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How much did you harvest outside this year?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Growing' started by OG Jewish connissor, Oct 18, 2017.

    OG Jewish connissor

    OG Jewish connissor Well-Known Member

    OG JC tell you all 5 lbs of primo and 1 lb regular in my backyard in the hood. Success I love the finish curing and smoking. Out of the 40 Pheno seeds I created each like a snowflake was different in every way Seperate containers for each. My friends can't belive how good I did yeah for Indicas. OGJC
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    OldPork Well-Known Member

    9 plants, 5 elbees.

    HookdOnChronics Well-Known Member

    7 plants, 7lb 3oz of nugs, 30g's of rosin, 10g's of bubble.

    MadMel Well-Known Member

    6 plants. Half are still drying, cut down the last 2 this morning. Have to report back on total yield, but I will guess that it is all going to be less than a pound total. So far from 3plants @ 180 g. My first real grow, and I think that I learned quite a bit this year, so that next year I will have a better garden all around.

    I have been rather fortunate these last few months. I won some Mega Crop from Greenleaf Nutrients, and seeds from MSNL. So that alone will be an improvement for next years grow. I am excited and looking forward to next years grow already. Is it Spring yet? lol
    #Greenleafnutrients #MSNLSEEDS
    OG Jewish connissor

    OG Jewish connissor Well-Known Member

    I had all kinds of plant sizes, shapes, smells, looks, colors, and the buzzes. I love doing my own cannabis cup awards. OGJC
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    OG Jewish connissor

    OG Jewish connissor Well-Known Member

    What are you using to grow what kind and name ? Do you supercrop ? That is excellent for 7 plants. OG
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    OG Jewish connissor

    OG Jewish connissor Well-Known Member

    What name of species that produces so much with so few plants ? OGJC
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    bmfnc Well-Known Member

    pretty good summer this year.
    14 dream
    72 DOG
    50 jackherer
    gg4 coming down this week. hoping for 100+
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    dirtpower Well-Known Member

    3 plants 6 pounds and change.
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    dirtpower Well-Known Member

    I tried to keep em small this year, started them late and they still reached the 6ft mark
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    OldPork Well-Known Member

    OK...all femmed:
    5 Greenhouse White Widow (These produce very well in my area)
    1 Dinafem Seeds White Widow
    1 Barneys Cookies Kush
    1 T H Seeds M.O.B
    1 G13 Labs Seeds Double Black

    These gals got 12 hours/day sun. Frankly 8 oz's per plant is no big deal.
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    BlazinDucks Well-Known Member

    My little Obama only put on a QP. The cherry pie was 868.3 grams. One oz shy of 2 buLBs. Would've easily got 2.5 lbs if I wouldn't have taken a whole side off the plant in early flower.
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    bobqp Well-Known Member

    I have double black
    Df white widow and m.o.b how did they smoke. ? We are just at the start of the season here in australia
    Sir Napsalot

    Sir Napsalot Well-Known Member

    I don't know yet, I'm still harvesting
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    too larry

    too larry Well-Known Member

    I had the year from hell. I started late. It rained just about everyday this summer. Cops found a couple of my patches, which made me stop tending the rest of them. And everything rotted late. If I had to guess, I would say just under a pound. Plenty to last until my fall/winter crop comes in. {I still have most of the Spring crop and some of last season's left}

    Some of the strains I ran.

    Af X Sh/Sk {male plant, used to make seeds}
    TKC X NC X SM X Sh/Sk {male and female. Used to make IBL seeds as well as another cross}
    TKC X SM X Sh/Sk {female, hit with PN X SMC X GdR pollen}
    Skunk X Sh/Sk {female, hit with TKC X NC X SM X Sh/Sk}
    Ass Cheese {2 females, 1 of which was hit with Blue Shiva X Blue Shark pollen}
    GdR {male and female, lost to LEOS}
    PN X SMC X GdR {at least one male and two females. Made two crosses with this strain}
    PN X SMC X AC {I think 2 females, but only 1 of them used in a cross. Hit with Blue Shiva X Blue Shark pollen, but not the same plant as the other BS Squared cross.}
    B&S X CP1 {several males and 2 females. I made IBL seeds from both females}

    shawn75can Active Member

    Hey if your looking for an extra judge I can be one. Haha
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    shawn75can Active Member

    I wish you luck but I have envy. That's a shitload of trimming but also a a shitload of dope.
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    shawn75can Active Member

    1 blueberry X northern lights 109 g 4 Critical 47 1224 g. Feminized seeds Postronics Critical 47 seeds I'd buy again. So fruity n sweet & a great buzz considering I chopped about 2 weeks early due to mold & security. Legal next year with each household allowed 4 plants without height limit

    OldPork Well-Known Member

    Both are smooth toking with the m.o.b. having a skunky aroma. Frankly I am most pleased with the Greenhouse WW...nice fat buds and a good producer.
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    Stiickygreen Well-Known Member

    44 plants....all 3-5 ft tall/wide. 7 different varieties. We trimmed (4 of us for a week) up about 5 lbs.... and the rest....whole plants/buds.....got chopped up and went into the freezer for bubble hash. It's a 7.0 cu ft freezer...one of those littler ones...but it's packed full of 1 lb ziplocks stuffed to the brim. At least 60 bags 'o buds, if not more. Had we trimmed it all and still had a robust market here in LegalLand...I'd be lookin for a new truck.... heeeheee......

    As it is...I'll just be makin hash every few weeks/all year long. Could be worse!

    best of luck gettin em in and dryin em out

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