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Using Molasses

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by ganjaluvr, Jul 9, 2010.


    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    Many new growers are confused about using Molasses to feed their plants.

    Well, its not confusing. I'm here to explain the best way I can, how to properly use

    Molasses with your cannabis plants.

    Also, make sure you get the Molasses that contains no Sulphur. That's bad. No no!

    Alright, let's get on with it.

    Molasses can be mixed with water for a nice water/molasses mixture, that you can then water your plants with. Molasses can also be mixed with your nutrients (check to make sure its okay to use with your particular nutrients you use). The general "rule of thumb" is to use 1tbsp per gallon of water. Simply mix in one tbspn of Molasses into one gallon of water. Next time you water your plants, try using the mixture that you made. Molasses also does indeed help sweeten up things in the end.. I personally have experienced this as well. The sugars in the Molasses, once absorbed by the plants roots, is then shot up to the plants buds/leafs and processed.. therefore.. if you use it properly and weekly.. by harvest time comes around, the sugars from the Molasses.. have gotten trapped inside the buds (trace elements) and that's where they stay.. therefore making the taste/smell of the buds just a little bit sweeter.

    Molasses also does something else for the plants.. it actually does speed up the plants metabolism. Which helps with growth speed and vigor of the plant.

    Just remember to take it easy with the Molasses.. and only use 1tbsp/gallon and no more than that. I've never seen a plant, that's gotten too much Molasses.. so I'm not really sure what would happen to the plant if it were to get too much of the Molasses mix. So please, if you so choose to try the Molasses on your plants, be careful.. and follow the general rule of thumb.. and only use the 1tbsp/gallon mix.

    I hope this helped clear some things up about using Molasses with growing Cannabis plants..

    if you still don't understand how to use it, please feel free to message me on here and leave me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

    Thanks and have a great weekend!

    peace. :peace:

    -written by: GanjaLuvr (RIU.org) 2010


    Using SuperThrive

    Hello again! Hope everyone is having a great day so far.. or a great night. Wherever your at.. hope your doing great. I know I am. :wink:

    Just trying to help the noobies with some nice informative information about how to use Superthrive properly, with your cannabis plants.

    Superthrive is a very very potent additive. Some people think that its nothing more than a nutrient. Well, its more than that. Superthrive contains a whole line of complete micro nutrients and mirco vitamins (such as B1) which Cannabis plants love to absorb. ST also contains many of the micro-nutrients and micro-vitamins and trace elements.. that alot of today's nutrient brands don't have.

    Superthrive should only be used during the veg cycles of the cannabis plants life. You shouldn't use it during flowering, or on a plant that has started to flower.

    Superthrive also contains synthetic Auxins, NAA (1-naphthaleneacetic acid) which isn't good for foliar feeding at all. However, the roots LOVE the synthetic auxins.. which helps the plant develop more bigger and more robust root systems.. therefore.. we all know that the bigger the roots.. and the more roots a plant has.. the bigger; healthier; and healthier the plant will be. More bigger roots, also means bigger more robust buds by harvest time as well. Once again, use it foliar and your plant will stretch (or if you use too much of it) too much will create freaks, not fun best place for auxins are the roots (unless you're into stretchy plants).

    Also, Superthrive should only be used once.. maybe twice.. per plant. Any more doses than that, per plant.. will lead to more problems than you want.

    Lastly, Superthrive has a mix ratio.. that's the exact same as if you were mixing up a batch of Molasses and water. So once again, the general rule of thumb for mixing Superthrive, is 1tbspn per gallon of water. Stick to that, and only use it once.. twice at the MAX.. and your plants will be just fine. But again, its not something you use on a weekly/monthly basis. It's just a one time (maybe two time) thing.

    Oh, and before I forget.. Superthrive is also well known.. for bringing sick plants.. back to life. So, if you ever have a plant that seems sick.. or seems like its not doing very well?? Mix up a 1tbspn per gallon of water.. and give it a watering.. and within two days.. that plant will be back to life in no time.. and it will look 200% better than it did before it received the ST/h20 mix. It will make the stems more robust and stronger; it will make the plants leafs bigger.. and just overall bring the plant back to life.. only it comes back 200% healthier than it ever was.

    I hope I have cleared up some of the confusion about using Superthrive with your cannabis plants. If I helped just one person, than typing this up was worth it.

    If you have any other questions about the subject, feel free to send me a msg here on the site.. and I'll get back with you ASAP.

    Thanks for reading everyone.

