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I dont have spider mites... I have SUPER MITES !!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by FLoJo, Aug 4, 2008.


    FLoJo Well-Known Member

    Ok, so check this out. I am no stranger to bugs and bug problems I have had to fight my fair share of the lil bastards in the past but I have NEVER encountered mofos as powerful as the ones I am about to describe to you.

    when I dunked, i completely submerged them, when I sprayed, I saturated the tops and bottoms of the leaves...here we go

    So when I got the clones I noticed a few of these lil mongrels.. I mixed up a solution of neem oil, dishwashing soap, and safer insect soap.

    I dunked the clones in the mixture every three days for two weeks. I had cloned the clones successfully and hadnt noticed em too bad but continued to spray with neem/water every five days or so.

    As I noticed em more and more I started spraying the lil shits with a product called hot pepper wax which is a cayenne pepper spray I think. I would spray them thorougly every other day.

    eventually I started flowering and noticed a few here and there so I alternated spraying them with hot pepper wax, fox farms dont bug me, and neem oil/ safer soap/water combo.

    a few weeks in to flowering a couple of my plants started to speckel really bad so i bombed them with a .05 percent pyrethrum bomb. A few days later under inspection of a microscope I saw the lil bastards running around.

    So I decided to buy a commercial 4.0 percent pyrethrum bomb which isnt even supposed to be used in residential applications! So I bombed them today, waited about 6 hours, went in picked off a leaf and.....


    I have never encountered such resistant spider focks in all my life and I am at my wits end!!

    I am about to hit 4 weeks into flower so I cannot bomb my babies any more and have tried about everything that has ever worked for me.. now on one of my babies im starting to see the lil fucks weaving webs on one of the leafs!!

    the only other option I can imagine at this point is brewing up a nicotine spray but I am worried that It will get in my buds and make em all nasty tasting like cigarettes:spew:!!

    My other concern is that If I bombed these bastards with 4.0 percent pyrethrum bomb even when I cut this whole crop down are they still gonna be milling around my room? I could bomb them every day for a week and they would still be kickin:evil::evil:!!

    Has anyone ever had this much trouble with these lil bastards?
    Does anyone have any suggestions on products I can use this late into flower? I am truly at a loss for words! :confused::confused::confused:

    bonze309 Well-Known Member

    why don,t you get some lady bugs they eat spider mites they will not hurt anything

    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    :shock: And here I was gonna suggest tobacco tea.. but if they survived the big pyrethrin bomb.. holy shit.

    I didn't have any luck with neem, the tobacco tea has taken care of all my problems. Except heat.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    tear it all down. bleach, paint and start over. seriously.

    FLoJo Well-Known Member

    I have tried lady bugs... once your light comes on they pretty much commit suicide and fly into the light... then theres just a shit ton of lady bugs to clean up... Predator mites I have never tried but never heard many rave reviews about them..

    as far as tobacco tea how late can you use it into flowering??does it harm your buds at all? and I am wondering if that will even work considering the commercial greenhouse bomb wouldnt kill em LOL!

    What recipie do you use? I have heard get bali shag or american spirit, boil it in about a gallon of water, take that gallon and do 1 part tobacco water to 10 parts water does that sound about right?

    anyone else have alternative suggestions? I am willing to try anything at this point even ancient voodoo mystical shit is sounding good about now

    FLoJo Well-Known Member

    I want to finish this crop out cuz It wouldnt feel right not to but I am most def going to bleach and clean everything, bomb the room three times and clean the shit out of the whole room before i put my next batch in... and I sure as hell am not going thru the same connect!!!

    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    FLOROMITE WILL get rid of them!

    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    I use American Spirit or Bali Shag because there are no additives. The Bali Shag is a good quality tobacco, but American Spirit will do the job since I'm spraying it on plants, not smoking it.
    My specific recipe:
    10grams loose tobacco stirred into 1 liter HOT water (not boiling). Let steep overnight. Strain. Add just a drop of non-antibacterial/anti-microbial dish soap (if you can't find that, add a flake or two of Ivory). Spray, ensuring you hit EVERY surface, and the soil surface. I use a hand-held pump sprayer that I got at Walmart for $6-$7.

    It should not harm the buds at all. I've used it on very young seedlings with no harm to the seedlings (paying attention, of course, to the time of day). It may need reapplication within a day or two. Don't store the tea, use it up or toss it, but take care where you toss it because it will kill a lot of things, including aquatic organisms.

    Before harvest, I would lightly mist off the plants because of the soap, I wouldn't want soap residue. Although, I use so little that it doesn't even really make bubbles, it just helps break the surface tension of the water and makes it not smell like an ashtray (my setup is right outside our bedroom, so anything I put on the plants I get to smell all that night).

    There are some plants that tobacco tea should not be used on, such as eggplants and.. crap, I can't remember all of them. The reason is because they're susceptible to something called tobacco mosaic virus. Mary jane isn't.

