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How to use Gonats with SOIL?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by infdjedi, Feb 12, 2010.


    infdjedi Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    I have a mild fungus gnat problem but it is steadily getting worse. I purchased some gonats.. which was highly recommended by lots of folks. Anyways, all it has are directions for (1) hydroponics, (2) Barrier Spraying (Spraying around perimeter), (3) Plant Spraying (Foliar). The bugs are not on the plant or the barrier.. they are living in the bottom and tops of my pots! I am thinking some kind of soil dunk or just include with watering? Anyone used this stuff before with soil? I am 3 weeks away from harvest... should I use it on my flowering plants? (I can still do my veg plants).

    Thanks for any help guys!

    StreetRider Active Member

    DO NOT spray your buds.

    You can spray the soil and the container. Also, a layer of sand (1/2")on the tops of your container is said to do wonders.

    Or, mix it to hydro strength and use in your water. Every other feeding or every feeding if you make sure to flush it once a week or so. I woud not let it "build up" in your soil.

    infdjedi Well-Known Member

    Thanks man! So, I can use this in a water mixture for flowering plants? I am going to harvest in about 3 weeks. Will it make them taste funny? Or is it good.. since it isnt a chemical and more a bacteria that affects non-plants, I suspect I am fine. Anyone else done this with no ill-effects? The product is actually called GoGnats..

    doc111 Well-Known Member

    I used it in veg before. I used 2 tablespoons per gallon and watered it in. It won't kill all the eggs and shit so you need to do at least 2 applications of it. It's kind of hard to overdo but you are in flowering and I'm not sure how it will affect your plants. I would ask your hydro shop if they have any advice. It's mostly cedar oil and it smells really good! :bigjoint:

    StreetRider Active Member

    Don't use it the last week or two. Your bus can have that cedar taste.

    And the cedar oil is the key. It drives the adults away from the breeding grounds. And the larvae are not big fans either.

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