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Help with making my diy cooltube

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by rufusgrower, Apr 4, 2012.


    rufusgrower Well-Known Member

    hello people i need some advice, my pyrex bake a round arrived in the post today and it is the exact size of the end of my fan, how should i connect the two together ?? are there any types of glue that would be suitable for connecting pyrex glass to plastic ? would super glue work ? or will the heat coming off the light effect the bond ?
    i'm using this link for help http://forum.grasscity.com/do-yourself/184802-diy-best-cool-tube.html but i need to make it in a different way.
    i only need advice on the sticking of the pyrex to plastic
    thanks :joint::joint::joint::joint::joint::joint::joint::weed:

    GreenGrower14 Active Member

    Duct tape my friend. Dont use glue

    rufusgrower Well-Known Member

    thanks, i was thinking that but thought it would melt or something

    GreenGrower14 Active Member

    nah you'll be fine dont try and over complicate things, just get some duct and some duct tape and attach it and youll be good just make sure your pulling enough air over the light is the only thing you need to worry about but as long as you have a centrifugal fan your in the green lol literally

    rufusgrower Well-Known Member

    my cooltube seems not to be working :s its helping a bit but i can still easily feel the heat coming threw the pyrex tube , i've got some pics, there must be something im doing wrong, the other end is open that could be it, or my fan isn't powerful enough ??? my temps are at 34C, i know the optimal temp is 25C but for now could i keep the plants in there ?? or is that way to hot ?
    IMG_0137[1].jpg IMG_0136[1].jpg IMG_0135[1].jpg IMG_0134[1].jpg

    please help !!

    acidbox420 Active Member

    is the fan the plastic thing on the end of your light or is that just to connect the cool tube to exhaust? if so i dont think your fan is gonna cut it

    Edit: also HID lights produce a good amount of radiation that you cant really do to much about. If your not sure what i mean it's like how you can get sunburn in the winter, heat inst necessarily the problem (In another thread you asked about a heat shield, that would block the radiation and turn it to heat at least thats what i think im not 100 on this im just useing common sense) but that being said your cool tube should be cool enough to touch with out burning yourself other wise you need to upgrade your fan.

    Gastanker Well-Known Member

    I used a sheet of metal ducting -

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    panhead Well-Known Member

    Dont even think about using duct tape unless you want a disaster,or even a possiblr fire,i dont know how people sleep at night after they rig shit up,especially something that should it fall apart would have terrible consequences.

    There is a very simple & cheap solution that dont require taking dangerous risks like duct tape.

    What you need is a pipe connector,they are for connecting 2 peices of plumging together where a flexible joint is required or when a standard connection cant be made,the brand name is Oatey,they are made out of black neoprene rubber & are extremely durable,they are about 1/4 inch thick & come in standard sizes from 1 inch all the way up to 10 inches.

    You would use it by slipping on end of the boot over the cool tube & the other end over the fan flange,then tightening clamps on each end,these type pipe boot connectors are how pyrex plumbing products are routinely connected together with in construction applications,the connector will easily hold the load of the fan weight & be able to take the heat from the bulb,the hose type clamps on each end disperse the clamping force equally so its very hard to break the pyrex from over tightening.

    Any home depot type store or plumbing supply will have them in stock,they only cost around $7 for a 6,7 or 8 inch boot.

    Good luck & dont use duct tape.

    rufusgrower Well-Known Member

    the fan is the plastic thing on the end of the cool tube View attachment 2106527 this is pulling the air out and up through the ducting and out of the grow set up. and i can touch my coll tube but its bloody hot and its heating my grow box.

    rufusgrower Well-Known Member

    where is your fan pulling the air out ?? do i need to have both ends sealed to keep the temps low

    rufusgrower Well-Known Member

    i used duct tape because i was told i should use it by another grower instead of glue. i cant find the pipe connector you are talking about and not 100% on what you mean, but i would not be able to connect it with something i need to stick it, this is because of the design of the fan, its kinda hard to explain but look back at the pics and you might understand what i mean

    Gastanker Well-Known Member

    I was pulling through a carbon filter at the top, through my light, and then through my fan which was located just outside of the tent. It would have worked the other way as well though. I have both ends sealed as I wanted to both filter and be able to direct my hot air - its not necessary.

    Like someone else mentioned, I would encourage the use of pipe/duct clamp. The clamp alone when tightened up held the metal sheet to the glass no problem and with a tiny bit of high heat foil ducting tape it worked great.

    SomeoneWhoIsn'tMe Member

    Zipties can also work if you have enough space on the fan. This of course means using a small length of ducting. Oldest i've seen was 4-5 years old, in direct sunlight at +50 degrees C was still holding strong.

    rjfortune25 Active Member

    this is the stupidest shit ever! why start a fire hazard period if you want a ballast that controls heat, step up to the plate and fork out the money and buy one!! i just dont understand it there like 50 more dollars seriuosly bro! the more money you put into something the more money you shall recieve! (as with anything)------>JUST STATING MY OPINON<----

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