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So is Biotone Starter plus a good source of Mycorrhizae?

Discussion in 'Organics' started by SirLancelot, Nov 10, 2011.


    SirLancelot Active Member

    I have been putting together the items needed for my own soil. I just ordered some Mycos Maximum from advanced nutrients but while at the nursery saw this bag of biotone starter plus. Is this basically the same things? Im new to the whole organics and trying to get a better understanding.

    Thanks for your time and help!

    farmerjoe420 Well-Known Member

    it seems the myco madness has more cultures and strains of bacteria and fungus versus the bio-tone. but having used bio-tone, i would reccomend it, especially for the price. i can spend $5 for 4lbs. of bio-tone and use it on about 4 1/2 cu ft of soil and it has nutrients as well. according to your product it would cost $ 30 for the same amount. i will agree though that the myco is probably a better product hands down but i wouldnt spend the $$$$$$ on it. BIO-TONE is good shit. by the way, myco maximum is made by humbolt nutrients.

    SirLancelot Active Member

    yea it's a little late for me but after looking into some more your right. Their near the same but the myco max has a bit more. But I am gonna need like an 8oz ($30) for 6cuft. where as the biotone as you stated I only need like a 4lbs bag. I'll probably just use the myco max since I got it but I believe in the future I will just stick to the biotone. Although I guess it would be a good idea to take note at any visible difference in the grows but I think it would be kind of hard to attribute any positive or negative fluctuation in a grow to the use of my Mycos.

    Thanks for your input
    Samwell Seed Well

    Samwell Seed Well Well-Known Member

    i like this stuff

    [​IMG]Root Bloom Premium Endomycorrhizae and Bacterial Inoculant - The goods and no fluff.
    Pure Endos
    Most other blends available are a mix of endos and ectos (and are predominately ectos). 85% of plant species form a relationship with endomycorrhizae, whereas only 10% form a relationship with Ectomycorrhizae (and most of these are trees). Root Bloom offers you the option to inoculate your short-crop annuals with what they need, and not waste your money on the wrong organisms! Built on the principle modeled in nature that diversity is the key to success... we chose a formula with multiple endomycorrhizae strains to allow the plant and soil to choose what species best suites it.

    farmerjoe420 Well-Known Member

    your quite welcome. i find the longer i grow, i tend to try things and just use what works for me instead of trying to buy the very best (so to speak) or the best marketed i should say. bio-tone is good stuff and im sure you will get more than good results with it. i think in general espoma makes some of the best products for the money.
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    Wetdog Well-Known Member

    Two places to check out for future use.


    The stuff from Fungi Perfecti has a bit of everything and the Bio Ag product is a straight endo. I've used and had excellent results from both and also get my humic/fulvic from Bio Ag.

    Most of your myco products are bought in bulk, re packaged and re labeled. There are just a few actual growers/producers of mycorrhizae. It has to be grown on real roots on plants in a field and isn't done in a lab.

    You can go from stupid expensive like AN to super cheap, ~$15/pound cheap, at "Concentrates" and it's all pretty much the same stuff.


    SirLancelot Active Member

    THanks guys Yea I agree I like Epsom's stuff!

    Yea wet next go around Ill keep these in mind.

    SirLancelot Active Member

    I do want to add that the Mycos Max says it has 3% humic acid in it, I can't find anything about that in the biotone. But do you think it is enough humic acid or would I still need to add more?

    I was looking at this http://richearth.net/products/index.html cheaper and readily available at my local nurserys. (for humate)

    Rrog Well-Known Member

    Great post Wetdog. Paul Stamets from Fungi Perfecti is really an amazing fellow. I'd definitely trust his stuff.

    Lancelot remember that the the endo mycorrhizal fungi which work with cannabis are Glomus Mosseae and Glomus Intraradices,and they won't start growing until there are active roots present in the soil. Other fungi will start growing when in moist soil, but EM needs roots.

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