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Kids Around Marijuana

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by Nunotmp, Dec 14, 2010.


    Nunotmp Active Member

    Which is why is ask..

    KuLong Well-Known Member

    Growing plants for food, recreation and beauty is as close to nature as you can get.

    There is no other love as strong as that between father and son (in my case).

    Not combining the two would be the only immoral thing.

    Love + Nature = oneness

    When people disagree with this, they are simply hypocrites. Look at all the neglect of children, child abuse (verbal, physical, sexual), degeneration of education in the home and in school, kids watching your zombie filled bloody ass video games, bad language...jesus! The list goes on and on!

    My son loves gardening. He has his own set of garden tools and he is only 3. He drowns a plant here or there and gives them a little "tough" love, but we are doing something together every day and we are both having a good time. ;)
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    HawkDidIt Member

    I would rather educate my kids, Instead of letting people who havent even tried it telling them all the bad and leaving out the good. I talked to my son about it openly. We talked about it on and off. Biggest thing he said was "I like people stoned better then drunk dad". He went through D.A.R.E. program knowing about it. Graduated collage choosing not to smoke it. He respected me the same weather I smoked or didn't. I feel if you are open with your kids they are more open with you.

    Nunotmp Active Member

    Yea I agree my pops smoked as long as I can remember..But I was never into it until I was 21..It just wasnt my thing

    Wordz Well-Known Member

    I don't think there is anything wrong with kids knowing. I wouldn't let them know though unless you were in a medical state. The state taking your kids over pot is just selfish on your end.

    anonymuss Well-Known Member

    fuck kids

    kids can see hops and barely growing - BEER - 100,000x more deadly than marijuana

    kids can live in virginia and see tobacco fields cultivate - CIGS - 400,000x more deadly than cannabis

    so... wtf is "bad" about seeing weed grow
    Total Head

    Total Head Well-Known Member

    i'm with most of the rest of the posts. i don't have a moral issue with kids seeing a grow, being left unattended is something else. my concerns would be strictly security/safety-related. i do take issue with people who smoke in the same room with kids, but that's for another thread.

    Nunotmp Active Member

    Yea smoke around kids is bad just because it is smoke..

    princesshigh Active Member

    As a kid I was raised in that environment. Gotta say it was hard not being able to have friends stay the night or if they did I would worry about the smell.Them telling their parents and mine getting in trouble. I'm talking as young as seven I remember stressing! Then by the age of 14 I was snaking their stash.
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    Nunotmp Active Member

    Same here..My dad has 8 siblings..and all but 2 smoke..Weed around my family is normal..It is talked about openly.
    I also was stressed into keeping a secret and my best friend's Grandpa was a cop...Which may be how my pops got caught up years ago and served 2yrs..Thats another story.

    DuhWeedMan Member

    I wouldnt say this issue is "morally bad or good." It is all in ones own perception of the issue. I think it would be best to hide it from your children until a reasonable and mature age so they can think for themselves whether they support cultivation or not. Regardless the schools and media are telling them that growing is bad so by hiding it you will only be reinforcing their beliefs. I think by indirectly supporting cultivation through various comments and such you will send them a non-verbal message that supports rather than than demonizes cultivation.

    DuhWeedMan Member

    If cultivation is "normal" within your household then your kids will see it as normal. Then they possibly may enforce its normality amongst their friends then so on and so on. This could be a way that we break the negative connotation attached to marijuana and its cultivation.

    just dont smoke your kids out and let them experience it for themselves (at a reasonable age)

    DuhWeedMan Member

    follow this mans example everyone
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    anonymuss Well-Known Member

    just dont tell em your doing anything illegal yet just say your gardening and never tell em what your gardening till hes old enough to stfu about it x D

    Mr.greenthumb210 Member

    I'm with padawanbater2 but not actually convince them to sell are smoke marijuana.I really would not want to be the one to get them into drugs.I'm not saying to go tell kids about your garden but actually be less strict.

    NLXSK1 Well-Known Member

    It depends on if the grow is legal or not.

    I personally dont think someone with kids should be risking jail time and having the kids taken away. But even so due to rule #1 they should not know anything about it. If you cant keep it from the kids then you cant keep it from other people.

    If it is legal then it can be explained like growing tobacco but that it is medicine. No reason to lie to the kids.

    Hemlock Well-Known Member

    IMO it needs to be kept from Kids just because of the stigma it carries with it. Kids love to tell everything they know and maybe the parents don't want everyone to know. Not because we think its bad, but because it is percieved bad by the general public. And you can never take that back, once its out there, even of you stop folks always look at u with the rye eye....GArdening with your kids is good, its awsome, I was raised on a cattle ranch, but i don't know if I would put kids in that situation with dope. I'm sure there would be an age that it would be OK, but i would want them in college before I told them

    gumball Well-Known Member

    I would rather be able to tell my daughter everything. i despise being untruthful. I have actually been debating telling my daughter I smoke it now. She is 14 now, but I dont want her to find out about it in the wrong light and I be made to look like a bad person. I feel if I present it to her as me being honest and explaining what it is to her she may be more understanding of it. She has always been very quite and never "talked" a lot as a kid. But I cant bring myself to do it because, probably because it is something I cannot take back :wall:

    anonymuss Well-Known Member

    better hurry up.

    her school is lying to her about weed as we speak
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    DuhWeedMan Member

    Very true. You may not have to tell her you smoke, but try to steer her away from the generic "weed is bad mmmkay" opinion that our schools do so well at enforcing. If she has an open mind in her developing ages then it is more likely she will be more accepting of your marijuana use.

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