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  • Hi i see you put your using ferro nutes. Im Using ferroin coco and my leaves are going patchy yellow is this because i need to up the a and b more? Im already at 2.5ml a ltr almost full strengh. Hppe you can shed some light on this for me. Thanks
    Sup Ed,

    I was reading through your Diesel Ryder journal.
    Fantastic results man, you are definitely doing it right!
    I will read it more in detail to get the most out of my Auto grows.

    Thanks for sharing
    I have low growing right now but I am having problems, for one it was not an auto, started inside grow up 12 in, month and a half later no new growth no buds, set it outside a month or so later starts to but not as tall or wide as yours it is way behind!!! how do i post pics and vids any ideas?????
    Hey Ed I have a couple more questions if you dont mind.. How much water would you use to flush an 8.5 liter pot? how much water would you use to give a diesel ryder at week 4 a regular watering in a 8.5 liter pot and how often?
    Hi Ed when you use formulex for the second week do you add the 5ml per liter to the water mix ph it and apply straight to the autopot res?
    Thanks for the reply. I got my setup all put together (I think) and now I can't afford the auto pots. I'm gonna start with hempy buckets. Just waiting for my beans to arrive. Eventually I wanna start with the auto pots after following your threads and seeing how awesome your grows are! Wifes getting a bit frustrated on my spending spree. But she agrees it'll be a lot cheapee in the long run. Lol. Thanks again. Youve been an inspiration!
    Yes mate, agree on dwc being a hassle, temp perfect ph, ec, res change etc etc, bit of a monster tho lol.
    was just thinking earlier before I saw your post, that I was gonna go back to canna a&b , been trying a few others but think canna has the edge with coco, I like pk 13/14 and boost too. Bloombastic gave good results.
    you must like the ppp. Does it get tall. Write up looks good.
    race was good, looking forward to brazil next week.
    given up smoking on advice from doc, bought a good vapourizer, arizer extreme, does bags/balloons as well as a whip. Gonna miss a big fat bifter, but vaping is nice and hopefully will replace the baccy but not the wacky.
    take it easy dude, gonna put dub reggae radio on iPad and off to sleep.
    post a pic of Ppp wen you can.
    hows things?
    cropped a grow few weeks ago b/gum , orange bud, citral skunk, skunkberry, bigbud.
    Nice variety but got bit crowded, all coco, hand watered a&b rhizo etc.
    citral skunk was pick of the bunch, would recommend that one.
    beginning to realize less is more when it comes to number of plants you grow in a tent.
    having a go at dwc with a shortstuff sharkbite , gonna be a monster if all goes well, bout 2 weeks to go, I am reading that you can get away with short flush in dwc, what do you think? I know you've done dwc in past.
    reckon I've about done with autos now, they have been fun, and growing a 4oz plant in 8 weeks from seed is fun to watch.

    hows your grow going?
    better than your team I hope! Sorry mate, but maybe it's time for new manager.
    looking forward to f1 this weekend.
    will get pics of the dwc before harvest, I'm gunning for my best auto ever lol
    happy growing mate,
    Bout time you did another journal, they were good. Lot of work for a stoner tho.
    Hey Ed. I'm a newbie at growing and have been reading a lot of forums and journals. I've found yours are by far the best and have the most info. Thanks for sharing. I'm going to be getting an autopot myself. If i have any ?'s can i message you? Thanks again for all the info!
    Hi Eds
    back online and up and growing, how have your grows been?
    in a tent now with filter set up so no more smelly smelly.
    will post some pics when they look good lol.
    good champions league final mate, bet you were well pleased, was a great game.
    f1 back on so happy with that.
    got a bit of a jungle in my tent, bit of a nightmare, moving house messed them about a bit and I wasn't on the ball, but he ho, they will be ok.
    let me know what and how you growing at the mo.
    How's it going Ed, Name's Josh. Been checking out some of your auto grows for easy rider in 2010. Dude, i've rarely seen someone put an auto strain to use like that, you got some pretty gnarly colas. Anyway, figured i'd shoot you a friends request & was gonna ask if you could send me in the right direction for a good 1st timer-cheap-autoflower strain, or a link to some trusted cheap auto seeds i can purchase. I've got my 2 first plants ever in the dirt and waiting for the sprouting, really excited to get started. Anyway, really great job man you've got some amazing helpful journals! Take it easy dude.
    should I notice that according to the joint doctors info, my plants should be starting to bloom in a weeks time, should I adjust the veg nutes to the appopriate levels at which would be needed in that transition stage given by the nutrient company. Before proceeding to give the first serving of bloom nutrients? Thank you once again for taking the time to read through this. I really appreciate this. I notice that you are from good ol' England. Me, from the sunny state of California. Do you follow futbol? I was very upset to see my boys in White couldn't overcome those pesky penalty kicks in the second leg. So, looks like Chelsea will have their hands full with Bayern. They must be pumped to play in front of the home crowd too. Are the people excited over there?
    "GO" Bio-thrive Bloom, "GO" Ca-MG, "GO" Bio-Marine, "GO" Bio-Bud bloom booster, and occasionally "general hydroponics" Florablend vegan tea booster. I find that this is all good and well because I am using R/O water that is constantly at >20 PPM. Coco and soils were washed out in a lovely rain storm, that happened to last for 3 days. So they are just building up those microbes and activating all of the micro-organisms, while washing out the veg nutes. So now that you know my situation. I would like to know what your opinion is on transistion stage feeding. Most companies have a week of veg nutes that continue on into the first week of the "bloom lighting schedule change". This however would be irrelevant to the autoflowering plants, as far as the lighting change is concerned. However there is still the change for the plant at one point or another, to switch to flowering state. So seeing how I will be monitoring and logging in daily events,
    Ueah, I really don't have a budget per say. I just have all of my nutrients left over from a grow about a month or two back. I have the entire 8 part setup from General Organics. So I was just thinking that I will use the bloom nutrients until a week or more so I can flush properly. I also bought the Subculture-M and Subculture-B inoculants that General Hydroponics (general organics) recommends to use in additon to the Ancient Forest Alaskan Humus from General Organics. I invested in these for my larger scale photoperiod plants, that will be growing full season. I figured that I'm doing these autoflowers in relatively lifeless substrate (coco) and soil mix which has no amendments in them. So being an organic grower, I need to give my mediums some microbial life. To better help with nutrient take up, and getting that food web going. So, I will be using the following in bloom stage:
    Thank you for the response sir. I appreciate the feedback. I was thinking that my Diesel Ryder(s) were looking a bit small for 2 weeks. But I've only used the Canna Start and Rhizotonic at half strength as you recommended. Only 3 or 4 waterings total. The soil is holding water better than I thought. About to transplant into the fabric pots in a day. Any tips with the bloom nutes? Unfortunately I'm not using a part a, part b setup.
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