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Highest Yielding Indoor Strains

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by reverof, Aug 12, 2011.


    reverof Active Member

    I see the question all the time and very few solid answers, but I am curious as to which strain yields the best...

    When posting, please state strain, medium, nutes used, lighting and veg time and dry weight. Any other information is always helpful but the requested info will give what I think is plenty of info.

    I do know that experience has a lot to do with growing also, but not worried about that in this post. The more responses we get here, the better this thread will be, the better the information will be.

    Lets get it growing! :twisted:
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    lorenzo5007 Member

    LSD is one of the most potent, highest yielding, easy to grow strains available.

    reverof Active Member

    Have you ever grown it? What kind of per plant results did you get with what wattage light?

    Finshaggy Well-Known Member

    Big Bud. You get up to 900g/m2. It's not the dankest bud, but it is by far the highest yeild. There are some that get up to around 600 that are better quality. But for quantity alone, when it comes to seedless and maybe even seedy bud. Big Bud is the highest yeild I've seen.

    Check out my blog, I'll have pictures from my personal Southern state seed mix plants eventually. http://www.finshaggy.blogspot.com
    cary schellie

    cary schellie Active Member

    Im doing dutch passion ultimate, its supposed to be the biggest top quality bud out there, I guess ill find out soon
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    RobbieP Well-Known Member

    iv grown the ultimate, didnt think it was that good tbh. no where near as stinky or potent as the cheese strains .
    My personnal best yielding plant was Great white shark, i did 2 plants under a 250w HPS in Coco , 4 weeks veg , 8.5weeks flower. pulled 5oz off 1 plant and just under 4 1/2 oz off the second !
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    reverof Active Member

    Now thats some good stats, very nicely done under a 250w HPS
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    RobbieP Well-Known Member

    cheers for the nice words :)
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    phenix white

    phenix white Active Member

    I didna Chronic from serious seeds grew vegd it 1 ft then 12/12 flowered 11weeks it was a lil over 2 ft tall i used 150 watt hps and lots of cfl supplmental lighting and 2 t8s. soil pure organic earth juice and age old nutes along w fulvic /certic/molassess i got almost 4 ozs off her! was the bigest and best yet!

    symbiote420 Well-Known Member

    Purple Kush....high yielding and very potent, tasty as well.
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    reverof Active Member

    Symbiote420... you state high yielding, did you grow it? What was your yield per plant?

    reverof Active Member

    I would like to make this thread about experiences about strains and their high yields... So lets work it from there.
    munch box

    munch box Well-Known Member

    My last crop blue dream was the highest yield I've ever had

    PeacefulKid1992 Well-Known Member

    how many grams u got buddy? under what lighting?
    Thanks :) :bigjoint:
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    jdmcwestevo Well-Known Member

    blue dream, green crack, headband, SSH

    ebb and flow hydro with hydroton using supernatural nutes 24 plants under 4k watts evenly spaced in a bedroom 10x10 foot probably.

    4 week veg 10 week flower yielded about 6 oz per plant total weight in the room was just about 8 lbs or 2lb per 1k watt

    reverof Active Member

    Now thats a nice yield... were all 4 about the same, or did you have 1 strain that out performed, yield wise. Also did you lst or supercrop?

    PeacefulKid1992 Well-Known Member

    Hey reverof what u growing?

    jdmcwestevo Well-Known Member

    blue dream i believe to be the best yielder, but they are all pretty close. topping mainly had to tie up the plants in flower though too damn big of buds. i am going to do another run of blue dream and stuff soon in one of my 20k watt rooms i'll keep a journal on it
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    munch box

    munch box Well-Known Member

    I got 5 QPs out of a 4x4 foot tent. 9 plants

    Attached Files:

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    reverof Active Member

    Presently... I have in flowering room
    6 ICE
    3 White Lightning
    2 Aurora Indica
    1 Bag

    Veg room
    3 Bubble Gum
    3 Super Silver Haze

    Clone Tray
    3 White Lightning
    3 ICE
    1 Aurora Indica

    Also just harvest 3 Easy Ryders, poor yielding but very very good smoke. all 3 plants only yielded about 2.5 zips.

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