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i have sinned in every way possible ,now im doomed

Discussion in 'Spirituality & Sexuality & Philosophy' started by ThE sAtIvA hIgH, Jun 15, 2013.

    eye exaggerate

    eye exaggerate Well-Known Member

    ...this is where things get weird. A book (many of them) do point to real solutions. To get to those solutions a person needs to get to the root of problems. Those books are there to show that people have not really changed much in thousands of years. We see the same problems over and over again, stories being played out by different names. If you read the stories without all the baggage attached you can see the roots of problems that common people have. I do not find it at all odd that Sat is 32, this is significant for those who chose to look at it that way.

    ...it's not about being a part of a group, btw. It's about getting right with yourself.

    tyler.durden Well-Known Member

    Hey Eye. I find it hard to believe that Sativa would helped more effectively by the morals of ancient tales than by real people (maybe in conjunction with medication) in the present who could empathize with his specific fear. You know these books better than I, would you point to a story/stories that you think may be the most effective?

    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    True dat. If there was a real god overseeing us, he/she/it would never punish us. We are far better at punishing ourselves. Reclaim your personal power that YOU gave away, and start to heal- mentally, emotionally, and physically,
    eye exaggerate

    eye exaggerate Well-Known Member

    ...thanks, Tyler (ya sob! (lol))

    ...we are empathizing with him, each of us in our own way. The 7 sins / virtues still hold up to this day. My problems are rooted there, as are most folks major issues. That's why I say that people haven't really changed since those ideas were jotted down. Most of those books are written around the proclivities of man - with ways to help yourself out of their influence. * I am certain these perspectives were gained by observation. No devices to play on back then (lol).

    ...I wasn't addressing a specific story or person, I was / am saying that any combination of things could help Sat, including those books. The slightest notion of something can help to find a way out.

    note: I'll use the demon of ill will as an example. That is portrayed as a person (in books) but is in actuality a part of us all that needs to be mastered. It is one of the 3 'traitors' we see in those books. To be clear, this isn't a product of Christianity - every culture has their rendition.

    ...sorry for the long post :)
    ThE sAtIvA hIgH

    ThE sAtIvA hIgH Well-Known Member

    sorry i never got back here , im having the worst period of my life so far , im in a very dark place at the moment , im waiting for a colonoscopy to find out what is wrong with my insides , just before christmas i started seeing blood in my crap and things have gotten worse ever since , i was very drunk when i started this thread and going through all kinds of paranoid emotions , ive always suffered from anxiety / depression , which brings along panick attacks , severe paranoia and general unwell feelings .
    the weed is getting me by at the moment but im smoking a hell of a lot .which obviously doesn't help with feelings of paranoia and fear .
    thinking more sober now , it sure would be nice if there is an after life and a heaven that we can go to , but still..... thinking about it in a more sensible way , there is still no evidence to me that would suggest this could possibly be true .it sure would be more comftable to die knowing you could see your loved ones again and that an all knowing allmighty being was looking after your children when you are gone , but again , i am yet to see or feel any evidence that this is true .
    thanks for kind words .
    stoned cockatoo

    stoned cockatoo New Member

    why has it taken you 6 months to still not get a colonoscopy?

    tyler.durden Well-Known Member

    I know how it is to procrastinate on possibly finding out bad news. Please let us know the results from the colonoscopy, and way to stay mentally strong, man...

    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    I know what you mean by hoping for an afterlife... I spent a good portion of my life hoping for the same thing.. This likely won't comfort you, but for me, if I died and was brought before God in Heaven, the only thing I would be is furious. Furious at an entity that could let existence go on like it does when it has the ability to change it at the blink of an eye. The thought that I could be more moral than God himself is contradictory to the concept of justice, to me, that's enough to say with pretty high confidence, the bullshit doesn't exist..

    But staring medical issues in the face is probably the toughest, scariest thing we can do, and it's not a sign of weakness to question your own mortality. Actually, personally, I see it as a great sign of strength, something a lot of people can't face themselves.

    Stay strong, bro. Don't put off your medical obligations to figure this shit out, always remember the sooner you take care of it, the easier it will be to take care of. And if it comes to the worst, pain heals, and chicks dig scars.

    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    Forgive me for putting you on the spot, but I'm curious, what are you referencing?

    If it's too personal forget I asked

    I put off taking care of 2 botched root canals, the lesson I learned showed itself in a total of 5 days of excruciating pain! Sometimes lessons are... painful..

    tyler.durden Well-Known Member

    Dental work, for sure. STDs scares come to mind - most were minor frights, but one chick I fucked for a couple of years in my 20s was diagnosed with HIV a few years later. I couldn't bring myself to get tested, or fuck anyone else, for six months. Once I finally got the courage to go, I felt immediately better. Finding out that I was negative for anything was icing on the cake. I've been really smart about protection ever since...

    Padawanbater2 Well-Known Member

    Funny/interesting/sad how it takes some shit like that to make you actually consider safe sex, huh?

    Some naive kids don't have the luxury of hearing 'negative' on the HIV test...

    I'll never put off dental work again!

