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My house on fire????

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by GraF, May 9, 2007.


    GraF Well-Known Member

    Okay so I left yesterday feelin good as I was going to pick up some new g-13 clones....

    First off let me say.... In the morning when I woke and turned on my light, everything was A-okay

    so I get home, my whole, I mean the whole fucking house smells like something is burning!!!! like something very hot that is rested against something wood, as if some wood was being branded by red-hot steel..

    I start to panick b-cuz my new clones are already at my buddys house and I feel like I have to call the fire dept. like ASAP...

    so I freak out and tear the whole grow room down, I have a storage shed in the back yard so thats where it will all go...

    3 big-ass lights, 3 big-ass ballasters, tons of mylar, magazines, books, twelve 5 gal buckets, tomatoe cages, hooks, chains, cfl's, fluoros, I could keep going..... oh yeah this is at like 2 a.m. also..... w/ the niighbors dog bein loud as fuck too....

    then, I had to take out a bunch-o-shit from my room and throw it in the grow room so it doesnt look obvious..... t.v. clothes book stands..... etc etc

    this is so fucked up!!!! I have no idea what this smell is from, I didnt get anything but like 2 hrs of sleep because of this shit!!! I am so paranoid my fucking house is gonna burn down!!!

    I woke up this morning and the smell is still here!!! Its has diminished from the rest of the house and is now only in the grow room!!!!! and theres nothing even plugged in!!!

    I still have the well trained whore in there and dont know what to do w/ her.... I have to get ahold of a friend and have them put her in a box and get her out of there...... then I can call someone to come by..... but I dont know if I should yet,

    thats why Im posting this, I hope someone MIGHT have some type of an answer.....

    Do lights go bad??? well I know they do but...... Do they ever give off any type of smell???? I know this sounds so fucking lame but for real, this is some serious shit!!! I might have to call the fire dept. if the electrician says to...... if I have to do that then they are gonna bug the fuck out of me if they see somethin out of the ordinary......

    does anyone have any type of idea of what this could be from????

    has anyone ever had this same issue???

    jesus christ, my work uniform even has this smell stuck to it!!!!!

    Im so fuckin noid right now, someone plz have an answer....... Im struck

    skunkushybrid New Member

    Chill. Maybe one of your ballasts has smoked out. If it was left on these can create the type of smell you are describing.

    Follow the source of the smell, find it's strongest point. May be even from one of your sockets. Check all wiring.

    GraF Well-Known Member

    man, I have no idesa on how to check the wiring.....

    the smell isnt coming from the ballast, I searched, smelled, and checked every single appliance in my house..... nothing

    would a a light still run w/ a burnt out ballast??

    If and electrician comes to check the wiring, will he know anout some type of big ass lights being plugged in??

    Im still freakin, nothins gonna stop me until I get this figured out

    o'rly Well-Known Member

    Hopefully it is something simple as a ballast.

    I'd be very cautious and look everywhere, especially the sockets, your outlets(if you were using any?) and where ever you tied in at.

    Good luck man, hope there's no damage and that it's all in your head. I sometimes think I'm smelling something burning, maybeit's the ganja lol

    o'rly Well-Known Member

    smart man, I wouldn't either.

    Turn that section of the houses electric off. Pop off the light sockets and light boxes. Look for any brown/black smoke marks(should be obvious if there are any) and sniff around

    sk3tch3 Well-Known Member

    i will pray everything is okay with this situation. good luck, remember you are doing god's work!

    skunkushybrid New Member

    Check all appliances, everything. You're life's not in immediate danger so do the work yourself. TV, lightbulbs, washing machine. if it plugs in, check it.

    closet.cult New Member

    dude..that sucks.

    GraF Well-Known Member

    this shit is fucked up, My dad is 70 yrs old and now I gotta have him look over while Im here at work, hes cool w/ trees so he isnt worried about that, were just worried that somethin is hot in between the walls, which scares the fuckin piss out of me right now......

    what confuses me most is that the smell was there ALL DAY yesterday and ALL NIGHT till this morning.......and nothing catching fire

    If it were one of the ballasts, would that smell linger like that 4 over 12 hrs?????

    DoobsDay Well-Known Member

    i dont get it you smell something burning but nothings burning,was there any smoke? i think your just getting over paranoid.

    GraF Well-Known Member

    skunk, thats just it man, I have checked everything that there is to check.... everything....

    thats why Im so goddamn befuddlededed..... if it is something burning, its between the walls, Im 99% positive its not an appliance

    chuck4bud Active Member

    Did you shut off the switches in your breaker box? Mabye after you do that, you could unscrew the outlets that the ballasts were plugged into and see if there is any fried wiring. I don't know much about electricity but i know you need to shut those breaker switches before you go messing with wiring. Hope you can figure it out.

    GraF Well-Known Member

    man, I know what Im talkin about bro, Ive been doin this for like 6mo. now w/ absolutely no smells.... this is something to not let go untouched

    o'rly Well-Known Member

    The wiring in your walls would:cry:

    Do you not have a smoke detector close to your grow area?

    o'rly Well-Known Member

    It's possible his wiring got hot at one of the connections/boxes and was starting to melt the coating while leaving an aweful burnt smell but no smoke because it's in the walls.

    ?Had a ceiling fan do this last year. Could only smell something burning upstairs, while it was downstairs. Wasn't a powerful smell but enough to drive you crazy.

    Turned out the wire coating had melted back a few inches, then stopped.

    Keep looking. If you know theres a burning smell, you'll find it eventually.

    MrBaker Well-Known Member

    Did you wire your home yourself? Sounds like a wire fried itself in one of your walls somewhere. Often enough, builders will just use the smallest gauge wire while still within codes. This is obviously legal and more cost officient, but the builder often isnt planning on the home owner running a grow room, or even be insane stoner musicians with many amps and what not (like us). When my father and I re-did the basement, we used wire that was above code to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

    I may be wrong, and im not bad-rapping any electricians or anything. I woulda been up a creek if not for those people.

    DoobsDay Well-Known Member

    well gl man......

    GraF Well-Known Member

    OMG man, this seriously sucks such big dick........... I dont even want to type right now.....

    if an electrician comes by is he gonna know that some 1000watter was plugged in those sockets causin them to fry out or somethin???

    o'rly Well-Known Member

    Also, if you already have you place picked up and looking normal. Have your father get out of there

    o'rly Well-Known Member

    Not really? Got an old junk computer or something? You could say you were tinkering around and then you started smelling shit:dunno:

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