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LED Without LEDs -My First T5 Grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by pr0fesseur, Aug 15, 2010.


    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    Infid3l: I do not think a single 400 hps can provide the foot print coverage of a 2 X 4 HO T 5. hth.

    iNFID3L Well-Known Member

    i dont have room for 2x 4 HO t5.

    and im only wanting to grow 2 at a time so 4 is do-able, but not 8

    also, im having difficulty findin t5 bulbs in the uk that offer the same nm as the UVL bulbs, ahhhhhh

    i might just have to get a hps after all
    either that or just some 3k t5's and see what happens...

    PakaloloHui Active Member

    I wish I had room to tie down.:-( I need more room to spread out.:-P

    I did lower the lights yesterday I will see how they did when the lights come on, and maybe lower more if I can.

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    reverof Active Member

    What strain are you growing there? Have you grown it before? Hows the yield?

    reverof Active Member

    Prof.... As far as the Aquasun bulb goes, main reason I put it in was because I had the bulbs, but their spectrum isnt horrible. It is a tri band spectrum and has 3 peaks, 425nm, 545nm and around 600nm.... You can see spectrum chart on all UVL Bulbs at http://uvlco.com/UVLI_catalog.pdf

    Though the Aquasun has a almost redish hue to it, it seems to put out more blue 400-500 than anything else. Though it is by the sense wasting some electricty its a bulb I had (free) and does offer some good 400-500 spectrum with a peak of 425.

    PakaloloHui Active Member

    The strain is White Shark. I have not grown it before. I had someone grow for me for a year until I got situated, and got the seeds from some of the medicine.

    It looks like it will pull off just over 2oz. under my 6 bulb T-5. It still has maybe 20+ days left. It can still bulk up on me yet and give me more than I anticipate.

    reverof Active Member

    A 400 watt HPS can cover close to a 2x4 area... it does quite well covering a good 3x3 area... I have a 4x6 room for vegging and presently just have my 1 400 watt HPS on, and it covers the area pretty good (4x4) I dont really put anything outside a 3x3 area though coz I dont need to right now, if I did I would move the girls around though as to sharing the main spots of light.

    reverof Active Member

    Here is an update of the girls... all seem to be doing quite well, as previous posts 1 Auto Easy Ryder is really out pacing the bunch at almost 14 inches. I have begun putting her in my 12/12 room during the day for some HPS light but she goes back under T5's shortly before 12/12 goes out. here are a few pics

    2011-07-08_21-01-00_563.jpg 2011-07-08_21-00-42_215.jpg

    reverof Active Member

    Just wanted to give a quick update I found interesting... The first picture in the above post is the same view as the picture I am attaching to this post, check out the growth and leave movement changes in less than 24 hours... The big plant is actually in between the 2 aquasun bulbs, he actually grew about 3/4 of an inch maybe more and is within 1/2 inch of the fixture now. She was not in that location prior to last night.


    pr0fesseur Well-Known Member

    Great post I will post updates, ive been pulling extra shifts to raise capital to buy a larger tent and more light! but i will be going offline after this grow for some time just until i get a new setup... i will open a new thread..
    I hope i have inspired others to be open to information and ideas about alternative light sources!
    This grow has taught me lots and i will tweak my setup as such! for all you t5 growers out there these lights are better than you can even imagine! and they're not going anywhere anytime soon!

    reverof Active Member

    When do you expect to harvest? I am very curious how your light setup yields... I know yield wasnt a big part of your test, but this can ultimately help in deciding factors for many T5 pondering users and your alternative lighting theory is just another great feat for the T5 world!

    Millsie Well-Known Member

    Curious as well, my 400w might be creating too much heat for my grow box, its either spend another 100-200 and hopefully make it okay temp wise or cut my losses now/sell everything and get a 6-8bulb T5 but then sourcing the bulbs becomes a real problem.. My country really doesn't have the variety that USA does(T5 bulb wise)..

    reverof Active Member

    To be honest T5 bloom & flowering bulbs, in atleast 8 bulb configurations do seem to do pretty good for vegging & flowering. I have always flowered with T5's and had great success and the lack of heat is absolutely awesome. I have not however bloomed with T5's yet, but have read great things. I am picking up some new bulbs this week to place a 8 bulb T5 fixture into my flower room. Theoretically T5's should blow a HPS out of the water, especially on a SOG grow. Think of it like this, T5 light can be kept within 1-2" off the plants tops with no burning, a HPS light must be kept (without glass shield) about 12" away from the plants tops. There is a lot of lumen loss in that. Though with Pr0f grow he is proving lumens have less to do with growth and actual spectrum have even more to do with the final product, I no doubt this to be true with vegging, as even I have seen differences using other types of bulbs.

    I would recommend going ahead and getting a T5 fixture, I do believe you will be happy with it.

    Tentgremlin Member

    interesting dude fair play to you.

    novice11 Active Member

    I feel there is very little respect here on RIU for the T5. I made a suggestion that there be a T5 subforum, and the response was that I should look in the CFL section.....but CFLs are NOT T5s. Like telling me to look in the Camaro section for Corvette posts, LOL.

    I also think that the Pr0fesseur is doing ground breaking work in his analytical approach to lighting.

    Hasbroh Active Member

    In the end it's all about the buds. Aside from quality I'm sure we are all hoping for decent yield results. I really can't see Prof's yield being any less than leds yield - to say the very least. They are certainly robust enough looking. And it is only the first run. Further development should improve yield some more me thinks, me hopes.

    hyroot Well-Known Member


    That's a contradiction. flower and bloom mean the same thing. so have you flowered with T5's or not?

    reverof Active Member

    hasbro... I am just curious as far as the yields go with his specific lighting... I know T5's with regular bloom/grow bulbs yield pretty decent, T5's with cfl or T5 side lights yield even better :)

    Hasbroh Active Member

    Yeah, I'm really interested in more lights up top and side lighting...

    pr0fesseur Well-Known Member

    I expect to harvest in 5 more weeks... again this isnt about total weight.. as its 2 different strands i have NEVER grown... total organic grow trying to eliminate growth factors and just analyze T5 statistics.. you have to understand that when you are doing research your trying to prove ONE hypothesis only mine is t5 ability not weight. weight is TRUELY determined by strain and growing ability... anyone who says otherwise has no concept of the scientific method and needs to go back to school.. you also have to understand this is the FIRST documented T5 grow in this method..... it takes years of documentation to prove a theory... so one grow will not be enough... It is up to the followers of this thread to continue and vary/replicate my research.... I have a limited budget, and a small area to test this... others may have different combinations of setups which will add to the total exploration of this method. I urge others to use truth and research to debunk the old hid is better mentality!
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