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Hermies in Action

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by MajoR_TokE, Dec 12, 2006.


    MajoR_TokE Well-Known Member

    Pictures show Hermie Plant (Both Male and Female). Most of you would throw this plant out of your grow area because you do not want it to pollenate the rest of the crop.

    Pictures show the Male Flower Pod (Looks like a Yellow banana), with extreme closeup showing even the Very Tiny (about the size of a grain of taclum powder) Pollen in the sack.

    Also shows the Female bud, and hairs that were pollenated by itself and the resulting seed sacks.

    Does this mean that if you grow marijuana from the seed in your bud it will grow a hermaphrodite too?

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    Widow Maker

    Widow Maker Well-Known Member

    Those pollen sacks are open too. Bummer.
    Vote 2 Legalize Marijuana

    Vote 2 Legalize Marijuana Well-Known Member

    Just did a post on this one else where! Do Seeds breed true

    "If I understand the question correctly, yes you would have a plant of the same genetic (produced breed true). But you can end up with [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]hermaphrodites [/FONT]like the picture below."

    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]hermaphrodite[/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Very unusual but happens sometimes.[/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]This is a plant that has both sexes.[/FONT]​

    Article taken from: Difference between male and female marijuana and cannabis plants and Hermaphrodite Marijuana Plants

    What is a Hermaphrodite plant?

    [​IMG]An hermaphrodite, or hermie, is a Marijuana plant of one sex that develops the sexual organs of the other sex. Most commonly, a flowering female Marijuana plant will develop staminate flowers, though the reverse is also true. Primarily male hermaphrodites are not as well recognized only because few growers let their males reach a point of flowering where the pistillate would be expressed.
    Hermaphrodites are generally viewed with disfavor. First, they will release pollen and ruin a sinsemelia crop, pollinating themselves and all of the other females in the room. Second, the resulting seeds are worthless, because hermaphrodite parents tend to pass on the tendency to their offspring.

    Please note that occassionally specious staminate flowers will appear in the last days of flowering of a female Marijuana plant. These do not drop pollen and their appearance is not considered evidence of deleterious hermaphroditism.

    Here's an image of a hermaphrodite, specifically a female Marijuana plant with staminate flowers.
    For more pictures of Hermaphrodite marijuana plants visit our Marijuana Picture Gallery

    Kage Well-Known Member

    thanks for clearing that up vote 2, you put that together urself? lol, damn, sorry, I'm so hi

    showgirl Well-Known Member

    Excellent info and pictures worthy of my ganga file for sure.Thanks Showgirl

    buddys311 Active Member

    so would it be ok 2 leave it in the spot whrere its at in the last days of flowering

    diggitydank420 Well-Known Member

    You could collect pollen from it and use it to make feminized seeds with any other female.

    focus.on.the.grow Well-Known Member

    good post!

    the high quality pictures put to rest some of the questions i have always been wondering

    rg1981 Active Member

    excellent pics! i know for sure i have a hermie now... sigh... but only one apparently...

    flabbyone Well-Known Member

    15,000 views and only 8 now 9 posts, lol.
    Thank you, I have been looking all day for an answer to my question and I found it in this little thread.
    Thanks again,

    zalsrevenge Active Member

    Depends. If the plant is genetically a hermie then you will prolly end up with hermie seeds. If the plant was stressed into becoming a hermie then likely the seeds will be mostly female, maybe with a few hermies. You can still smoke hermie buds though, ive done it before and they are QUITE smokeable. I found it had a heavier cbd content than the normal hashberry, but damn it certainly fucked me up good. Very heavy stone.


    ive been growin this hermaphodite for no reason? could i still grow it and let the buds get a lil bigger pick em off and smoke em?:?


    ill deff comtinue to see what ur sayin lol, but um do i let it pollinate like hermies do? or do i pick off the bud before that?

    dbahsee Active Member

    i wonder if my blue mystic plant is a hermie, can anyone confirm that for me cus im kind of confused about my plant ive never seen it grow into flowering before so this is my first time working with this strain. Nirvana blue mystic is what im growing and started flowering it a few weeks ago lemme know what you guys think of it

    Please be aware that this is my first time growing and i made my setup out of stuff i found around my house and work. I basically have the plant on a 12/12 cycle and its under a 150w cfl for flowering stage


    SativaFan Active Member

    hey i just saw that one of you guys stated that if the pollen from the herme ends up on a female the result is feminized seeds? is this legit? i am actually trying to find this out because it has happend to my outdoor plant, i have one herme and one female

    chitownsmoking Guest

    yeah thats bogus unless your low on seed stock

    DBS Member

    Hey, yeah i had the unfortunate surprise of noticing developing pollen sacks, proper gutted, i done my best to not stress these strains ie keeping all evioromental conditions in check, regular feeds , routine light cycles, temp e.t.c then wham!! i could only put it down
    to genetics because this was my third grow under similar conditons though not perfect I didn`t get a gate crash to the party like i did this time. never mind live and learn. till next time happy growing. peace out.

    Lech Member

    So like you can still smoke it though right? Not as useless as males.

    autoflowerer:) Member

    hey thanks for the informative pics and post

    beenonlife9 Member

    yea great pics got a hermie cant really tell if thats going to suck or what lets hope i still get a good batch

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