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Mystery Oil in Butane

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by Fadedawg, Sep 5, 2013.

    Frenchy Cannoli

    Frenchy Cannoli Well-Known Member

    Frenchy Cannoli

    Frenchy Cannoli Well-Known Member

    This one is so durty it makes me wonder how I survived those years, I smoked quite a few kilos of the stuff

    SaybianTv Active Member


    vacpurge New Member

    I cant tell... are you agreeing or disagreeing with me.???

    you know what I meant, obviously people dont walk around with shit chunks on their hands, but I think many of you would be surprised if you knew how dirty hands really were, especially in 3rd world countries.

    for the most part, id say that hand rolled hash has 10x the impurities and junk in it than the mystery oil thats in the average batch of BHO.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Go take your hands right now..don't wash em...and rub em together, like your a kid trying to warm up or something..guarantee you get enough for a small dab

    I ain't smoking that shit or the sweat off your nasty selves..I understand depending on your method you aren't rubbing your hands together (my friend does, sparring my earlier comment) while I'm sure your hash is quite delicious and sanitary....I always filter a good dab of skin cells out my bud during extraction as well as carpet or clothing fibers, the ocassional piece of perlite and other tiny crap.. I will always prefer to smoke a proper solvent extract over any sieve or whatever pressed methods.....see that white powder in my avatar...its gonna take some damn good pressed hash to turn me...that's my opinion on it...though I like sieved hash or kief or any other water or solvent less method as much as the next guy...I truly believe a better product is obtained with a solvent and filtering

    vacpurge New Member

    I agree, too much shit on our bare hands. finger hash has always disgusted me. I got buddies that trim plants all night, then peel that shit off their fingers, and roll it into a ball after smoking cigarettes all night... you know what a cigarette smokers finger tips smell like?? thats what their hash was like, absolutely fucking disgusting. their exhaled smoke almost made me puke.

    its amazing the stuff well let bother us.

    I was once wrenching on the dirtbike, a buddy came into the shop and my hands were ever so slightly barely dirty, and I went to roll a joint and he started whining. he also whined about it smelling like engine oil in the garage... "if you can smell it, it means there is microscopic particles in the air" some people I tell ya...
    gandalf the beige

    gandalf the beige New Member

    when it commes down too it, think of it like this at the end of the day... i rather put litteral SHIT in my pipe, then too put cancerous/dna altering chemicals in it... pure vac, i seen u post a thing bout your lungs burning n that shit sounded nnnaaaassssttyyyyy, i know this sounds intense and is pretty direct, please take no offense, but i actuly care bout others and i need too say what i feel could help, and want you guys too get where im commin from, what man creates always is FUCKED, compared too mother nature (prolly aloot of shit u inhale and can die from in nature), BUT YOU AVOID IT, n dont use it too extract what the fuck your smoking!!!
    evryone does what evryone wants/feel is right, and im not closed minded, in reality i could be completely wrong, but i have a strong feeling shit, caca, pooopooo is cleaner then solvent extracted trichomes, n i dont beleive motherfucking evaporation, cuz no matter what that shit leaves shit!!!, and no matter how small that shit is, it feel safer with real shit!!!!!!!!!

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    If you use a lighter to smoke your hash you ingest more butane than I do but I guess this is the mystery oil thread. I wouldn't wanna smoke that , though I choose to use hexane because I believe it to be cleaner..but what about a qwet or qwiso? You can drink ethanol if you choose so a qwet isn't really unhealthy and iso evaporates with no trace and both of these don't have nasties like butane....is it so bad to you?
    But yea I see what your saying..,that's why I strayed from butane
    gandalf the beige

    gandalf the beige New Member

    very true, i always use a god damn duuuuuuurty lighter too light my shit. so in the end i guess i might be more durty then u guys lol, thinking of getting myself a trippy stix honestly...anyone have experience with smoking concentrates with one? appart from that how u guys smoke without using lighter? matches r prolly worse just the fact it burns sulfur... theres also the beeswax hemp thread? but too light that up u gotta light up a lighter still (dont wanna derive from the mystery oil subject too much) you can drink ethanol!?!?!??! straight like that???? and be all good??? aint ethenol fuel!!

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Well you wouldnt want to drink pure ethanol, it burns a bit. But that's what is in rum my favorite. Just drinking alcohol.....well like most I use a torch thing to heat up a nail or whatever and then dab it on there...or I put my oil on bud in a bowl and my smoke shop started giving out this string stuff for free, it burns slow and your supposed to light your bud with it..supposed to be all hemp idk haha

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    Hard to do a direct comparison, because it is hard to drink liquid butane, and frostbite is the most common injury listed for contact with the liquid.