    -written by GanjaLuvr (RIU.org) 2010
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    Killer Vanilla

    Killer Vanilla Well-Known Member

    nice :), i just ordered some molasses off ebay that has no sulphur im lookin forward to dosing up with it :)
    Total Head

    Total Head Well-Known Member

    in case anyone is confused of how to actually mix in the molasses, an easy way is to first mix it in a cup of very warm water, and add this to your solution. it's a lot easier than just dumping it into a full gallon of room temp water. i just dumped it in the first time and it was hard to blend.

    rastadred22 Well-Known Member

    y shouldnt u use superthrive during flowering? and y only twice? and what about a tree u have started 12/12 from seed?

    mamador1r Active Member

    1 tablespoon of superthrive per gallon is a lot & not recommended
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    rastadred22 Well-Known Member

    u used one drop to a litre and it worked great!

    purplehazin Well-Known Member

    Yeah, mixing the molasses into boiling water is easier than room temp water. Good info though!

    eazytree Member

    I have used superthrive before and yes it works, but I use no more than 1/4 teaspoon or 1.25ml per gallon. That is the measurement they say to use on the back of the bottle. I have used it more than twice (maybe as much as 6 times for one plant w/ the 1/25ml per gal during veg) I did not see reactions any more noticible than the plant I dosed the reccomended twice in veg. It could have even stunted the plant, but not much. Using more is a waste. A little goes a long way.

    Vento Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info ...much appriciated :)

    Heshyyyy Active Member

    what type of mollasses is it and where can i buy it

    xivex Active Member

    I'm using 1 tbsp of Grandma's Unsulphered Molasses per gallon every other watering.
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    jack the beanstalk

    jack the beanstalk Active Member

    There is some bad misinformation here. I have seen people use 2 Tbsp per gallon of molasses and NEVER use a Tbsp per gallon of superthrive! You will regret it. I have used a Tsp per gallon on a regenerating plant and it did not work out very well. After a few flushings the thing took off like mad though. A couple drops per gallon is plenty.

    eLtRAMPO Member

    Hey whats up y'all!!! I was out mixing my nutes this morning before watering, And was adding my $27.50 bottle of Sugar Daddy and remembered hearing something on molasses. Does it have the same effect on plants? Ill kick myself in the ass if ive been spending $30 opposed to 5 or 6... hahaha

    marcoze Well-Known Member

    i use 1tbsp of brier rabbit unsulphured (not blackstrap) per gallon and compared to the same genes that i was skipping the molasses they buds are actually denser and the trichome production is slightly above the other one. But this could be do to some small genetic anomalies too as they came from seed and not from clone. Just dont get scared over your leaves getting a little hard, thats basically the molasses working.

    Also, in comparison to buds that have been grown with a "sweetener" or "hardener" the molasses treated shit tastes EXACTLY THE SAME or even better. You can defenitly taste it, and you can taste the fact that tons of bud you may have gotten in the past was packed SOLID full of this shit before it was chopped. It carries right in the flavor.

    IMHO, you gotta at least flush that shit for 3 days before the hack all those excess sugars in the plant might not break down after the fact and leave you with pockets of shit that makes you feel like your chest is gonna explode and im not talking in that "damn this is good bud" type of way.
    jack the beanstalk

    jack the beanstalk Active Member

    Really? This sounds like more stoner myth. How does burning the extra carbs in the bud leave you with "pockets of shit" in your lungs?
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    green fan

    green fan Active Member

    I just started using molasses last week and now I have nute lockout. I have been reading and the interwebs say that molasses feeds the microbes that crap out food for the roots.
    I flushed and added some big bloom and ph down to make a 6.5 mixture and just added that.
    This is my 3rd grow and 1st time using molasses.
    I am in my 4th week of flowering

    marcoze Well-Known Member

    i dont know how, does not being able to understand what people are saying a factor in your life usually? Who mentioned about anything leaving pockets of shit in your lungs? I was referring to the extra carbs leaving pockets of un processed sugars (carbs) inside of your plant material. Are you familiar with how plants function? Or just "grow weed dawg"? because based off of your previous statement id put money on the later of the 2.

    marcoze Well-Known Member

    why do you think you have nute lockout? are you sure its the molasses and not something else in your regimen?

    Phenom420 Well-Known Member

    I use 1-2 drops per gal of sperthrive, a tablespoon is a HUGE waste, it's SUPER CONCENTRATED, says so on the bottle, also says "a dab will do ya"

    eLtRAMPO Member

    Excelent info thanks...

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