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Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by canndo, Jan 20, 2012.


    ataxia Well-Known Member

    I know the whole back story on metaqualone. I know they've been discontinued in the U.S. for almost 30 years. But you're saying all cut ....so they are counterfieted then? My theory was correct?
    I'm aware that what i was taking wasn't the original Lemmon 714 but does anyone else have experiences in the past years with Lemmons? I'll never forget seeing the gallon bag full of em'..... I'm just wondering how they ended in my hands and why do i never hear of them in passing anymore.
    Like i said. I'm aware they weren't the real deal from yesteryear...... anyone else gotten their hands on the "dudes" in the states in the past ten years???

    Unnk Well-Known Member

    when my buddy had it this is what he had...


    the effect could be describe like a wild night of alch and barb's

    and i honestly had a tough time fighting off the sleep

    i got jello legged like anc described from smoking it but from orally
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    over here they come in virtualy any shape an colour, back in the 90's they were nice blue pills with a cross similar to rizzla's, we used to call them helicopters.
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    ataxia Well-Known Member

    thanks brother ... my suspicions were correct. those fuckers were counterfiet. even though it was a long time ago .. i remember the print on them being larger as opposed to the smaller legit Lemmons. rep.
    i've been searching for a definite answer to this question for a loooong time.
    Anyone know where a luude supply would be created. I don't mean exact locations.... but do you think they come from euro countries that produce massive amounts of ecstacy??
    It just baffles my mind that no one else has gotten their hands on the knockoffs. ANC got pick of the litter over there ...haha.

    i'd liken my luude experience to nothing more than taking a good bit of benzos. I've never had barbs and don't drink so ...it'd be hard for me to compare it to that.... i just remember having no memory, stumbling, and blowing through a 14 grams of bud in about 8 hours.

    ..like i said before.. the times after that were an EXTREME dissapointment, feeling like i took a bit too much DXM.
    once again ...thanks for clearing it up for me ..... would still love to hear if anyone comes across the knock offs these days though..
    Bonzi Lighthouse

    Bonzi Lighthouse Well-Known Member


    Back in 1981, the surviving parties, Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken didn’t want the public to know how high they all were on quaaludes (the hot drug at the time) and alcohol. No one wanted to ruin Natalie’s reputation either,

    stonestare Active Member

    Mandrex man I was in mexico 12 years ago and got ahold of them. Wow put my dick in the dirt hard. I enjoyed them and to bad I cant find them now

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