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More Yield... Less bigger plants or more smaller plants???????????

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by rbahadosingh, Mar 29, 2008.


    rbahadosingh Well-Known Member

    Ok so here's the deal. Im buying a grow tent next week. 56x56x78 and a 1000w hps. My question is what would have a bigger yield? Fewer big pots in the tent or more smaller pots? i want to maximize my yield. any input would be great.

    Hubert Well-Known Member

    You're best bet is to look into training, then it won't matter how many plants you've got...you can amazing results.

    stiffer Well-Known Member

    depends on the strain/s you are going to grow, butttt i would probably say more smaller pots, or even a mixture couple of big ones and loadsa small ones

    rbahadosingh Well-Known Member

    what type of training?

    lucky182 Well-Known Member

    I agree with Hubert... The only thing more pots gets you is smaller nugs less veg time and way more work watering... I think you should just go by grams per watt and work on that instead of plant numbers... do yurself a favor and do less plants.. less to get in trouble with also... a judge only hears the number of plants not the size...

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    FrostickZero Well-Known Member

    rule of thumb - plants in flower mode will get about 2 to 3 times biger so top at max veg hight that will work for your grow area (top at 1 foot flowering might get plant to 2 to 3 feet high) once topped bush it out and take clones off if you want to clean up the branches a bit to space them out before flowering so that the buds don't touch

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    why do u not want buds to touch

    FrostickZero Well-Known Member

    because when you harvest and the buds stick together and you take them apart the THC could come off of one and stick to the other one making one of the buds weaker

    mygirls Medical Marijuana (MOD)

    thank u 4 the info

    FrostickZero Well-Known Member

    np hope that helps and if your growing with CFL hit me up with questions if you need to be answered and I'll see what I can do:bigjoint:

    jsgrwn Well-Known Member

    you can yeild about the same from both, but with many small plants you can harvest 2 times before one cycle of large plants is done, so i say SMALL. late

    capncash Well-Known Member

    i say the yield depends on light not number of plants. Big plants = less work but takes longer

    FrostickZero Well-Known Member

    I'd say small because if you wanted to like I'm gona do is buy a bunch of CFLs and such and try to get 9 bulbs for 1 plant
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    rezo Well-Known Member

    do a sog. less plants in a dwc rubbermaid youll get alot of yield

    Hubert Well-Known Member

    Yep...rezo has the right idea :mrgreen: SOG (Sea Of Green) will give you maximum yield. It's true bigger plants do take longer, but only to veg...they don't take longer for the bud to mature.

    Do whatever you think you can handle, if you do big plant you are going to have to learn hw to train (probably) So if you dont have the time for that go with more smaller plants. But just for the record my vote is with fewer, bigger plants and some training.

    pakalolo808 Well-Known Member

    making one bud weaker, but also one master bud. one bud to rule them all!~:hump:

    zjjeepin Well-Known Member

    hahahaha i wanna shoot myself in the face for saying this, but one bud to find them!
    And i take that from Clerks2 and not lotr lol

    RandomJesus Well-Known Member

    very cool Frost, nice to see someone being helpful.
    +rep point heading your way.

    whatapothead Well-Known Member

    well here are my most recent pics http://www.rollitup.org/general-marijuana-growing/71921-bigbud-day-52-pics-do.html#post824892
    and my sig is my journal. i have 13 plants crammed into a 18x36" area and i'd say it is a ton more work. i have to take out the front 5 just to water the back ones.

    if you have a veg chamber you can harvest big plants just as quickly as small ones. thats what i'm doing next time. gunna train 4-6 big plants to make a canopy (which will take more time though i guess too. lol)

    try them both out. see what you like then stick with it.

    FrostickZero Well-Known Member

    I got 5g off of a small part of my plant that I'm flowering and its only about 4'' long and I only took 3 parts off the tops

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