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Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by Geezy101, Jun 1, 2012.


    Geezy101 Active Member

    First off wanna say big ups to 70sdiver guys a stud. I learned alot from him.

    I grew 3 Afghan Kush Ryder and yielded just under 6oz - 400 watt hps hung vertically.

    Tip 1 : 5+gl pots. (smart pots if u can) DO NOT TRANSPLANT YOUR AUTOS

    Tip 2: 24 Hour Lighting

    Tip 3: LST - u can super crop. but i prefer to use some sort of line and tie down your branches to puff them out to recieve as much light to each branch.

    Tip 4: Coco soil - cant say enough. the stuffs amazing

    Tip:5: bare bulb hung vertically. some people are against it. cant argue with my results. (where protective eye gear near your light, tough on the eyes)

    Tip 6: bubble your water with an air stone for at least 25 hours before watering. the roots love that extra co2 ( buy a 67 liter plastic storage bin to store your water - wal mart for like 6$

    Tip 7: distill ur water for at least 3 days before watering. again in a plastic storage bin.

    I had a rough start to my autos. ph levels were no good for about 3 weeks. my ph pen was a cheapy. bought a good one 3 weeks in dramatic turn around. i transplanted an auto. was in shock for 10 days. still yielded 34g off it. harvested my autos at 74 days bc of my rough start.

    Plant 1 - transplanted (dont not do that).. plant stayed small in stature but still yeiled thick bubs curing me 34g dried

    Plant 2 - no supercropping or lsting. barely touched it, trimmed a view fann leaves that were dying near the bottom. yielded 52gs dried

    Plant 3 - suppercropped 1 branch and lstd the rest. plant grew very tall branches were very long. almost 3' in hight. it was a beast for an autoflower. 64gs yielded off it of great smoke def liked the taste the best off this plant. full flavour.

    Check out this link for pics -


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    Nice Ol Bud

    Nice Ol Bud Well-Known Member


    Geezy101 Active Member

    i hear your point. then again. i have maximum results going 24. so i guess 20 or 24 would be my suggestion.

    also note i did put my autos in darkness for 48 hours before harvest. i def noticed buds weres fatter when i took them out.
    Nice Ol Bud

    Nice Ol Bud Well-Known Member

    Cant argue with that.
    Some true shit right their.
    They fear the death upon them lmfao.
    So they produce!produce!produce!

    Geezy101 Active Member

    lmfao yup!!!

    808killahz Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tips....

    Scyntra Well-Known Member

    So you only got 150G from 400W of light??
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    sgt john

    sgt john Well-Known Member

    Good to know, thanks for the info.

    Longrange270 Member

    the auto flower strains that are being used here are hybrids. = not natural. ive always used 24/0 with good results

    WolfieLee Well-Known Member

    If I may. The 20/4 and 24 light debates is what it is. I myself believe plants need to respire (exhale, if U will). A bit of a correction on the aeration of the water...the plant (foliage) needs Co2...the ROOTS need Oxygen. At least to the best of my knowledge.

    Scyntra Well-Known Member

    you are missing out of several things going 24/0 vs 20/4...terpene(smell)production is highest in the dark period...do some research on circadian rhythm and plant metabolic energy and you will find while it it fully possible to grow in 24/0 light its not the best for the plant... look at it this way you can grow in 100f+ temps but as we all know its not best for them...

    ps your lights and energy bill will thank you for the break to...

    Geezy101 Active Member

    ya 3 autos. first 2 weeks had a ph problem. and i transplanted 1 auto. i thought it was pretty good.. if i started with the correct ph levels and didnt transplant an auto. i woulda had a much bigger crop. with these techniwues i managed to turn around to a good harvest for autos anway

    Kush2180 Active Member

    Yield depends highly on Strain, I yielded 400g of buds off a 600w, finished in 55 days (pulled early due to going on holiday). Strains were Afghan Kush Ryder and G13 Auto AK.

    screaminlemon Member

    yeild really depends on strain i find it best way to go with cracking new beans every month and go perpetual, heres a short stuff MI5 I didn't grow this mi5 1.jpg mi5 2.jpg mi5 3.jpg mi5 4.jpg mi5 7.jpg mi5 8.jpg mi5 9.jpg mi5 10.jpg

    Killacamcam Member

    Did super cropping it stunt plant 3 at all?
    Nice Ol Bud

    Nice Ol Bud Well-Known Member

    what is your point?

    70sdiver Well-Known Member

    trapping2112-2013 027.jpg trapping2112-2013 026.jpg thanks for the good words bro.I currently have some sweet cheese seeds going.As far as 20/4 goes I have better yields and the same potentcy with 24/0.These are at day 31 from the time i put the seeds in the dirt.I grew this strain out before what a great high decent yielders running about 3 ounces a plant.

    wolfpackleader Well-Known Member

    Plant must get a good veg period otherwise your in for disappointment, no slacking times a ticking they are not like normal plants where you control veg time. People think for whatever reason they can take it easy the first couple weeks of a grow and thats bs especially with auto's. If you put them out in spring CHECK the damn weather forecast and make sure they have a solid start because with out that foundation your season will be constant problems. 5 gallon bucket is best I have done them in three with no difference in size though. You can transplant but do it early.(i.e from cup directly to final pot with no affect in yield. Genetics are key too.

    mmmdankbuds420 Member

    I'm no pro but I would imagine a little bit of darkness each day would play a vital role in maximum scent potency since in darkness is when the plant produces most of its turpenes?

    LockedOutOfHeaven Well-Known Member

    If you transplant properly and gently you will not have any stunting at all! I transplant all of mine now bcuz i tested theory. If you do it right there was NO problem.

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