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    It has something to do with technology and inflation wormholes. If you can access Attitude on an old iMac then the seeds are only like $30 a pack.
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    Dude it's the opposite for me lmaoooo.
    My computer wanted like $124 for rd strains a while back, basically $20 extra for any pack of beans over $80
    And damn I wish I had a old school Mac I'd go slam right now haha
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    For you OG growers what ec do you max out at? I usually max out at 1.2ec(water is .2-.3) whether in soil or coco, but I got crazy yellowing on a faceoff OG cross I'm running very early on...

    I use dyna gro GROW formula for most of flower while using bloom as my actual bloombooster in conjunction with grow. So I'm very confused, I upped a feeding to 1.4 ec attempting to correct it and got tip burn ASAP. I'm actually down to 1.1 now(feed feed water).

    Im sure the problem has been corrected, or my plants would look like a schoolbus, but I'm just wondering has anyone ever ran into N def with OGs

    Also does anyone else not flush for 2weeks? I've noticed far healthier plants since lowering my ec overall for the plants life cycle, esp in flower after week 6-7(like .4-.7ec) feedings instead of pumping with nutrients then trying to flush those out for 14days.
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