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    cannabiscult666 Member

    ive got a karma bitch in the gh in a 10 gallon pot from seed......smells of straight lemon head sweet candy, most lemon thing ive ever smelled....any other karma bitch holders experience this pheno?? looks nevilswreck dom on the side of the haze to me...

    wyteberrywidow Global Staff Member

    Any pics?
    Sounds more like the skywalker smell with the lemon to it.

    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    Ha, fucking your neighbor's grows up right there.

    I bet somebody miles away got a seeded crop and wondered where the hell the pollen came from.

    Just razzing, looks good cheers mate.

    Mohican Well-Known Member

    The bees land on the flowers all day long. I am sure that they are carrying pollen all over too! Pulled the Triangle male yesterday. I have five males outside that are ready to pop and I need to decide on the keeper.

    Paki Punch
    Marion Berry
    Purple Thai X Purple Kush
    Sour Tsunami

    I am leaning towards the Paki.

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    ekim046 Active Member

    I've been wondering..
    Rare Dankness recommends that the strain Scott's OG goes from 55 to 65 days in flower.
    My Scott's OG is currently on day 60 of 65 days of flower.
    She is FINALLY starting to bulk up and is getting side buds off of her buds. Should I let her grow beyond what they recommend you think?
    I have been considering doing a 48 hour of darkness before the chop but should I initiate the darkness before or after the 65 days are up?
    Thanks for the input folks ;)

    wyteberrywidow Global Staff Member

    I would say they recommend 8-9 weeks of flowering from clone?

    I usually go longer then that from seeds with most the strains i ran from them. Even my blue ox was well into 10 weeks before the chop.

    ekim046 Active Member

    Really? I've always read to go by what the seed companies suggest. Ack! Not sure what to do, her time is almost up but she is just now starting to bulk!!

    wyteberrywidow Global Staff Member

    If that was the case alot of people would be harvesting way too early.

    I would wait it out and go by thr the trichs or for her to finish swelling
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    ekim046 Active Member

    Ah, that does make better sense. The trichs will not lie.
    In that case, should I try the all dark phase after the buds have swollen?
    I've read that it is during the dark phase that people will stress out the plants via ice water and cutting branches. I don't want to hermie our girl but do you have any opinions on these tactics?

    Terk1974 Member

    It won't herm that quickly and your cutting it down anyway so no biggie, if you planned on re-vegging then you might get an issue later on. Those methods are a try yourself and find out the truth kind of thing, many respectable people on both sides will speak opposites as to it. I've read that putting ice on the soil top will simulate late seasons weather, triggering a final surge of resin production to try and trap pollen. Seems reasonable, I just question the amount of moisture ice would put in the air, and with nice sticky buds right above it might be inviting mold.
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    cannabiscult666 Member

    looks like an 80 dayer to me....as far as it being skywalker dom......me thinks not. day 40. karma bitch SAM_0544.JPG SAM_0545.JPG
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    Terk1974 Member

    Sorry for the poor quality, she's too big too move anywhere and open her up. Day 26 of flower Ghost Train Haze#1. 50 day veg, 10 gal pot, in pro mix.

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    cannabiscult666 Member

    also just sexed my longs peak blues.....extraordinary males...very stinky in veg , strong and blueberry dominant by the structure and stank...lets see what their flower clusters and pollen loads look like.....

    cannabiscult666 Member

    flo og female also a month out from the first flip......love rd.

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