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  • hey there, hows the world? All good here, quiet but good. Walking on, enjoying the scenery and the music. Hope you are well.
    Hello mate, I've got a question and have been pointed in your direction. I was just wondering if you know the history of the Psychosis and the Livers? Cheers man
    thought i might update you a bit. its like they stopped completely at 2 weeks, and started that hard white growth, like bud forming without the pistils. after a big flush they started growth again almost a week after. Ive come to conclude it was def lock out, due to salinity levels in my medium. those wierd clusters were the plant trying to make buds without any p or k. I searched a couple of your threads, couldnt find it, but what medium do you grow in, when that plant started doing that? curious to see maybe if that was the same problem as I was having. anyway thanks again. peace.
    hope that the case... I noticed some slow growth since the flush. I hope they snap out of it. Thanks for your response.:leaf:
    your post in the 600 about the strange growth. Have you figured out what it is? as i have the exact same thing going on with my russians. Although that pic is with a group of mature buds, was the growth from young flowering plant, or did it show up in later flower?
    My 4 cloned white russians all exhibit the same growth on the main branch. Im thinking it was due to me not flushing when I thought i had before flowering. 2 weeks into flower i flushed, to my horror, my run off ppm was 1700+! so ive come to conclude, either slow flower start from too much nitrogen, or lock out due to excess salt. Please hit me back... thx, dangledo
    Couldn't PM you dude, you need to do some housekeeping. anyway, heres the msg
    Hey Westy,

    Info on the HB: So after further inspection I have discovered some open male flowers on the HB's:sad:. These are all on lower branches so looks like I will have quite a few seeds in my popcorns buds. Big hash run ahead. If you are going to put the 4 from seed into flower, just be very wary of this happening. If you use the clones you took you will be cool (none of my clones ever showed male flowers....which is strange really)

    I am now of the opinion, that although I thought Thelma and Louise was an OG Kush, I actually think it's a Headband (looks and smell). I must of got my seeds mixed up when bagging them up! Anyway, Louis went herm (got chopped) and Thelma doesn't have any sign of balls.:clap:
    It's not to bad today. I had a dishwasher install this morning and then some remodle work after that. Now I'm off to talk to my advisor and see if I can save some money by moving insurence policies. A bit more tame than usual but still keeps me hopping. My X gets back from Mexico with my son tomorrow and she's in for a whole new world of hurt. She left the country without my permission and with less than 24 hours of notification. I hope this is the chance I've been waiting for, to get custody of my son.....
    hello dude! can i order adidas shoes to ur adress and u to resend the shoes to me coz i can't order directly to BG? heheh
    thanks and how many times do u top and how often? also i wondered wat growing medium u use, i.e the mesh type sack u use to germ seed wat is that and what is contained in it? also i was wondering what soil u use and wat do u add to it? and about Perlite/Vermiculite do u mix it in with the soil or jus scatter some over the top?

    Great Thankyou as im starting my grow soon :) <3
    Hey Mr West, i saw ur cheese plants they look awsome good job!!!!!! i live in England and have been lucky enough to sample some UK Cheese and it was one of the most nicest smokes iv ever Tasted a strong KILLER toke ;)..... may i ask how you got the Exodus Cheese to sprout out in 4 ways with 4 good stems with growth?? did u FIM the plant when it was very small? because it splits at about 6 inches or so.. Thankyou mate look forward to hearing from you as ur plants and stems look very healthy!! Cheers All The Best....
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