    Your key is to make sure you get that tobacco tea into every fucking crack and crevice, every surface, every nook, every cranny. THEN hit that soil surface, too. If you think they may be hiding out on equipment, spray it. I must admit, I am stunned the bomb didn't kill them. Tough little motherfuckers. I hope they're not The Terminator Mites or some such shit.

    FLoJo Well-Known Member

    I have heard that floromite is pretty good but your not really supposed to use them in flower because of the half life of the chemical or some shit I dont remember... I dont want anyone gettin sick from my meds!!! I guess I will have to brew up some nicotine tea but shit man If the bomb wont kill em I dont know what will... it sucks because I still have five weeks left in my cycle and If I cant keep em at bay they are going to take over my shit LOL these mites in norcal are redic!!

    When I used to live down south you could spray them one time with neem and they were goners.. if you bombed your room you could throw a clone in there with 100 mites on there and they would die from the residue lol I guess they breed em bad up here haha

    FLoJo Well-Known Member

    I have also heard something about burning an intense amount of sulpher or co2 has anyone tried that with any degree of success?

    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    You can safely strengthen the tea. Just remember to rinse before harvest, and try not to get it on your skin, ESPECIALLY if you smoke. I haven't had any problems, but I don't get very much on my skin and I don't smoke.

    If you try it and it works, please update, would ya?

    Seamaiden Well-Known Member

    OH! Jesus effing Christ, I can't believe I didn't think about this.. although research it before you actually use it. Diatomaceous earth will cut the FUCK up out of their little soft bodies. You CANNOT smoke it, that will fuck you up (not so much by burning the DE, but by inhaling the particles of DE). But, it is otherwise safe, and can be washed off as well.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i've been in the same spot you are. it sucks. when you smoke that bud it's gonna pop when all the mites explode. just so you know. :mrgreen: they won't hurt you. they add a little "spice" to the flavor. :blsmoke:

    FLoJo Well-Known Member

    HAHA! Ill just have to rename it Thai Firecracker or somethin lol! Hey I like spicy foods so why not some spicy buds! I would def chop em down If they werent so big and beautiful...and I just dont have the heart! besides I dont have any moms or anything like that so once they are done they are DONE! Ill just have to get my clones from a better source.

    As far as the DE is concerned I was under the impression that it cant really help an infestation but only help prevent it because you can put it on the soil and keep em from coming up but as far as using it in a spray form is not very effective??

    If I could use it in a spray I could use a nicotine/DE/wetting agent... Does that make any kind of sense?

    honkeytown Well-Known Member

    recently had a plant with the same issue.....that pot sounded like rice fuckin crispies man....I heard screams when i smoked it....but fuck em....it was almost more satisfying to know I was sending the fuckers to hell in a bong! btw...I agree with fdd...after this crop bleach bleach and repaint :mrgreen: good luck homie...fuckin supermites

    FLoJo Well-Known Member

    Thanks honkey... I almost feel like dedicating my spare time to finding a cure for these lil bastards and spreading it to the world!! seems like these mites have become immune to about everything out there!

    honkeytown Well-Known Member

    maybe in your quest you will invent some shit and become rich...hopes and dreams...hopes and dreams...lol...hopefully you just kill the fuckers.....you are still gonna be smokin with snap, crackle and pop though unfortunately :blsmoke:

    FLoJo Well-Known Member

    shit I love rice krispies haha and as long as it gets me medicated Im koooo with it..... anyway i was reading that the two spotted spider mites feed on crysanthemums which is what pyrethreum is made out of!! sounds counterintuitive to me.. anyways will be tryin the tobacco teas and seein whats poppin haha

    FLoJo Well-Known Member


    So the preliminary results are in!!

    I went to the store and bought 1 pack of american spirits organic cigarettes which came out to about 16 grams worth of loose tobacco.. took that and put it in hot water.. about 5 cups and let it soak... I grabbed a few leaves off of my test plant which is badly infected and I have quarantined it for disposal (sadly) and put it under the microscope....

    sure enough lots of lil bastards crawling around, some coming out of their eggs.. quite a frightful mess. So i took a droplet of the nicotine water and sprayed it on the leaf so that it was not saturated (simulating spray out of a bottle) and put it back under the microscope to find that.......


    yes I marveled as these little bastards started squirming around and the ones coming out of their eggs stopped dead in their tracks!!

    Fuck raid... NICOTINE kills bugs dead haha!!

    Now I am trying to not get too excited but I will spray all of my plants down extremely well in the morning and once the lights come on tomorrow night I will pluck off a few fan leaves and see what kind of damage has been done!

    I will keep yall updated for sure!


    SquirrelGod New Member

    I've never had a spider mite problem, but I assume they must SUCK, I have some Schultz's brand bug killer for flowers, and vegetables. It works nice and it can be sprayed on tomato's up to day of harvest, and kills bugs on contact, but if you tried all that and they're still there I don't think it'll help you. I had some bugs that ate the roots of my plants one time, but they were killed thanks to Schultz's.

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