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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by 420OldSchoolDJ420, Sep 5, 2009.


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    black jesus

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    Hmmm two questions for the group..........i am a longtime runner of magnetic ballasts with eye hortilux blue and hps bulbs. If i wanted to add an led to my flowering tent or my veg tent which would you rec to me? My budget is tight, i like saving money kinda guy. Secondly Anyone seen a 4 x 4 x 7-8' tents at a decent price?

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    for my setup they work grate even got another for free from some shipping mishaps
    black jesus

    black jesus Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't add an led unless you was going just run that only....mixed lights confuse me. If you think you need more light get a bigger ballast...they cost about $60+...if you run just enough light you would yield more then adding too much light/ heat...and also look into strains that yield more...or run more smaller ones

    VTMi'kmaq Well-Known Member

    mixed lights=mixed spectrums....still confused?

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    For those who don't know (I didn't have time to read all 120 pages of this post)

    There is a site that does something similar to this idea. I'm not sure if you guys collide on any items...but people see really good deals & post them for other people to get. Or coupon codes or whatever.

    I've used a deal someone has pointed out to me several times. The computer I use for work, I got from a deal there, $275 for a decent laptop (a few years ago anyway)

    (disclaimer: I don't work for them, have any affiliation with any companies they represent...I haven't even checked to see if the site is still up. But it last time I checked, it was a party in there, so I imagine it's sticking around for a while. The laptop I got was normally $450)
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    Pretty sure it is implied the we are talking deals related to growing. I mean, of course, there are orher "deal" sites for other things? R u high?

    *Junk New Member

    Pretty sure I picked that up...

    If you go to the site & type in Dehumidifier, or Air Conditioner, or any number of things you might need related to growing you will find it. R u lazy?
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    Pretty sure that anyone can type in or "da google" and search on air conditioner and find something to choose from. Now if I did find or purchase a mini-split at some fantastic price after doing that search...THAT is what might get posted here. Yes, I would be lazy if I only provided the link to the store.
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    "Pretty sure that anyone can type in"

    Maybe, I'm also pretty sure you can't type in

    You haven't even looked at what it is. That's what I like to see...ignorant confrontation & sarcasm.

    It's not a store genius. Research not exactly your strong suit?

    It's a forum where people post good deals they find, double coupons, electronic coupons, discount codes that are only good for a day or two, brick & mortar store deals. You know Bravedave, & you might not find this as funny as I do...but it's just so ironic. When I think about it, it's an awful lot like what you are doing here? :idea: I wonder if one could make use of it? Huh...let me ponder?

    Now if one were looking for a good deal on an A/C, they could check that site. Their deals/coupons don't show up on a search engine Bravedave, because search engines usually won't rank a deal site above a store. So the people often won't see them with a search Bravedave.

    But, why would go through the effort of an internet search as a first step, when there is an entire forum of "deal" crack addicts constantly updating the site...posting deals on all kinds of things, INCLUDING stuff used for growing! Things like...I dunno, say scales, DH, AC, Humidifiers, tools, pots, wet vacs, Tents, RO systems, fans, meters, timers, hydroponics, grow lights occasionally. Do I need to keep going Bravedave?

    The site is hit or miss. Not everything is a "steal." The deals tend to be cyclical. If you type in hydroponic, you will see that companies were giving away free boxes of nutes/teas as samples a year or so ago. A lot of people missed out on that Bravedave, because they probably weren't aware of/checking the site.

    You see Bravedave, I'm not looking for anything at the moment. So, I'm sure you can imagine how it would be difficult for me to contribute to this thread in the manner in which Sherriff sarcasm, passive aggressive "noob" harassing Dave has deemed it lawful.

    But I'm also sure you can see, how it would be helpful to the thread, & the people on this forum, if people simply knew about a site that does some of the legwork for them. Even if nothing ever comes of it to get posted here, someone may find a deal on something else that they find helpful in their lives. & you know Bravedave? I think that is OK. So, being that it may possibly help this thread, & the people here at RIU, I thought it was a good thing to let people know about.

    So people who are looking for deals, may find one by checking that site, that has thousands of members, who are constantly updating the forum with new deals they found. My laptop was anecdotal evidence.

    See, I would like to help a brother out, who is looking for something. I would like to make their job in searching for deals a little easier, so I posted the site. It's a lot easier than Pm'ing everybody in the thread don't you think Bravedave?

    & who would object to me simply pointing out a site where I have found deals on stuff & other people might find deals on growing a thread that is about deals on growing equipment! Apparently Bravedave does. Because it's somehow lazy for me, to give you a deal site to check. But it is not lazy to refuse to check it, instead charging ME with checking it, for equipment I don't need right now. The way it will work Bravedave, is that people who are looking for deals, & aware of this thread, might stumble upon something & post it here for the benefit of all. I have had great success using that site for almost anything.

    Do you have any more problems or issues now that I have fully explained it? I could try to flesh it out further for you, but it may require the use of a picture book. :clap:

    I'm new to this forum, I'm not new to this game, farming, or forums in general. So save the condescending "R u high?" comments. I posted something helpful, & certainly not so out of topic that the "well known farmer" needs to descend from his throne to eschew my contribution. Get over yourself.

    For any who missed it, it's a site called "" They have forums with people updating any deals they find, or just a general search bar. They have grow related stuff there like I mentioned above. Use it, don't use it, I don't care. I just thought it might be helpful for you guys, & this thread to know about it.

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    Wow... My folks were English teachers and that novel impressed even me!

    This is a bit of a tough and tumble kinda forum, and plenty of people like to throw their weight around- mostly those without a lot of weight in their growroom, lol

    So let them talk their shit and you keep contributing good content. Speaking of which, got any pics of your grow?
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    Good content? I laughed.
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    bravedave Well-Known Member

    Wow. :clap: I apologize for questioning a supposed generic link posting of a site you bought a laptop from 2 years ago, but "the lady doth protest too much, methinks".
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    looking for site for cheapest blockbuster 6 reflector, and a 3x3 secret jardin tent.. looking to upgrade my whole grow area so basically a website thats got deals i usually get off ebay or amazon but would like to try something else for once..

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    I have 6" cool tubes with housing in great condition and 2 1000 watt harvest pro hps/mh ballast for sale. Only used for one harvest cycle. $100 bucks for everything. Everything in mint condition. Anyone interested?

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    Fatwallet has legit deals posted, they don't sell the stuff lol. Slickdeals is a similar site

    It's like cheapassgamer for non-gaming stuff

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