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Thoughts on HSO Blue Dream?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by arc tyler, Dec 31, 2012.

    arc tyler

    arc tyler Member

    Its been a while since the company first made it, i think like a year its been now, and i know a lot of people have tried it, so what do you guys think, is it similar to the original? I'm about a hour away from sending in a money order to pick up 5 of them, people have been saying that it is almost the same, some said they couldnt tell the difference, what do you guys think?
    arc tyler

    arc tyler Member


    SSHZ Well-Known Member

    It's one of Attitudes 10 best selling strains......
    ink the world

    ink the world Well-Known Member

    I have 5 flowering now, about 3 weeks in.

    3 different phenos, 1 Indica, 1 Sativa and 1 50/50 mix. All phenos look like they'll yield well and all are starting to frost up nicely.
    So far so good. A friend just harvested his first and it looks dank as hell. I'll post a smoke report when mine finish.
    arc tyler

    arc tyler Member

    Good to hear, I think ill place a order, see what is up
    arc tyler

    arc tyler Member

    Whats everyone else think about HSO?

    Dobby Well-Known Member

    I got one going 4th week of flower, she's a tall gal and beefy. Nice buds going.

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    the few grow journals i've seen on it all seem to be leaning more to the indica side and the blue dream i just ran is definitely nothing near being on the indica side of things.. some of the most sativa looking leaves i've run yet...

    indyboarder57 Active Member

    Just finished a grow of HSO trainwreck, I would be personally weary of buying HSO seeds again. Their trainwreck is supposed to be an Cali cut (forget the origin) and is supposed to be a very sativa dominant phenotype. Literally all 4 of my trainwrecks were all indica doms, not signs of hybridization of any sativa. Sadly those girls got PM and budrot whilst I was on the mainland visiting family. Sad day :(, but I was able to salvage at least 60%, and those nugs are rock hard.
    I think their are better varieties of blue dream strains out their, which is just seems like a blueberry crossed with big bud. Good luck on your choices, just keep your two cents about this breeder. Aloha

    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    blue dream is dj shorts blueberry x super silver haze.. :D but i agree with what you're saying about hos' strains from what i've seen, the blue dream seemed way more indica then the blue dream clone only i just got done running..

    barajitas2k Member

    i have some at 4 weeks veg and they look fantastic. gonna start flowering this weekend :lol:
    hazey grapes

    hazey grapes Well-Known Member

    well... that cured me of every buying blue dream then, i thought it was blueberry x HAZE. i'm leery to even try super silver as it's more indica dominant than jack herer and adding stony blueberry is a step in the wrong direction there. i would doubt that it's buzz compares to the MOTIVATIONAL and long lasting one of haze skunk comparing notes with a member a few months ago. i'm sure it's at least a decent smoke, but i'm looking to go the opposite direction towards a purer haze experience.
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    arc tyler

    arc tyler Member

    So im starting to look at other strains, ill still keep the blue dream on my mind, see what people think of it after a few grows are finished.

    It is not super silver haze, the real blue dream is a unknown haze, HSO doesnt say what theirs is, and the one hes talking about is dj short's azure haze, which is blueberry x super silver

    VILLAIN Member

    Wow, it's already almost sold out

    chongsbuddy New Member

    and it is blueberry/haze

    Kybudz Active Member

    Here is pic of mine 42days in

    Attached Files:

    lBiG lBeAR

    lBiG lBeAR Member

    Got a couple HSO freebies on week 3 (bluedream and chemd)and I am totally blown away by the tightness of the node structures. really quality vigorous growth & they are heavy feeders.
    I've got the sativa pheno with strong sweet fruity haze smell

    nice results kybudz thx for posting

    Jman305 Active Member

    I just watched a video on youtube of a guy pulling down his HSO BD and he had a pretty sativa leaning pheno and said there was much variation in his pack, but he did find one that very similarly resembled the original cut. He said the smell was very pungent, metallic haze and berries. Sounds like the BD I just had last week. I think its one of those pheno hunting strains. I got a freebie with my order of SinCity Dream n Sour. I'll be putting the whole thing in my journal. Not much you can tell from 1 seed, but there is BD in the Dream n Sour. We'll see who's lying. :)

    Bottleandmobile Well-Known Member

    Check out Azure Haze by DJ Short

    Jogro Well-Known Member

    One story I've seen has the original Blue Dream as DJ Short Blueberry x Santa Cruz Silver Haze (not "super silver haze") but who knows what the truth is. . .this may be one of those things impossible to ever know.

    Anyone know the genetic makeup of this particular ceeded line?

    Are these S1 plants? (IE selfed Blue dream)?

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