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I was fired for stealing money?

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by Yeah, Nov 9, 2009.


    Yeah Well-Known Member

    Alright, so I quit my job at the beginning of the summer. I left with no notice, just walked in and asked for my last check.

    I came back home at the end of the summer and tried to get my job back, but the manager said I wasn't re-hire-able. That manager has since been fired and I reapplied. The new manager said he wants to hire me and to come in and sign paperwork(SCORE!).

    But today I found out that the previous manager didn't write down that I quit, but instead that I was fired for stealing money. WTF?!:cuss:

    So now I'm waiting to hear what the company says, and if I don't get my job back I am considering legal action. What can I do?
  2. thats what you get for quitting with no notice you P.O.$. Its ignorant people such as yourself that drives business owners, like me, and others bananas. Do you realize how much it costs in time and production to retrain someone to step into someones elses shoes that just felt like they got the shaft and quit with no notice.

    You reap what you sow.

    Keenly Guest

    while i wouldnt put it quite like that

    you are the one who is in the wrong in this situation'

    you should not have quit without notice, and if it was my choice, i sure as hell wouldnt hire you

    Yeah Well-Known Member

    First of all... FUCK YOU for assuming you know ME AND MY SITUATION.

    second of all, if I quit with no notice that gives you the right to say I stole?

    Take your bullshit somewhere else.:finger:

    And to add, I increase production. I can collect money, stuff, wrap, and hand out a burrito quicker than you can say "I'm an asshole"

    yes it's taco bell
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    Yeah Well-Known Member

    I know I was in the wrong for quitting without notice, that's a given. But that simple fact would not keep me for getting hired again. She made it a personal and made sure of that.

    Keenly Guest

    i dont think a lawsuit will get you anywhere

    just make it known that you really want that job

    call every day or go in every day and ask about it

    let them know you WANT to work there

    Yeah Well-Known Member

    I know and I have been. I'm more pissed about the fact that it says I stole. I don't know if it's enough for a lawsuit that would be worth my time.

    howhighru Well-Known Member

    taco slop..haha:dunce:

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    If you supposedly stole why was it not investigated? Why were no charges filed?

    It sounds like perhaps an employee took advantage of your situation and stole and blamed you, or perhaps you should enlighten the company you are seeking employment with.

    Yeah Well-Known Member

    That's what I plan on doing, just found out about all of this tonight. The general manager didn't work today so I'll see him tomorrow and talk about it.

    And about no charges being filed, that just adds to what I'm saying, I didn't steal. That's slander if nothing else.

    guitarzan420 Well-Known Member

    go to mickey d's or kfc or something

    DrUgZrBaD Well-Known Member

    Personally I'd be embarrassed to go and re-apply at a job I walked out on.

    That just make you look sad.:wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall::wall:

    smokinmayne Well-Known Member

    just because you quit there is no need to say you stole something

    that isnt right
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    Yeah Well-Known Member

    The mexicans have those jobs on lock around here. And after all, putting in applications doesn't pay my bills.

    Do you pay your own bills?

    DrUgZrBaD Well-Known Member

    Yes, hence why I don't just walk out.

    Obviously you're just some arrogant child who thinks he knows "everything", and thinks he an do what he wants.

    Remember everyone is replaceable.

    Especially when your main skill is saying, "Would you like fries with that?"

    Yeah Well-Known Member

    Yup man, you got me all figured out apparently. I'm an arrogant child who thinks he knows everything, unemployed, trying to pay rent, tired of selling drugs just to break even at the end of the month.

    yeah... that's me, stepping on people on my way to the top.

    And I'll go even further. I should have known to put every detail of my life in the OP so that people don't just make up the missing details. I left for the summer to work on a farm for minimum wage, breaking my back. Came back to California for college with money saved up for an apartment. Paid the deposit, and first months rent and haven't found a job since. now you can continue.

    strangerdude562 Well-Known Member

    Don't even bother with a lawsuit, you would lose. Find another job and give a two weeks notice this time.

    GrowTech stays relevant.

    Lets not attack or insult others people. Whether this guy did the right thing or the wrong thing by walking out, he does obviously have bills to pay, understands his situation, and definitely does not deserve to be labeled a thief for leaving without giving prior notice.

    Shitty situation, but y'all don't need to be dicks.

    DrUgZrBaD Well-Known Member

    Guess you shouldn't have walked out eh?

    GreatwhiteNorth Global Moderator Staff Member


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