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I was fired for stealing money?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Yeah, Nov 9, 2009.


    Yeah Well-Known Member


    bluewavexx Active Member

    The Mexicans aint got the lock on taco bell LOL!!

    Yeah Well-Known Member

    That's kind of what I'm getting at. I could give a damn if they said, "No, we can't rehire you because you quit with no notice."

    But no, I stole. That make me a thief, because I quit my job.

    Yeah Well-Known Member

    haha nope, because it's in another town. sad huh?:mrgreen:
  5. but it dosent bother you that you walked out of a job with no notice....even if it was Taco Bell:clap:

    lol, taco bell:bigjoint:

    now i am hungry

    Yeah Well-Known Member

    It would bother me if it was a normal job. If I typed out the WHOLE story, none of these stoners would want to read it. know what I mean.

    Pretty much that manager didn't like me from the start as she was the replacement for the general manager who hired me when I was in high school. A lot of drama, so I left for the summer to try and save up some money and move out of mom's.

    Buddreams Active Member

    # 1 - It's Taco bell

    # 2 - It's taco Bell

    Two great reasons to walk without notice. Obviously your young and have time to work on your career options, find another part time job man! Just don't use them as references :P

    I wouldnt worry about legal action - it wont amount to much, and it's only slander if they use it to prevent you from getting hired else where. They can only legally say that they would not re-hire you. Telling YOU what the manager wrote down as your termination reason, isn't really slander.

    I would spend the time putting in applications else where!

    zeenon53 Active Member

    So you quit your job w/o notice and now you want to go back? How ironic. You don't really think you have a chance to win a law suit against Taco Bell. I promise there pockets are way deeper than yours, you can't even make rent....lol. Why are you getting so upset over Taco Bell anyways? You fucked them and now they are sticking it in you by saying you stole. Get a different job.
    The Real Peter Parker

    The Real Peter Parker Well-Known Member

    Alright, how do I start?

    I worked at a Taco Bell for 8 months. We were a quite small Taco Bell, at most were 4 people on in a shift. I watched 50 people get hired, then fired or quit, before I got a chance at the register. I was the best employee there. The manager was a total bitch. She picked out myself, and a guy about 40 who should have been a manager to be the ones to pick on. I was fucked with on hours constantly. I still kept my fake-ass Taco Bell smile going, all of the employees and shift managers loved me, but the GM was a total bitch, so it didn't matter. I was waiting for the day they would offer me the manager position that I truly deserved. I trained shift managers. I fucking trained shift managers. I did their fucking job. I got paid $6.55. The new manager was getting paid $12.75. Almost double, with me doing all the work. Young people get shit on. Unemployment is at all time high. The truth is, youth bring bullshit. Youth always have problems, never show up, show up drunk or otherwise intoxicated, talk shit on the manager, etc. in the eyes of management.

    Why would they hire you when there are many older people willing to work for that $7.25?

    Cold fact, but true. Taco Bell is loaded with bullshit. Anyways, any other experiences ya need, let me know.

    Yeah Well-Known Member

    I'm not really that upset over it. More upset with the community that I am a part of coming in the thread that I made and telling me that I'm a dumbass and it's all good because I quit my job at TACOBELL without notice and am pissed because they said I was FIRED for STEALING.

    It's nothing, though. You haters can keep hating and I'm going to keep chiefing:bigjoint: and eating my cheetos and making my $.

    See, now that sounds like some bullshit that would happen at this taco bell. But everyone who works there is family pretty much, or everyone who used to work there.

    olishell Active Member

    You've told me all I need to know about you and your situation.You walked in and quit without notice.Employers hate it when people quit without notice.It shows that you are not only an immature,disrespectful person,but also a risky hiring prospect.They respect a person who gives notice, as will prospective future employers.You'll either learn or you won't.Stop crying and grow up.

    Yeah Well-Known Member

    OK, so that's a reason for my general manager to file paperwork saying I'm a thief? I guess RIU turned into a bunch of assholes. what ever happened to sticking it to the man and all that hippie rebellious shit?

    Oh yeah, I forgot, it's just a bunch of old stoners who lost their spirit.:sad:

    darkdestruction420 Well-Known Member

    wow, your all so judgemental, i want to see all of you work for a bunch of assholes who make you do all the work and take the credit for your hard work and feel bad when you finally have had enough of the shit you go through there and quit..........i did the same thing almost, fucking stupid bitch manager treated everyone like shit all the time and claimed credit for everyone elses work,one day she cussed me out really bad so i left instead of being screamed at for something i didnt do, i told the gm like 4 times but she didnt beliieve me when i told her what happened and fired me till like 3 months later another employee caught her on his phone cam doing the shit i said she was that is, she got fired a day later and i got a call from the gm saying how sorry she was and that she didnt realize i was the manager who did all the fucking work while the assistant general manager who i mentioned above took credit it for me, she ended up offering me $.50 more than i was making b4 for an hour. those 3 months w/o a job nearly left me homeless and i had to spend all my savings and sell everything of value i owned to avoid it.
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    Yeah Well-Known Member

    That's what I'm saying, this bitch was evil. She just got fired herself,

    I tried re applying at tacobell after I tried to apply everywhere else. I figured it was a fall back to give me a paycheck if I couldn't find a job. But then this GM told me that the owner of the store wouldn't let her hire me. That was in august and I haven't had a job since.

    DaveyDoom Well-Known Member

    I didn't read the whole thread, but I believe you must have the hugest testicles on the planet. Congrats on that.

    Having been in management myself, I would say that you are a liability having walked out and left them hanging. I wouldn't even let you on the property.

    Yeah, blah blah blah, the old boss was a dick (read: doing his job)

    Maybe they didn't have enough room to house those massive testes so you might have some sort of handicap suit against them.

    Whether they changed your reason for discharge doesn't really matter, you can do absolutely nothing about it.

    Take a hint. They don't want you.

    CrackerJax New Member

    These are the lessons of life.... learn from it.

    Always give notice. Especially if you wish to work there again in the future. The only pattern that business has to go from is that you quit jobs without notice.... no business tries to recruit such employees.

    That's just a life lesson.
    robert 14617

    robert 14617 Well-Known Member

    let taco bell go ,look for work at a real restaurant if thats the type work you want at this time , do what ever it takes to get through school ,even if it is washing dishes

    SlikWiLL13 Well-Known Member

    the whole saying you stole thing is uber-bogus. but it is in most fast food employee handbooks that people who dont give adequate notice will not be welcome back.

    you try to rationalize your action by saying you were going to work at another temporary job. well you have just learned a valuable lesson- one must decide what is better in the long run...a short favorable job, or a steady not-so-favorable job?

    you have proven that if the grass looks greener then your a fence-jumping fool. this is why your a fast food employee, your not worth more than $8/hr with the attitude you have.

    DaveyDoom Well-Known Member

    well said.
    robert 14617

    robert 14617 Well-Known Member

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