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The longer you hold in the smoke the higher you get???

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Chaotic, Jan 30, 2008.


    Chaotic Well-Known Member

    So... I've heard that when the THC goes in your lungs most of it is absorbed instantly so it doesn't matter if you hold it in or not. Also i've seen that taking smoke from one mouth to the next gets people stoned too so that kind of throws out the first idea..

    Does holding in the smoke longer really get you more stoned?

    I'm stoned.. I probably sound like a idiot bongsmilie

    6isafraidof7 New Member

    I read something recently that holding it for 5 seconds or so is really all you need for your body to absorb the THC... anything more is just smoke in your lungs which isn't really what you want.

    QazW Active Member

    yes, to a degree. i would say no more than 3 on a joint, and 5 on a bong. Remember when you hold it your absorbing more THC, but your also absorbing the stuff that you dont want.

    420bugmenot New Member

    i think the general rule is 3 seconds gets you around 80%, my science is not exact..

    so yes, 3-5 seconds and blow that shit out.

    bobharvey Well-Known Member

    when i smoke a blunt i usually do the inhale, head bob, blowout...
    but when i'm runnin low i hold it in for as long as i can.
    I don't know why....but that's my thing and i'm stickin to it

    goatamineHcL Well-Known Member

    it seems to get me higher these people coming up with percentages i think are just puliing something out of thier ass of course ou get the "bad" stuff your fucking smoking

    mondaypurple Well-Known Member

    I like taking a bong rip sitting down, keep holding it in, stand up, walk around the room, and then exhale...man does it get me dizzy
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    SoMichArmy420 Active Member

    I would say no longer then 5 seconds, After that your just killing more brain cells.

    goatamineHcL Well-Known Member

    im down for killin me some brain cells

    Tashwitz Active Member

    Im interested to know if it helps get you higher when you hold it in longer, because I've always heard it does I've just never heard any hard evidence.

    DudeLebowski New Member

    i believe-i could be wrong- all THC is abosorbed on impact.
    meaning that as soon as the smoke touches your lungs, it swells and closes the capilary's and blood vessals in your lungs, leaving a small precentage of thc left in what you exhale, so for shottys from mouth to mouth, that would explain two people getting high.

    now i know holding it in has nothing to do with the price of tea in china, simply because i used to hold my bongrips for an unreasonable ammount of time when i first started off- and guess what, i got a headache.

    now after several years of this rediculous method, i finally got my own glass on glass bong and let me tell you, as soon as the last bit of smoke slides its way out of the top of my bong, im exhaling as soon as my mouth is clear of the chamber, and i still get quite ripped and i seem to get a more pleasant "after taste"

    so my point, i inquire you all to stop holding your bong rips for a week and just try letting it out right after you inhale. see how it goes for ya, i mean...whats the worst that can happen? i promise so long as you inhale, you can exhale immediately there after.

    goatamineHcL Well-Known Member

    well why don you just try it not hard to find that out yourself it definatly works for me if nothing else maybe its the esphyxiation how ever you spell it but regardless it gets me higher

    closet.cult New Member

    a report was made recently, wish i could find it, that said in 2-3 second your lungs absorb most all the THC from the hit. any longer and your absorbing the tar from burnt cellulos.

    found also interesting: when you burn weed, the hot flame burns off up to 65% of the THC in the plant matter. so 95% of what is in your lungs is always ash, and you only used about 35% of the THC in your bud.

    water filtration removes heavy plant ash but also removes THC molecules so the % of lost THC climbs even higher when smoking in a bong.

    vaporizing removes the plant ash and doesnt burn any THC so the numbers are inverted: you inhale 95% THC and only 5% of heated cellulos. vapes are the way to go. but i believe the 2-3 second rule still applies. your lungs accept all the THC in a few seconds.

    Tashwitz Active Member


    xbravoz Well-Known Member

    It may kill brain cells....but only the weak ones:mrgreen:

    DudeLebowski New Member

    i concur on that there vape comment, however thc isnnt water soluable so during the filtration i dont believe any thc is lost

    but anywho asphyxiating myself...eh...i think i need a neck tie, some hand lotion, and a close friend that can keep a secret for that to be fun....

    Kage Well-Known Member

    yo, this has been a huge help. one question. why don't i get a better high from my vape? it's a cheap one , but still, it's not the same as a pipe or a bong, u kno? idk whaddya you guys think? it's just not the same, i mean, i used to eb all for vaping, but once I'd started in on a pipe after i vaped, i was like "damn!!!! look what I've been missing all this time." what is it about a vape that's so much different??? we've gotta figure this out , cause it's driving me nuts. different highs? better, worse? aaaaahhhhhh! help......

    Kage Well-Known Member

    and... i have a confession... i can't really roll a joint.............. lol, i have trouble stopping at three, let alone one!

    Tashwitz Active Member

    You know...
    do you have a grow journal?
    Psychedelics and Chronic

    Psychedelics and Chronic Well-Known Member

    It makes sense, when you vaporize, you only get the THC and whatever turns to vapor at that temperature. Some of the other cannabinoids have to be burned or vaporized at a higher temperature. So you'll be getting more THC when you vaporize but less cannabinoids that give you a different high. I prefer to vape my keif, WOW it gets the job fucking done, but after that, if neccessary, smoke a small bowl or something to get the high from cannabinoids. I have friends that smoke the weed after its been vaporized, they say it gets them messed up from the other shit but I dont try that. I just vape then do a bowl/bong/bubbler/joint/blunt/or an apple

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