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Hydro Innovations Ice Box 8" for 4000w Cooled by Swimming Pool?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by rbahadosingh, Jan 17, 2010.


    [email protected] Active Member

    It'll be fine, 4 ulbs do NOT have enough heat to heat up that MASSIVE pool of yours. You sure it's 32k gallons? You'll get plenty of condensation in the winter since the water will be much colder, so tap the bottom of the IB's to drain them.

    Also, scratch the pump... use your existing pool pump and get a three way valve plumbed in. You should adjust the pressure in order to send a part of the out put of the pump to the IB's.

    I would tap this on your return line to the pool (right after your filter)

    Good luck, post updates!

    P.S. remember you want your water 10 degrees colder then your room temp. In the summer, if the pool gets hot, it's not the lights. You may still need A/C but the requirements would be a lot less then trying to cool the room, plus the lights with with just air.
    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Well-Known Member


    smokingrubber Well-Known Member

    45 :shock: Shhhiiiiiiiiiit. That's money :hump:

    I will be shopping for a new place to live in a few months ... a pool just got added to the criteria.
    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Well-Known Member

    Although needing to heat up your water is a good problem to have, methinks you'll have some serious condensation issues on the tubing running to your lights with that large of a temperature difference between your water temps and the ambient temps in your grow room.

    Integra21 is running the mini HydroGen, and he's having some condensation issues, even though his humidity stays at or below 40% - in the FAQ page on HI's website, they say that condensation will be an issue with RH of 50% or more, but that's with temp differences of ~20F between air and water.

    But I sure am glad that Rbaha's volunteered to be our guinea pig - truth be told I had my finger sitting over the mouse button ready to click "Commit To Buy" a few hours ago, then backed off.

    smokingrubber Well-Known Member

    I won't need to cool the lights. I will just suck fresh air from the attic and exhaust it back outside. It won't smell because it's not contaminated. It's just hot.

    If condesation is an issue, I doubt it will be bad. Since I won't have to deal with the light heat, the room itself and the HydroGENs should not be too difficult to cool. Besides, nothing around here gets anywhere near 45 degrees even at night. I live near the beach. If I had a pool, it would be a balmy 55-60 at all times.
    Bob Smith

    Bob Smith Well-Known Member

    Lol, I screwed this up by not being clear as to who I was referencing - I quoted you (like a dumbass) because you mentioned the 45F temps the previous post, and that's the point I was trying to make to Rbaha about how HE might have some condensation issues with the large disparity in temps.

    My bads for the confusion, but as long as we're here - doesn't your attic get really hot in the summer? I know mine gets to 90F+ by April or May with the sun just beating down on it.

    smokingrubber Well-Known Member

    No, my attic stays at about 70. I stuck my head up there last summer when I was contemplating this setup and I was very surprised at how cool it was. I'm assuming that I will have similar conditions at my next spot, even though you know how that can fuk up the best of plans.

    mihjaro Active Member

    Is the tubing insulated? This should solve that problem. The temperature of the liquid in an A/C line is colder than 45 and I've never had condensation problems with that. I think it's because they are insulated.

    rbahadosingh Well-Known Member

    glad you found my thread bob. i have been following yours as well. just havent chimed in as yet. i havent been on for a few days but the last time i checked i thought you scrapped the idea of a chiller and was going with the split A/C unit instead?

    yeah i was walking in the backyard stoned as hell when i came up with the idea. lol. seems to me i think better while high....

    the water is 45 right now. but its not always that cold. its going to start to heat up pretty soon as the weather begins to change. the condensation would definately be a problem. i dont water water dripping from the ceiling in my grow room. but i think i can figure something out.

    disposition84 Well-Known Member

    I'm confident you can. I remember seeing another person do the exact same thing with his pool and multiple IB in his room on International Cannagraphic was very professional looking and everything worked very well.

    I tried searching for article but can't seem to find it.

    Yg420 Member

    hey bro, i kno its my 1st post and u may take my info with a grain of salt, but i have the 1 hp "chill king", 2 8 " "iceboxes", the water cooled dehumidifier and it was the worst $3500+ i have ever spent on a setup! i have 2000k runnin in a 4x8 sunhut and the dam chiller cant even keep the temps below 100f... i have co2 runnin and i like to run my garden @99f but when u spend that much money on an "efficient" setup as HYDRO INNOVATIONS claim then one would expect a lil more than what it has shown me. i have now put my lights on a closed circuit and completely disconnect the water chiller from the loop...im just trying to save u from making the same mistake that i have made and save u some $$$...if u or anyone else have any questions about the setup hit me up!

    ChemisTree Active Member

    I say it would work for cooling if the pool is cold enough (and it's probably big enough to be a huge energy sink).

    The only issue is if the chlorine and other chemicals will corrode the pump or lines, and if you need to use a separate filter so you're not sucking leaves and bugs into your pump.

    Good luck, it's definitely a tantalizing idea.

    DIRTHAWKER Well-Known Member

    What about a 500 gallon above ground jacuzzi filled with fresh water no clorine.

    Will it cool 4 600 watt lights and one 1k watt light and of course cool the hydrogen pro and the room itself? If i remember right during the mid summer heat the temps in the jacuzzi with lid on never went above 65deg...I just checked it right now and its 50deg. The website does say the water needs to be 20 degrees cooler then what you want the room temps to be. Which would put me right at 85..perfect. But will the water heat up throughout the day cycle?

    The wheels are turning.

    smokingrubber Well-Known Member

    According to others who are using it, the HydroGen puts out HOT water. Not warm water ... HOT! A 500 gallon res would certainly help, but I believe you would still need some supplimental chilling on the jacuzzi. The night air would greatly reduce your costs but it would warm up pretty quick during the day imo.

    DIRTHAWKER Well-Known Member

    THX sounds like maybe a heat exchanger attached to a fan on the outtake would possibly help to keep the water cooler.

    [email protected] Active Member

    Dirth, your 4 lights alone will heat up the 500 gallon jacuzzi. The hyrdrogen is a converted water heater.

    Your proposed setup would fail in cooling at all. You would turn the IB's into heaters by hour 3 of lights on and plants would be dead by the end of the day.

    Sorry, but better now then after you've invested that $

    DIRTHAWKER Well-Known Member

    Yea i already determined that..but i still think i could run the hydrogen pro by itself using the jacuzzi... what do you think?

    [email protected] Active Member

    I would drain into a jacuzzi... don't use a reservoir for the Hydrogen unless it's a large pool. You will be disappointed.

    I wouldn't even run a dedicated pump. Plumb it into existing house plumbing and throw the drain where ever you want.

    DIRTHAWKER Well-Known Member

    Im not sure i understand what you are saying ?

    Another option i have is to mount the hydrogen and a 55 gallon drum outside of the room and duct the co2 in..(1ft) basicly right through a wall.
    Would cooling the reservoir be necessary that way? I could have an exhaust fan mounted in the ceiling in the room where both the generator and the reservoir sit and possibly mount a heat exchanger on the outtake of the exhaust fan on the hot water exit from the generator for extra cooling.

    thanks watercooled for the help.

    smokingrubber Well-Known Member

    He's said DON'T USE A RESERVIOR at all unless its a large pool. The HydroGen's output water is hot enough to shower with.

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