    Ample evidence that huffing butane kills brain cells, but it is a function of displacing oxygen as a simple asphixiant, taking a 65% butane vapor atmosphere to kill half the rats.

    Butane is no more toxic than Ethanol, and from a toxicity stand point, take a look at the effects of some of the naturally occurring terpenes in sufficient concentation.

    That leads to the word concentration, which leads to the word perspective. Drinking most solvent, is an insalubrious act, but in parts per millionth, the issue is mostly moot. For instance, Methanol is the byproduct of fruit pectin fermentation, so is present in most orange juice at low levels. Our bodies have no problem processing methanol in small quantities, and evolved to do so.

    If you look at the Ethanol molecule, you will see why they call it a simple Alkane alcohol. It is simply an Ethane molecule, with one oxygen atom added.

    Butane is the easiest to purge to low residual levels, without losing the monoterpenes, because it has the lowest boiling point and is a simple non polar unsaturated alkane. You can also taste it at around 10% of the 8 hour PEL, so if you can't taste it, your exposure from a dozen hits is not only a small percent of PEL, but an even smaller percentage of an 8 hour exposure.

    Note from the attached that the ACGIH TLV TWA: 1000 ppm 8 hour(s) for butane is for 8 hours and for ethanol only 15 minutes.



    ACGIH TLV (United States, 3/2012).TWA: 1000 ppm 8 hour(s).

    NIOSH REL (United States, 1/2013).TWA: 1900 mg/m³ 10 hour(s). TWA: 800 ppm 10 hour(s).

    OSHA PEL 1989 (United States, 3/1989).TWA: 1900 mg/m³ 8 hour(s). TWA: 800 ppm 8 hour(s).



    ACGIH TLV (United States, 1/2009). STEL: 1000 ppm 15 minute(s).

    OSHA PEL 1989 (United States, 3/1989). TWA: 1000 ppm 8 hour(s). TWA: 1900 mg/m³ 8 hour(s).

    NIOSH REL (United States, 6/2009). TWA: 1000 ppm 10 hour(s). TWA: 1900 mg/m³ 10 hour(s).

    OSHA PEL (United States, 11/2006).TWA: 1000 ppm 8 hour(s). TWA: 1900 mg/m³ 8 hour(s).

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    More PPM results. Thank you Vacuumpurge for the donation for testing Ronson and Skyhighler for another testing donation! The results are in ya'lls honor!

    Butane brands PPM-1-1.jpg

    Twitch Well-Known Member

    holy fuck ronson

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    damn colibri aint so good lol

    SaybianTv Active Member

    Hehe ronson it's so off the chart in comparison you would think it didn't belong on the list. Man that Gasone stuff is badass though I've never seen it in my life.

    VladFromOG Active Member

    Excellent contribution, my many many thanks. This was desperately needed and im glad you stepped up! One thing I would note: perhaps it'd be useful to label the data with whereabouts the butane brands were sourced and the time they were purchased, maybe include batch number if applicable. The reason I say this is bc of the large amount of counterfeits and simple variation in purity between batches. For example, I've had lucienne that leaves no visible residue after the clean plate test, and also some that was surely counterfeit that had a couple grams of un-evaporatable oil left after, and in my region I've never cound a can of vector brand butane with less than 5g oil left behind. Its important to show to folks just finding the info how essential it is to do some basic testing oneself, and not just trust that the lucciene you tested is necessarily the same as the can of lucciene the gas station is selling half a world away.

    qwizoking Well-Known Member

    Uhhhhhh did you just coin the term "clean plate test"

    Never heard that one before

    caliwabo New Member

    I would only recommend using the Whip-It Brand PREMIUM Butane. 0 Impurities, excellent quality. These guys have proven to be the a leader in the industry. Having that solid product makes life easy. Not many people sell it so ask your vendors for the stuff. They also have a 5x, 9x but the Premium is what you want :)


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    Sirdabsalot462 Well-Known Member

    Awesome info...

    I'm extremely interested in residual results of StöK..

    Some shops are charging 20$ per can!!

    garlictrain Well-Known Member

    Whoa an I've been using NEWPORT!!! Newport ZERO to be exact but now I'm wonder wtf that means if anything???

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