    SlaveNoMore Active Member

    Getting tested is the worst! You know you have fucked up and now you find out if you have to pay for your mistakes...That and pregnancy scares..ohhh man.

    tyler.durden Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it's crazy to ever put yourself in those situations. Me and my ex-wife joke that if anyone should have gotten STDs, it should've been us in the 90s. We beat the odds for sure. 'So soon we get old, so late we get smart'...
    That's one of the hardest things for me about atheism, I feel overwhelming waves of gratitude from time to time, and there's really no where to direct it. When I heard Dennett deal with this issue, he likes to say, 'Thank Goodness!' I like that, so I thank goodness...

    tyler.durden Well-Known Member

    No shit! My best friend and I used to visit Planned Parenthood so often, we used to joke that we should get a punch card to buy 3 abortions, get 1 free. Irresponsible young'ns...

    Snowed Well-Known Member

    But that same god didn't accept the first born sons of anyone that didn't agree with him... I just hope this guy isn't the first child of anyone! ;)

    On a real note-- You, and nearly everyone perceive the bible wrong. Ancient scriptures were meant to be taken in ancient way, but they've been modernized throughout the ages and warped into different meanings than they were once supposed to be taken as. Sort of as if you were to travel 2000 years in the future and be in the ruins of a nucular war where everything was wiped and only few live and are descendants of many generations.. Say you show them a toy car (they dont know what it is) and say you can drive aroudn in it going super speeds etc.. .They have no concept of what that means, they may use it as a paper weight or some other thing they understand it as... However you know it as a car.. But you don't know how build a car etc.. so you can't show them yourself only attempt to explain how you could possibly travel in this mini car etc.. You need someone whom can build a car and get it to go, someone that wrote the manual so to speak. That is a rough translation of how I believe we interpret the bible writings, and how they came to be. IE: People interpreting ancient writings and taking them in how they can understand them and documenting them to share.

    I ranted like that to hopefully show you some hope, the last thing you want to do is mope and dwell on things (especially if you have anything wrong with your body). Everyone does shit in life they're not proud of, everyone changes at a different rate. I suggest doing some research on ancient writings/etc... On top of that be positive. The best way to fight anything starts with positivity.

    Also, I suggest making some essential cannabis oil extract and start taking that with a cracker or on some bread every day. Even if you do not have a serious issue, it will help the overall flow of the body...

    Sorry for the rant, but I hope it helped a bit! I probably sound just as crazy as any bible thumper but hey, I'm not telling you you're going to die and burn in a fire for eternity if you just scroll past what I wrote and never think about it again haha.

    Kervork Well-Known Member

    “He who has let go of hatred who treats all beings with kindness and compassion, who is always serene, unmoved by pain or pleasure,
    free of the "I" and "mine," self-controlled, firm and patient, his whole mind focused on me ---
    that is the man I love best.”

    “The nonpermanent appearance of happiness and distress, and their disappearance in due course, are like the appearance and disappearance of winter and summer seasons.They arise from sense perception,and one must learn to tolerate them without being disturbed.”

    fg2020 Active Member

    Christianity as antiquity. When we hear the ancient bells growling on a Sunday morning we ask ourselves: Is it really possible! this, for a Jew, crucified two thousand years ago, who said he was God's son. The proof of such a claim is lacking. Certainly the Christian religion is an antiquity projected into our times from remote prehistory; and the fact that the claim is believed - whereas one is otherwise so strict in examining pretensions - is perhaps the most ancient piece of this heritage. A god who begets children with a mortal woman; a sage who bids men work no more, have nor more courts, but look for the signs of the impending end of the world; a justice that accepts the innocent as a vicarious sacrifice; someone who orders his disciples to drink his blood; prayers for miraculous interventions; sins perpetrated against a god, atoned for by a god; fear of a beyond to which death is the portal; the form of the cross as a symbol in a time that no longer knows the function and the ignominy of the cross - how ghoulishly all this touches us, as if from the tomb of a primeval past! Can one believe that such things are still believed?

    - Friedrich Nietzsche
    eye exaggerate

    eye exaggerate Well-Known Member

    ...the problem with that ^ is that God is as yet unseen. We all know that. So, how could any blood drinking (etc, etc) really happen? It can't. By logic move to the next thread, right? Those types of statements lack a serious amount of depth, imo.

    slipstar059 Member

    My father passed away from esophageal cancer, I put about 95% of the blame on Christianity. He was a devout Christian, and he didn't drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes. He started having stomach issues, and instead of going in for a checkup, he started praying, and soliciting the Christian Television Network for prayer, in turn they started asking him for money as a measure of faith.

    Eventually the pain became unbearable, and he went to the doctor (his whole life he relied on god ("The great physician) and never went to the doctor). By the time he found out he had cancer, it was too late.

    If he had regular physicals, he would have been fine, but he trusted in the biggest scam artists of our time, the Christian church. I remember talking to a lady that was part of his church, after he had passed, and she actually had the balls to say that my father must have done something to displease god, because otherwise he would have received a healing. I really wanted to pop that bitch in the face.

    In case Sat doesn't get the moral of my story, it's this. Don't turn to the church for healing, they're hoping you die, but before that happens they want you to be accepted by god, and the easiest way for you to do that, is to give the lord your earthly possessions, namely putting whatever church they sucker you into, in your will. After you pass on, you'll become a story they use to sucker more people in, "He may be gone, but jesus gave him so much peace, before he left this earth".

    Please go to the doctor, get a check up, and hope for the best news, if you don't receive the news you want to hear, don't worry your already using a medicine, that Harvard just found cuts tumor growth in half. Just don't put it off, if you do it may become imbedded. Regardless, good luck, my thoughts are with you.

    chewberto Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a pretty mellow life to me... lemme talk to god and see if I can get you off this one...

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