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how to make full dense buds?

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by kcweedguy, May 18, 2010.


    kcweedguy Member

    :joint::joint:ok my plants look great. there bag seed. but are covered in long crystally white hairs where they will flower im using 15-30-15 newts about to switch to 10-52-10 there almost 4 weeks into 12 n 12. any and all input is great. ill sit back smoke and wait for some responces
    Black Thumb

    Black Thumb Well-Known Member

    Metal halides might help improve your density, LED's i believe will too, but all in all its the genetic make up of your strain, if you have an airy plant it will never be as dense as a strain that is naturally dense.

    CLOSETGROWTH Well-Known Member

    Watts up?

    If you dont have the intensity, you'll never get the density ;-)
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    NateXtreme Active Member

    Feed em plenty of light.

    robbyindy Member

    Thats good!

    Smokej9009 Active Member

    Aint no reason to make it any more complicated than that!!!

    kronic1989 Well-Known Member

    And thats a fact.

    BigBug Member

    i use Humboldt's County Own, Gravity, Flower Hardener 0 - 2 -0 very good results from it...

    dripdrew Active Member

    Bud candy or bloombastic will help this forsure as well as lights. Budcandy is like 30$ bloombastic is 90$ but well worth it from wat I hear.

    super2200 Well-Known Member

    Currently HID lighting is the best to use for biggest yields, nothing is going to help more than vegging for longer periods so you have a bigger mature plant going into the flower cycle. If you are not vegging for at least 5 weeks and doing more than one transplant then you will not get much yield no matter what the strain is because the plant was not mature in less than 4 weeks and if your transplanting from a cup right into a 5 gallon bucket your plants rootball is weak and non existant. There is a major difference between someone who lets a plant get almost rootbound (shape of a rootball) and then transplants into a bit larger allowing the plant to again get almost rootbound (mine take 2 weeks per pot to rootbound aprox) if you just stick a plant from a cup to a huge container the roots go directly down and directly sideways like branches yes there is nothing at all inside this 5 gallon bucket like there would be if there was a softball sized rootball that was put into a bigger to become a bigger rootball and so and and so forth. Veg for longer periods and get the bigger lighting 600w I believe puts out 90,000 lumens anything less is toying around and why ask how to do it if your sitting there with some CFL bulbs and light leaks. Good luck and go with the flow, only you will know what works best in your enviornment by trial and errror and these are just some tips. Smoke on ......

    super2200 Well-Known Member

    That bloombastic is incredibly high priced, I am currently using Atami Bcuzz grow medium as its cheap as hell not sure why the same company charges so much for the other products they carry but the soil less mix they have is awesome compared to the price of pro mix and sunshine mix around here its much cheaper and appears to be just as good if not better. Pro mix is 28 dollars for 2.8 cubic feet while the sunshine is 55 a bale but I can get the bcuz hydromix medium for 40 a bale thats a big difference for same shit in the same store

    dripdrew Active Member

    Bloombastics a suppliment not a medium? Sorry you kind of lost me there...

    dripdrew Active Member

    My buddy uses bloombastic and he gets about 25% more weight... Also bulks up faster im trying it in my af next run w co2 and more sidelights.

    blower Active Member

    Keep full penetrating light and get some sesame seed,chaching and beastiebloom or gravity

    Brianjox Active Member

    What week do you add these products? Week 6-7 -8 ? Are they added to your regular nutrients or stand alone, especially week 8 as normally clear water?

    dripdrew Active Member

    Bud candy u use week 1 to 6. Bloombastic only weeks 4 to 6.

    beachgreens Active Member

    So if your soil has two weeks worth of nutes left in it aprx, and are 1 foot tall in a 1.5 gal pot. is it ok to give them bud candy? qUOTE=dripdrew;4263989]Bud candy u use week 1 to 6. Bloombastic only weeks 4 to 6.[/QUOTE]

    dripdrew Active Member

    Yeh it doesnt have a npk value. Mostly sugars molasses a vitamins carbs etc. just weeks one thru six of flower tho.
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    super2200 Well-Known Member


    blower Active Member

    POst pics of all those adds.
    Molasses also works. Might go with the organicmolasses but alway got grandmasunsulphurf.
    Sine use honey

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