......

    Here is my shit list in no particular order. I left out the seeds that just ‘didn’t germinate’... I grew all of these to full term: Expert seeds - GG#4 TH seeds - Bubblegum Nirvana Seeds - Bubblelicious Nirvana Seeds - Blue Mystic TGA Subcool - The Third Dimension Dutch Passion - Glueberry...
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    So, I placed an order with Sannie 4/13. 4/13 - I paid with crypto. 4/15 - got an email saying they were shipped and I could track it, but no tracking # was provided 4/15 - I emailed Sannie asking for tracking # 4/16 - Sannie reply saying they no longer provide tracking # on seeds 5/3 - I’m still...
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    Switched to advanced nutrients

    I also use AN PH Perfect line. Don’t be fooled by the name - It’s still important to keep an eye on your PH I start with a PH of 5.0 and then add nutes... Day 1 - PH doesn’t change. After 2 days - the PH goes up to 5.5 After 2 more days - the PH goes up to 5.8 After 2 more days the PH goes...
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    Do x-ray detect weed

    Yes, The X-ray scanners that TSA uses can see THC.. The best option is to travel with less than an oz of flower, and no more than 14G of co2 oil because the altitude will cause leaking, and may cause vials of fluid to explode. And all checked luggage is susceptible to a search, so keep...
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    Cannarado Cherry On Top, Fuzzy Pie, Kitchen Sink Grow

    How was the kitchen sink strain? Smoke report?
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    Adios Jeff Sessions

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    Is It Possible To Make Your Weed Smell 10x's Better?

    Note to my future self.... pro tips: choose the right strain: skunk, cheese and diesel are the stronger smelling strains. crosses of these strains are often funky also. check and find those strains, and look for their offspring. leave the buds attached to the stem...