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When to flower?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by ximor, Feb 14, 2007.


    ximor Active Member

    At how many inches should you induce flowering?

    420in808 Active Member

    I'm new to this forum as well as growing, but from what I can gather, it really depends on how much resources you have. How many lights, what kind of lighting, how big of a grow space do you have, etc.? The plant I'm growing, I'm using only one cfl (75w equivalent incandescent) and I flowered it when it had about 4-6 nodes (appr 2 weeks old). Later I'm gonna add another light.

    pauliojr Well-Known Member

    If in a moderate space, flower at about 12-16 inches. Make sure they have at least 3 nodes.

    ViRedd New Member

    Your plants, depending upon strain, will stretch (grow) to about twice to three times their size during the flowering cycle. The rapid growth stops at about three weeks into flowering, then the plants start to really bud up from there. Soooo ... it really depends mostly upon your head room.

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    CannaBoss Well-Known Member

    There are different schools of thought on this topic. Depending on your method of growing(i.e. flood and drain, soil, aeroponics, room height, light amount,etc.)
    Some growers that grow in high volume will flip their light schedule as soon as their clones show roots. I do not agree with this methodology. I am a firm believer in the reproduction of nature. In nature, a cannabis seed germinates
    in early spring and grows in vegitation for several weeks before the beggining of Autumn. So in my opinion(take it or leave it) AGE of the plant is more important than height.Kind of like a grape vine for producing wine,the older the vine,the largrer the yeild. I don't flower until the plant is at least 7-8 weeks old.
    This practice allows the plant to develope a strong root base and stalk.this allows for more nutrient uptake and larger yielding plants.
    I "supercrop" my plants. This means I bend the top stalk lower than the bottom shoots by pinching the stalk between my fingers, approx. 3-5 nodes from the top. This allows the bottom shoots to catch up with the top shoot. When you do this, it must be done in vegitation and up to the third week of flowering. After that the stalk becomes too strong and snapping can occur. This is a means of "tricking"
    the plant into thinking the bottom shoots are now the top shoots. A hormone is delivered to the secondary shoots as if they were the tops,creating a plant with multiple "king kolas". In this method I keep the plant at about 20" - 24"
    before flowering. Otherwise the plants would be nearly double that height.
    Rememeber...your plants will grow(depending on the strain,sativas tend to grow higher do to their longer flowering times than indicas) 2-5 times the height it was in vegitation by the time it's done flowering.
    So basically, figure out how much room you have to grow, veg the plants to a height that will allow for double at least, and flower those babies.
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    CannaBoss Well-Known Member

    Urban Grower, vegitates to 24" and get 4-6 oz. per plant.

    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member

    Thats impressive. Do you know the light wattage, and how many plants /sq ft.?
    Garden Knowm

    Garden Knowm The Love Doctor

    Hello Mr. X,

    What kind of light are you using...

    I flowered at 4 inches tall with 4 nodes (nodes are more relevant than height) 14 days old.. harvest 3+ ounces...


    and NOW you KNOWM

    CannaBoss Well-Known Member

    His formula is simple.

    Using (1) 1000 watt HPS light, he teaches how to get 2+ pounds per 1000 watt.

    Of course you need a heavy yielding plant. i.e." big bud" or "Hash plant" or "Pot of Gold" etc.

    9 plants veg to 24". attaining 4 oz. per plant. 36 oz.= 2+ lbs.

    1800 ppm Co2. 40% humidity max.

    78* daytime max temp. 60* min. nighttime

    Urban Grower used Advanced Nutrients , primarily in soil in 7 gallon containers. He "lollypops" the plant by cutting off the bottom stalks nearly half way up.This forcing the growth to the top kolas.
    It's on Youtube.com (type in "big buds" )and UrbanGrower.com

    ximor Active Member

    Im currently growing in a 4x6x10 area. I have 4 48" 40w plant flourescents w/ 2 125w plant lights. I have the bulb for a 175w MH but im still in the process of getting the ballast and fixture. I have 46 beauties at 14 inches tall and i was deciding on when to induce flowering. Dont have a digi yet for pics but they are soon to come. Its just my first grow so i wanted to make sure i had my feet firmly planted.

    videoman40 Well-Known Member

    From what I understand you do need at-least 3-4 nodes prior to flowering, after that the determining factor is what light you are using. If you have as I do a 400 watt system, you want to flower at about 12" because the plant will than grow to about 36" which is the most penetration you'll get from a 400 watt light.
    Kingdom Sky

    Kingdom Sky Active Member

    nice, ximor, what kind of plants u got there?

    green_nobody Well-Known Member

    ... interest topic... me personally got like 4' space for the plant to grow in veg circle so i'm planing right now to cut the top by 3-4" so it grow a bigger split top to like 3 1/4 foot and than start with the flowering... but this is my first shot indoors:oops:
    da plantDOC

    da plantDOC Well-Known Member

    It's a fuct the longer and lager your plant's get befor flowering the morre your going to yealed!!! I have flowered a plant at 5feet and ended up with a 6 1/2 tree and i also did a seedling 12/12 from seed and it come out 1 but!! No branching off just 1 long bud!! and them sativa's will strect like a basterd the first two week's into flowering!! so cool i hope i could help soneone!!! So cool man!! LOL

    geckoganja21 Active Member

    ok so i have one lil greenie and grow space is extremely limited my girlfriends parents are anal so ive been vegitating in my geckos tank i need to flower as soon as possible so they dont see it tank temp is at a steady 80 degrees during the day with 65 % humidity and about 70 degrees at night with the same humidity so what are nodes and my grow area is only 3 feet tall so im assuming i need to flower soon right? please help im new to this stuff but i love mj

    MrMotown Active Member

    yeah gecko i would flower ASAP

    davies3uk Member

    hi do you just change your light setting from 18/6 to 12/12 to start the flowering? would i need diffrent lights im using flouros? cheers.
    Jerry Garcia

    Jerry Garcia Well-Known Member

    12/12 lighting inducing flowering. You can do it with any spectrum, but plants prefer the 2700K range (red/orange) for flower.

    SilkySilk9 Member

    Is my plant ready to flower or should i wait longer? Two attached pics.

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    handicap Member

    im a newbie i need help, growing for six months no flowers???????????? standing 4 feet tall no buds, no flowers...........what am i doing wrong????????????????

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