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    Frozen Chozen can I ask for your help in my thread in the noobs section mate?

    Are these light's you've linked from they work alright? they are very cheap. What's the warranty like?

    I saw these in my searches and I wasn't sure what the quality is like. How have they been going?

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    Everything is Awesome.... the 600 watt Apollo won me the last party cup grow comp..... Tag me in the thread, I'll help if I can...

    By the Way, here's another great deal!

    50% off Purple Widow regular seeds from !!!!!!!!!


    Purple Widow An unknown White Widow cross, crossed with our Deep Purple Kush. The Purple Widow stays from short to medium height and is recommended that she be topped/fimmed due to the tight nodes. With tight dense nugs covered in sugar, there is no reason not to grow her. She gives off a fruity, earthy smell and does very well indoors or outdoors. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^LINK^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


    We get first crack at it guys! They only have regular seeds right now, but I can tell you now, some of you will want a male or two! @provisionseeds is also going to give us
    50% off! Get on it people! Show them as much love as you can, they have shown us tons!

    Use that link and the code "PROPROMO15" to get 50% off their PURPLE WIDOW now!
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    You can get fem seeds from herbies for cheaper

    Anyone know a good carbon filter for the low. I know they phresh is a good price but I just want to find a good deal. I think the best deal is from my local shop who has a mountain air for $100. That what she said when I was already buying $120 worth of stuff I hope she do switch up on me
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    Hmm its not really that cheap ($118 CDN) once you add the $63 for shipping, duties and Canadian/US exchange. It would be cheaper to buy locally from a hydro store. On top of that you're not dealing with ETC/UL/CSA approve fans.,qty:1

    Looking at it with out having my catalogues in-font of me I can sell a in-line fan for about $90-100 that is not Chinese made with UL certification and a small 4" charcoal filter probably for $70 ish.
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    Yeah ebay can get you really messed up...for a lot of stuff I check the seller ratings on amazon....that Ipower is crap......I trying to get this deal off cl a guy is sell a can 33 with the muffler and fan for $79... He says it's new but who knows. The fan I have now is an active air and I got it from my local shop used for $15. For the most part grow stuff is pretty cheap out here
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    Checking my cost in the catalogs I could do Mountain Air 416 filter and VKM 4 fan for $180+ (walk into the store prince/+tax no problem). Would I like to make more sure but its doable by most hydro stores. One line out of town/province sale might have to be higher to compensate for any warranty returns probably $30 more.

    I wouldn't recommend a small filter like that as once you start to have humidity issues it won't work as good. Next side up or bigger if you can fit it would be better. That thing wouldn't work good in a 4x4 tent. Maybe a 2x4 with few plants.
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    Best deal I got was today for a new can-filter 33, can-fan and duct muffler all for $79 off Craigslist
    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg
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    gonna install a 600 w cool tube, problem is whats a good inline fan for this? this is my first time using a fan.. maybe something also to keep the noise down.. heard about scrubbers? what do you guys think about ipowers fan?

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    Secret Jardin DS 60 is amazing. Only 2x2 though.
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    Hi I have this SunBuddha Self Ballast Metal Halide lamp 400w really good lamp was £29 ,I use in horizontal position, saved me a load since i didnt have to buy any ballast equipment -really excellent ! dont think they do hps though !

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