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Miracle Gro Potting Mix

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by baddog420, Feb 25, 2007.


    baddog420 Active Member

    Will miracle gro potting mix from wal mart work for my babies? Or what would be the best at wall mart?

    MightyBuddha Well-Known Member

    Miracle Grow has time-release nutrients that are not appropriate for indoor growing of MJ. You want normal topsoil, it may be at walmart otherwise go to real garden center, and perilite (white rock looking things) that helps with drainage and aerating the soil. I have heard that if you can't get your hands on plain old top soil you can use Scott's soil... I have not tried that though.
    Ganja gooroo

    Ganja gooroo Active Member

    I dont think you can get it at walmart but I would get foxfarm potting soil if you have to buy from walmart get organic choice miracle grow potting soil good luck.

    Chinga_2_Madre Well-Known Member

    Miracle Grow is shit.

    Go to the nursery and get some potting soil with Mycorrhizae. If it contains this ingredient, you have the best shit they stock.

    Only the quality potting soils have Mycorrhizae.

    Mycorrhizal inoculation can significantly improve plant performance. The word "mycorrhizae" literally means "fungus-roots".

    What Are Mycorrhizae?

    The word "mycorrhizae" literally means "fungus-roots" and defines the close mutually beneficial relationship between specialized soil fungi (mycorrhizal fungi) and plant roots.

    About 95% of the worldÂ’s land plants form the mycorrhizal relationship in their native habitats. It is estimated that mycorrhizal fungal filaments explore hundreds to thousands more soil volume compared to roots alone.
    Benefits include:
    • Improved nutrient and water uptake
    • Improved root growth
    • Improved plant growth and yield
    • Reduced transplant shock
    • Reduced drought stress

    ViRedd New Member

    Chinga ...

    That's an excellent post.

    Also good is Schultz's "Potting Soil Plus." Use it as a base. Use the search engine ... I've posted the soil mix so many times here, I know it will be easy to find.


    Chinga_2_Madre Well-Known Member

    Thanks. It is hard wading through all the miles of soils and bullshiit.

    If your potting soil contains Mycorrhizae then it is good stuff. I would also look for products with dolomitic lime as well. If you have these two KEY ingredients, you are buying the best soil no matter the brand.

    Dolomitic lime keeps soil PH in check no matter if you fuc up with over fertilizing or whacked out PH's in the water.

    Dolomitic lime acts as a neutral PH buffer so your soils PH does not get accidentally swung the wrong way on accident. It is a safe guard for soil health and again only the good potting soils contain it.

    ljjr Well-Known Member

    Miracle grow is ok once you know what to do with it, on my last grow indoors i used mg and my plants came out just fine, i just don't use any nutes until my 2nd week of flowering, thats right i just gave her plain ole distilled water and she grew just fine, mg already has nutes in it so to give it any nutes will burn em up(i learned the hard way!). i'll ditch the paranoia and post a few pics of my last grow using mg. Now i'm finishing my 2nd indoor grow using miracle grow, although this time i added about 30% perlite, cow manure and dolomite lime(lime makes the soil neutral) and they seem to like that better, also with the new mix i started giving nutes 1/4 strength in the 3rd week of veg and everything was just fine. All in all if you can afford to get better then do so, but miracle grow DOES grow dank nugz if used correctly. pics are all of plants grown in MIRACLE GROW.

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    Chinga_2_Madre Well-Known Member

    Miracle Grow is not OK if you are wanting organically grown weed.

    Miracle Grow contains man made chemicals whereas mixes such as Fox Farms does not.

    This is the way I see it. If it is going in your lungs, would you rather have man made chemicals in your soil our organic and natural substances ?

    ljjr Well-Known Member

    hey chinga he/she never said anything about growing organic. did he? they probably just want some good weed to smoke. organics is a different ballgame, i haven't grown organic YET, my little bro does and no he doesn't use MG, however if the poster had said that he wanted to grow organically i wouldn't have posted on this thread. on the other hand your right about organics being better for you and that is why i am gonna give it a try soon. my bro's organic buds do taste better and are a lot smoother.

    ViRedd New Member

    Dang ...

    2 parts Schultz's "Potting Soil Plus."
    1 part Perlite.
    1 part Vermeculite.
    1 part worm castings.
    Add one SMALL handful of Granulated Dolimite Lime for every two gallons of soil mix.

    No nutes required for the first 45 days. MJ loves this mix.


    Spittn4cash Well-Known Member

    If your going with foxfarm soil, Im guessing your gonna go with foxfarm nutes right? oh no, wait..those have chemicals in them,damn.. well I guess U have no other choice but to go find some cow & bat shit and somehow feed Ur plants that..add that to this mix:
    and you will have your all organic mix ready to go
    your flushing the nutes out the last 2 weeks anyways, so its really a personal preference.

    Chinga_2_Madre Well-Known Member

    Do not get confused with the word "organic". I should have said grow weed without man made shit which no one knows how it affects you, me or the environment.

    Chinga_2_Madre Well-Known Member

    I did not say Fox Farm nutes now did I ? Bloom formula is not 100% organic. We were talking soil ONLY.

    Bottom line is look at the label on your potting soil, If it contains Mycorrhizae and dolomitic lime, you are buying the BEST organic potting soil at the nursery.

    Anything else is shit in my book. Take it from an old school grower and medical patient.

    nignug Active Member

    I am a week into flowering using MG and have not had any problems. My plants seem to be growing strong.

    Chinga_2_Madre Well-Known Member

    Miracle Grow is loaded with man made fertilizers.

    It is a matter of "do you trust mother nature or man made?"

    Chinga_2_Madre Well-Known Member

    Miracle Grow is made with man made chemicals from DuPont or Dow ...pick one or probably both.

    If I am smoking weed for medication, I sure as hell do not trust what man has made in a laboratory versus mother nature for a fertilizer.

    I will settle for the organic route as much as possible. :joint: :weed:

    cho0b Active Member

    Miracle Gro makes organic soil too! This soil has been treating our babies well. :hug:

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    TillthedayiDIE420 Well-Known Member

    the organic MG is the only stuff i would even think about touching, i would go with FOXFARM ocean forest. no nutrients added.

    cho0b Active Member

    Yeah, I would have went with foxfarm but there isn't anywhere to get it nearby. Didn't feel like buying online and the MG Organic soil was pretty cheap.

    g0nz0 Active Member

    maricle grow organic is absolutely HORRIBLE.... I have tried growing numerous thing in this soil with VERY poor results. WAAYYY to mulchy and is very bad when it comes to drainage mix your own for sure.

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