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    Mohican Well-Known Member

    Looking frosty!

    Chopping the Jesus OG #3 2nd reveg plant tonight. I better get started so I am not up all night!
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    jpdnkstr Active Member

    Dairy Queen and The Third Dimension
    upload_2014-10-4_14-3-2.png upload_2014-10-4_13-56-34.png Dairy Queen is 1:36
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    Sparehead Member

    image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg My first outdoor ever. I must say things are fun in the sun. This is timewreck I absolutely love this plant. This particular girl got too big waiting to go into my flowering chamber so I tossed her outside. After a week or two of neglect and letting her get root bound I decided to transplant and finish outside. I think I made the right choice
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    Mohican Well-Known Member

    That first picture is amazing! You should submit it to High Times!

    GroErr Well-Known Member

    Pregnant JTR budz just before the chop, frosty beatch:
    Breeding-JTRxAoSxBBxJTR-Day60-3.JPG Breeding-JTRxAoSxBBxJTR-Day60-4.JPG Breeding-JTRxAoSxBBxJTR-Day60-5.JPG

    Sparehead Member

    Thanks man means a lot coming from you. Always enjoy your pics
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    Mason Jar 92705

    Mason Jar 92705 Well-Known Member

    The smell is so sweet/berry and potent(heavy couchlock) and everytime I run PB, it grows better each time. Little bud on lower branch(pic) pbgl.JPG
    Mason Jar 92705

    Mason Jar 92705 Well-Known Member

    Rooted clones just transplanted into small containers and topped. Veg under 1k hps. My Vortex keeper. Gonna run a full room of her this time. bongsmilie

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    truepunk87 Well-Known Member

    Chernobyl day 63 20141013_085755.jpg 20141013_085725.jpg

    Mohican Well-Known Member

    I thought that said CHEM obyl. I thought it was a new strain!
    Mason Jar 92705

    Mason Jar 92705 Well-Known Member

    Less than a week after transplanting, they need transplanted already, super fast growth. This is the Vortex keeper, I have one in flower now and has the mango snapple thing going on. The smell is out of this world and is a medium/low yielder. 1vtt.JPG 1vttt.JPG The soil is Roots with one small handful of super soil in that small pot and sticking to the ABC's
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    This Hidden Creature

    This Hidden Creature Well-Known Member

    When I had querkle seeds, it was my first time growing and something urged me to use the males.
    It was a total mess and a poor harvest considering sensimilla buds.
    Off course I had hundreds of seeds and was too shy to try them out one day...
    Well after 3 years I've finally decided to give'em a go.
    The biggest surprise is the white widow female crossed with querkle.
    One child has the pugent querkle flavor, I missed about pot size and feeding, buds could be in better shape but the smell!

    It is like my querkle female but 2.0... there's a major overwhelming raise about flavor.
    I can thank this lost Q'male.
    I hope to find some other girls with the same flavor, 8 seeds were sprout and I can count some males but at least 3 to 4 females. [no worry, dozen of those seeds are still waiting]
    I will post pictures on the weekend.

    Growing is a step,
    Breeding is a pure expression of love

    by waiting, some rose flowers from my garden:
    those english roses are very perfumed

    Gertrude Jekyll:

    Tess of The D'urbervilles:
    "pollen core"

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    GroErr Well-Known Member

    Jack The Ripper @ Day 44, frosting up nicely...
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    Mason Jar 92705

    Mason Jar 92705 Well-Known Member

    Transplanted into 10 gal. day 1 of veg. Topped once. My Vortex keeper 'sister midnight' + just a few of the many seeds from my 16 y/o clone x vortex male last to show sex. Time to get to work!Super Soil of course. 8vortex.JPG gbxvortex.JPG
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