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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by 420OldSchoolDJ420, Sep 5, 2009.


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    You could make your own kit for cheaper. For starters you wouldn't need that LED panel. It's only 13.5w that ain't gunna go s**t. So it's basically a grow tent, a cfl lamp, and a timer.

    Still, it's not a *bad* deal, so if you're lazy I say go for it. You''ll still need a fan and carbon filter though, those are not included.

    nxsov180db Active Member

    Can Fan Can Max carbon filter 20"x40" 2500cfm, $146.11 w/free shipping @ Amazon. The price actually went up as soon as I ordered 2 of them, the price I got them for was $139.15, you need to buy the flange for whatever size fan you want to hook up but they're only an additional $15... All other websites are between 300-450 plus shipping

    Here's the specs and stuff:
    When you need max air flow reach for the Max-Filter 2500 CFM. The objective when constructing the Max-Filter was high air flow, convenience and effectiveness. The Max-Filter has been constructed with light weight aluminum (over 40% perforated) and high capacity carbon with an outside diameter of 20" (over 17 sq/ft) of surface area. This large surface area allows for max air flow with an effective time in contact for odor and pollution control.


    Max 2500

    Max Recirculating (Scrubbing) CFM: 2500 cfm

    Max Exhaust CFM: 1250 cfm@ 0.1 sec contact time
    Recommended Min Airflow: 625 CFM
    Prefilter: Yes
    Flange: 8, 10 & 12"
    Dimensions: (with pre-filter)
    ·Outside Diameter: 50 cm / 20"
    ·Height: 100 cm / 39.4"
    ·Weight: 47kg / 103lbs.
    ·Carbon Weight: 37kg / 81.5lbs
    ·Carbon Bed Depth: 6.5 cm / 2.5"
    Max Operating Temp: 80ºC
    Pressure drop at max cfm: 180pa / .75"wg
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    Well now that filter is up to $375 on amazon I dont know why it was so cheap but it only lasted a day, they defiantly lost money on it at the price I bought it for...

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    Well the listing was pulled so 99% sure it's a scam. But if I do get it I will most definitely update

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