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  • mr. west hello hello - reaching out - hope this message finds you well.
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    mr west
    mr west
    yo long time no speak dude. Yeah we all good thanks my youngest started big school this week. Time flies eh?
    am thinking about a bubble system and also a FLOOD AND DRAIN SYSTEMS combing the 2 system ,so it would drain from my bubble into a Reservoir flood and drain , and let it sit for a few hours to give the roots fresh air . can someone , give me a answer if worth doing ?
    hey mr west, you never said what that curly tailed little white bug was? you ever seen one like that? crazy, it looks just like a little piece of perlite :eyesmoke:
    sound got assasins creed but aint played it yet play battlefield 3 mainly beats mw3 imo. add me
    I got sick of getting my ass kicked on the PC so I bought mw3 for the playstation. Much more fun. Now we can play together again. A shame we can't hook up in skyrim. Ah well. Say hi to the women in the house for me.
    Congrats on the blessing! I have 4 of them. 3 boys & my baby girl (she's 8 years old) My oldest is 19 years old so I have a few years under my belt!!! No worries though, they're always your babies! meaning even if they're 50 they will still be your baby. Anyway, enjoy & grow!
    ah was back on it for a couple of weeks, not particularly heavily just the occasional session but ahm aff it again until ahve done ma harvest, either this saturday or next dependind on the trichomes. once ive got that done and the cash sorted for chrimbo i might have a wee celebration....for about 3 days.!
    not bad mate, 3 an a half weeks sober, ma heads startin tae come together again. my grows jist over 3 weeks into flower and lookin damn good.
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