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how to tell if your phone is being tapped

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by K1Ng5p4d3, Oct 17, 2008.


    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    Hey guys,

    i forgot to post this a loooong time ago for any paranoid motherfuckers out therewho thinktheyre being watched every second of the day.

    You can find outeasily if your phoneis being tapped, by simply calling a couple of numbers.

    Before i give out thenumbers, ijust want to say one thing - i got these numbers from my phone service provider. A long time ago i called because i heard a clicking noiseon my phone and i thought i was being listenedin on. So i called my phone service provider, and they gave me two numbers i can call, and this is a generalindicator if ANYONE is listening in on your phone - wether it be an enemy, or the police, or anyone able to intercept phonecalls. these numbrs are alsoon the internet, and it justbacks up what the customer service representative had to say.

    1st number - 202-543-9994
    You call this number, and listen. there will be a LOUD monotone noise. If thenoise is broadcast with no interruptions whatsoever, then you arenot being listened to. You have to callmore than once though, becausesometimes the reception on your phone sucks, and it sounds like itsbeing interrupted, when reallyyour good to go.

    2ndnumber - 10107-321-770-988-9664 - this is an int'l number, but what you want to hear, is a ladies voice. she will say your phone number. after that she will say a series of zeros, followed by a 1, a2, or a 3. If you hear 1, you have never been tapped, and you good to go. If you hear a 2, you have been tapped in the past, but your not being listened to now. If you hear a 3, you arebeing listenedin on, and youneed to find some other form of communication.

    Once again, this is something that my phone service provider gave to me, and there are websites that back it up, so you can argue all you want, ive been using this for at least 5 years, and its been keeping my mind at ease ever since. Ill admit i usedto be one paranoid motherfucker, lol.

    hope this helps set some of you paranoid bastards out there to ease.
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    rollNfattys420 Well-Known Member

    Nice post.
    Reefer Rick

    Reefer Rick Well-Known Member

    Nice :mrgreen:
    Guess i'm paranoid enough to give it a try :eyesmoke:
    been hearing odd clicking when on the phone.


    docd187 Well-Known Member

    def a good post if it works. props to you for finding this out +rep
    Reefer Rick

    Reefer Rick Well-Known Member

    Jus called both #'s.......Guess it doesn't work in the great white north :evil:

    U wouldn't know of a Canadian # eh ? :mrgreen:

    Bagelthief Well-Known Member

    the second number doesnt work for me. i didnt try the first. this seems pretty cool, but im sure the government and police/DEA know about these two numbers and a way to get around them. are these private companies that make the evaulations, and how do they come to their conclusions? the governemts hand reaches so far now that i bet by just calling this number, you get put on some list or something....

    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    im gonnabe honest, i dont know a god damn thing about these numbers, other than that my service provider gave them to me. i called both of them before i posted to make sure they still worked, as i havent used the numbers in over 2 years. But yeah, the chick said that these numbers are basically the definitive way to tell if ANYONE is listening in on your phone. I dont know if it applies 100% still, but i do know that they are both still working numbers. i hope they help.

    stonedcold89 Well-Known Member

    hmm..couldnt get either one to work here, thanks though

    thelastpirate Well-Known Member

    Best advise is do not say a word, "codeword" or otherwise relating to anything illegal over the phone. If you still live with a wired landline, they can tap you at the trunk, and your phone doesn't even have to be off the hook to do it. The speaker is a microphone. I have done this myself on my ex's phone, It works. And there are NO clicks or odd noises.
    Cellular is even easier to eavesdrop on.
    If you gotta talk on the phone, get a good scrambler. The other parties will need one too. The one I used to use had 32bit encryption, and used a 16 digit rolling code. NSA type of security right there, and they have gotten much better than they were in the mid 80's.

    The reason I say dont say anything over the phone is that I just found out that "Use of a communications devise" during commission of a felony is a separate charge in and of itself (here in Ga, anyway) which carries up to 4 years, and those 4 years MUST be served consecutively of any other sentence. WHOA!!!

    tckfui Well-Known Member

    the first one worked, and was very interupted :P I called it 3 times it goes bee be beeppppp
    the second number said I'm not alowed to call it from this line :P
    but phonetaps dont make your line have any noises, it would be completly silent, its not the 80s anymore.
    and I like to use lots of codewords on the phone, and some just say dumb things... I'm a dumb person it just comes naturally, I always talk about robbing banks, jewelry stores, and liquer stores... this way they never know what I'm doing next!! HAHAAAa and I say it in a joking manor so they get all confused!!!

    but seriously, even with a phone tap they have to go through several steps before they can use anything you say against you, the main one is they need to prove context, if you yea I just robbed a few jewelry stores, they need to prove you said it in a way in which it is very likely you actualy did this, which I dont do, so if I throw a drug deel into the middle of an imaginary jewlerey store robbery they have to assume its a fake drug deal by defult?

    ... at least that what I try and tell myself :P
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    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    well, that sucks, lol. I still wouldnt be all fuckin scared that your bein watched tho man. Im just imparting knowledge of shit that i have heard or that has helped me calm myself down over the years, lol. I used to be a pa-ra-noid motherfucker back in the day man. With good reason , too, lol. I wont get into detail or nothin like that, but im sure one could possibly think of a couple reasons to be THAT paranoid.
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    icurbyou Well-Known Member

    Kingspade.. You have 6 threads started on the first 2 pages of the forum.. Are you having a slow day at work? lol

    CrackerJax New Member

    That's a great post!!

    that sure beats my method of getting on the phone every three months and saying things like, "I'm going to build a NUCLEAR device and TERRORIZE the WHITE HOUSE." If the secret service doesn't show up at my door the next day, i know I'm not being bugged.

    I like your method better. Jail toilets suk.

    Reefer Rick

    Reefer Rick Well-Known Member

    LOL ...good 1 :blsmoke:

    tusseltussel Well-Known Member

    lol, years ag o a frnd was being tapped so we set up the cops, i called him up and was like let me get quarter pound of them skittles and a oz. of them chocolate m's meet me at the gas station bring it with you.... well we went to the spot with a big bag of candy and well wouldn't ya know a cop pulled up and watched us so we walked around the corner headed down the street he followed us stoped us and searched us said we droped some trash on the ground and gave us both a ticket for.. get this "scatering rubbish" he was like what ya doin with all that candy, told him i got a little sweet tooth

    tckfui Well-Known Member

    lol!!! jail tolets do suck, what retard made thoes things? their like for babies... and their all metal... and you have to drink out of them too what the fuck!?

    icurbyou Well-Known Member

    HAHAHA.. Nice

    K1Ng5p4d3 Junior Creatologist

    man, its always a slow day at work. Plus, im tryin to play a more active role in the growing community :D -- either way, i aint sweatin it - if u dont like it bro, dont read ;)

    Bagelthief Well-Known Member

    i dont think he was bashing you for it or anything, i think he was just making an observation and trying to make friendly small talk...

    icurbyou Well-Known Member

    Precisely... Shesh.

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