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Solvents for making hash oil

Discussion in 'Concentrates and Extracts' started by MrEDuck, Aug 14, 2012.


    squarepush3r Uncle Buck Fan Club

    So why/how doesn't acetone evaporate completely?

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    It is hard to remove the last few molecules of a solvent, because they all form azeotropes with the cannabis essential oils, so we typically remove them below levels of health concern and sensory perception. Acetone has concerns posted on the MSDS about being a reproductive system toxin, so it isn't my solvent of choice.

    jimmah120 New Member

    I just made a batch of oil with denatured alcohol, did 4 quick washes and evap'd them separately. is my beautiful new oil poison?

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    Ostensibly, not if you purged the alcohol to below levels of concern. What did the MSDS say was in the denatured alcohol that you chose?

    Methanol is looked down on because it attacks the optic nerve and Iso attacks the auditory nerves it sufficent concentration. Methanol is a natural alkane alcohol from fruit pectin, and is present in small amounts in most orange juice. Iso is a man made isomer of propyl alcohol.

    650baquet Active Member

    Well i did want to try heptane after reading the first post, now after what you said maybe i should just try pentane or hexane if i feel like venturing off from butane. I would love to build a recovery system to recover evaporated hexane and reuse. is that possible?

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    Hexane is easy to save with a conventional still. A boiling flask, an distillation elbow, and a Liebig condenser will do it for you and can be had off ebay for just over $100.

    650baquet Active Member

    Right now i have a bunch of material that has already been soaked with butane, gotta be something left to extract though. Would you even suggest to bother doing a QWEt or QWIso or possibly packing as much as i can in the thermos pretty tight and see what another soak will do? Guess it'll only cost about $6 to find out eh???

    Also, I'm kinda tired of how strictly heady my BHO is, of course i read it mainly extracts "delta 9 thc" and i'm also extracting from some really heady LostCoastOG. Though, is there a solvent extraction method that will bring the cbd and thc along, I guess i'm willing to try anything at this point, topical, tincture drops...i love getting ripped on BHO but it really does nothing for my nerve/muscle pains...I realize i need to get some better medical strains in my grow as well, i'm thinking about getting a BlueDream clone from the only grower i'm in contact with here, I don't care for how their nug turns out but i'm very curious how it will turn out in hydro. .........and sorry for the run on sentences i'm just too high to care about every bit of grammar right now :P

    650baquet Active Member

    I have decent amount of experience with a micro-distillation set used in college organic chem labs. I loved the labs and hated everything else about school.

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    I would suggest examining at about 100X to see if there are any trichome heads remaining. There should be only stalks and hairs.

    We use sublingual HS Oil for pain. Oral consumption is less heady and significantly more effective on things like pain.

    We've added Cannatonic and Hawaiian Bubble Gift to our garden specifically for their higher CBD to THC ratios, which has allowed us to more heavily dose patients who are developing tolerance, without discombobulating them.

    I like our original Trainwreck forboth pain and head effects, but it can be disruptive in high doses to lowtolerance patients.

    Fadedawg Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I liked the lab parts better than most of the rest too. Looking back, I really appreciate the quality of my high school chemistry teacher, who kept me hooked by making me a lab assistant. She was a fox too, in addition to her fine mind and pleasing personality. Wish all teachers were as effective as she was.
    Frenchy Cannoli

    Frenchy Cannoli Well-Known Member

    You forgot the most common and least dangerous one my friend: WATER
    Dan Kone

    Dan Kone Well-Known Member

    Butane in the amounts that can be in a concentrate are completely harmless. Low grade material is much more likely. Even more likely than that is that it's bho blasted through a pvc pipe.

    lepis22 Active Member

    This isnt exactly true, I am not sure about sugars but chloroform extract chlorophyll. It is better than alcohol, but still... :(

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