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  • thanks a lot for the props man but i'm just another bozo on the bus ride of life, ...just another stoner like you bro and i'm sorry if i came across that way, i try to be clear in what i say online because all we have is the typed word and so it is so easy to misunderstand each other and so sometimes i sound like like that, ...which is kinda why i like to post links, so folks don't have to take MY word for anything, i provide the source of my knowledge.
    ...anyway, thanks again and if i can help or you have a question, give me a shout, chances are i'll know where to find the answer if i don't know the answer myself. peace, bozo
    Idk, i'm not really worried about rep. And yeah, the bubble is an auto... I'm not sure if it will actually autoflower though, i've seen alot of threads saying nirvanas bubbleicious doesnt auto... So i'm getting a timer on friday just incase.
    hey fellow grower! im new here..just lookin over all ur progress, and ur headed in the right direction thats for sure!! i have a few suggestion if ur up to listening...holler back
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