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Simpson Oil...first batch...LOOKING TO HELP ONE MORE

Discussion in 'Oregon Patients' started by topshelf, Oct 25, 2010.


    hazorazo New Member

    Just looked at the first link on your list......and here is a quote from your very first link.

    "How do I use it?
    High quality hemp oil can be vapourized, ingested or used topically. Add the oil to creams and salves for external use."

    Just to remind you, McPurple, we already agreed that the process was similar, but not exactly like making ISO hash or tincture, so we do not need to argue over that.

    The big no no is you telling people to smoke it. They explain how to use it, and it does not say to smoke it. It is really that simple.

    Like I said before, you may be smoking it, but you are not utilizing the medicine properly. Kind of like injecting hash, if you ask me. Sure, you can do it, but will it taste or feel good, or help you out? Smoking something that wet is just going to make someone hack up a lung, and then ask you why you did that to them, when they could have vaporized, or ingested, or used topically.

    I think the problem here is that you are having issues admitting that you are wrong. It is ok to be wrong, McPurple. You are wrong in recommending that people smoke Simpson Oil.

    The point of putting up links is to prove your point, not mine. Thanks, though, for confirming what we have been telling you for the last page or two.

    mcpurple Well-Known Member

    is smoking not a form of ingesting it? cuz i believe it is. it can be smoked and i dont see why you dont want people to know it. like i said if every one didnt try pot cuz the law said you couldn't then does that mean it cant be done, or wont be done?

    ive smoked it and it is not harsh at all, and guess what it taste like weed to me, if i am wrong i admit it, i guess in a way i am, but it can be smoked and it is made dam near the same way as iso hash, i still cant tell what is different about how it is made. any one want to tell me? cuz the only ways ive seen it made in person on in videos and tutorials is with alc. 151, and or ever clear. their was another solvent but i cant remember the name.

    so tell me whats the difference of producing it?

    hazorazo New Member

    Like I said, the process is similar. The difference is that in making regular hash or whatever, you use only the leaf or the bud. With this, you use a lot more plant material, even stems, etc. You get something that is not as high in THC, but supposed to be higher in CBD. You can even see the consistency of the Simpson Oil is just too wet and tarlike to smoke with any pleasure. Not only that, but your body does not break down the medicine in the same way.

    Here is the definition of ingestion for you......• INGESTION (noun)
    The noun INGESTION has 1 sense:
    1. the process of taking food into the body through the mouth (as by eating)

    So, that settles the ingestion thing.

    And like I said, you are not supposed to smoke it. Sure, it is possible to smoke it, but not the intended use. You may get a little high, but it will taste crappy in my opinion, and it will not be as valuable as medicine at that time.

    Within these videos, they often have a section talking about the difference between ingesting and smoking marijuana. Ingesting marijuana or using it topically to absorb through the skin can be a much more effective way to deal with pain. By ingesting marijuana, especially simpson Oil, you are allowing the medicine to work on your pain in the most positive way.

    All of this is contained within most of those videos for Simpson Oil, it just seems you did not have the patience to watch all the way through them?

    Just because you smoke Simpson Oil and waste it (in my opinion), that does not mean you should encourage other people to. Most people that use Simpson Oil are VERY sick, and do not want to smoke anything anyways, so this whole thing is a wasteful moot point.

    hazorazo New Member

    Oh, I see that Jeff Belize is back......post reported.....

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