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Golden Tree nutrients!!!!!! well worth the cost!!

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by keebo3000, Dec 20, 2013.


    keebo3000 Well-Known Member

    So anyway I was watching youtube, and went to Growermd's channel and he was incorporating new nutrient, and when I saw the results maybe ten days later I immediately ordered a small bottle myself. HUGE MISTAKE!!! i should have ordered a larger bottle because this stuff is BANNANAS!!! im using it from start to finish with my Blue OG girls, and i have never seen so many budsites ALL the way down the main stem like with this product. Im kicking myself and congratulating myself at the same time. I would advise any grower new or old to tryout this product( I would suggest going with the larger bottle) . I also use it in my compost tea with amazing results as well, bat guano and seabird guano usually take two day to bubble before you see any life, with golden tree less than 24 hours.

    This comes straight off the website :Cytokins : Cytokins are a name used to describe a diverse group of soluble proteins, glycoprotein, or peptides which act as hormonal regulators or signaling molecules and help to signal other plant cells.

    Auxins: Auxins have a major part in the growth and development of the plant body. It controls cell division and multiplication.

    Stress Resilience: Cytokins have in important role in eliminating stress response in plants. Immunity control is also controlled via Cytokins.
    Golden Tree is formulated with concentrated doses of hormones, cytokins, auxins, Enzymes and Vitamins. Golden Tree drastically increases plant growth and flower yields by increasing the rate of cytokinesis and plant cellular division and multiplication. Golden Tree has become vastly popular all around the world mostly because growers are constantly fighting against TIME to build their plants big, strong, and healthy in the shortest amount of time so they we make the most amount of money. Golden Tree just makes sense and that is why people and their plants love it.

    I was a skeptic now im a believer grow green.

    TonightYou Well-Known Member

    One had to be fuckin retarded to spend $260 in a gallon of fertilizer.

    I'd put my $1.00 a plant in fertilizer cost from start to finish up against any grower using this nonsense.

    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    Just buy a $10.00 bottle of SuperThrive and use a few drops per gallon.


    keebo3000 Well-Known Member

    first, retarded does not equal stupid, and to each his own with his or her money. personally i like what its done for my garden. but thats just because i've used it. being that you haven't I understand your skepticism being that I too Was a skeptic. kudos
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    keebo3000 Well-Known Member

    this stuff works alot better than superthirive. i was using that previously.
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    Jack Harer

    Jack Harer Well-Known Member

    I certainly hope that you don't attribute the "so many budsites ALL the way down the main stem" to the use of this product. That is a function controlled by plant DNA and genetics, nothing more. No additive can change the genetic code.
    That being said, if you git it like that go ahead and keep them in business. ME?, I'll keep using my bunny poop, EWC and kelp. I aint a huge fan of superthrive either. It's just an overpriced concoction of B complex vitamins, with humic and fulvic acids. You can easily make your own version for pennies with stuff from tractor supply.
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    TonightYou Well-Known Member

    There's a sucker born every minute. Ok supposed to be compress seaweed. That can be bought cheaply. There's a lot of truth to your above statement by the way, so many people mistake genetics to what they're putting into the soil, soil less, or reservoir. But hey you're right, its all their hard earned money away, be my fucking guest. But this post seems more like a spam or ad to drum up interest in snake oil salesman.

    Your right its not retarded, its for the ignorant ,for those who are stupid enough to believe this makes a huge difference in comparison to simply growing healthy plants from seedling to harvest.
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    keebo3000 Well-Known Member

    there is honestly no need to be rude. I do not own this company nor any stocks in this company. simply stating the results im having. if you will check my previous posts you will see that ihave never even mentioned this product before to day. im not running a new strain, im running clones so i have an excellent idea as to
    how these genetics work.

    in my oppinion true ignorance is making judgement calls on things you haven't experienced. your saying there is nothing that makes a plant/fruit over produce? if that is so how do you explain some growers ability to grow a pumpkin that weighs a ton when others aren't doing that. if your happy with your plants great im happy with mine too. but i see a distinct difference in my plants as opposed to with previous runs, MY plants. the only difference has been the addition of golden tree. so don't use it. im not saying you should try it. im telling you how it worked on my ladies. don't de a dick about. i was in no way disrespectful, therefore i don't expect to be disrepected in anyway. this a forum where debate is expected, I just hope that someone who has actually used said product comments not just a bunch of the usual rollitup dickheads screaming nay. ledDay20flowering 005.jpg ledDay20flowering 008.jpg ledDay20flowering 009.jpg Pro-grow 400 Vs Dormgrow 450Day21 and day47 002.jpg bottom line its all about happy plants...do my ladies look sad to you?

    keebo3000 Well-Known Member

    i dont own any bunnies and i live in the city...golden tree it is..lol

    CaretakerDad Well-Known Member

    Cannasaurus Rex

    Cannasaurus Rex Member

    Keebo I also find it weird that some think ignorance can be eliminated by criticism. the ignorant (uninformed) like me are seeking knowledge thru experience. If your school teacher added 'you retard' after everything, Your Mommie would complain for you. NO ONE learns from vindictive assholes. Especially ones who scream my dick (oops, cola) is bigger than yours. So keep up the quest and ignore the little boys, screaming at you from behind their Mommy. Go what works for you and draw some additional tweaks from the teachers, that's what I'm here for.
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    keebo3000 Well-Known Member


    TonightYou Well-Known Member

    I have no knocks for led, I used leds for veg a while back and was quite happy with it. I had some cheap chinese panels and they didn't cover the area I needed covered, but they work. I can understand wavelengths in a panel and ensuring that the lights can penetrate the canopy. In fact, I do believe led technology will only improve and eventually be more environmentally sound and more productive than hps one of these days.

    Now I am against nonsense.
    How can anyone use a product that is basically seaweed from what I can tell at a cost of $260/gallon? How can someone put something in their plants without: 1, knowing what it is (not that proprietary blend bullshit excuse, which is probably mostly water ironically ), 2, not understand the mechanism of action the product being used is suppose to achieve?

    While you may not hold shares or be a part of their marketing team, this post has the feel of "grassroots marketing". I've seen it before, shit I've done some myself in another field (politics) and I've seen it many times in this community. Every week some new bs company pops up, this week is no different.

    If one person reads these types of threads and ponder the approach taken towards feeding plants, my time wasn't wasted.
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    keebo3000 Well-Known Member

    you do not know me enough to call me liar. jumping to assumptions is for idiots and fools, my point is that even to this day if you go to the led forum there are people just like you who still rant and rave about how leds won't flower bud. even with all evidence pointing in the opposite direction kinda reminds me of fox news rhetoric for the sake of disagreeing they have a forty dollar bottle I challenge you to break out of your 20-20-20 shell and try something new, or don't. I was skeptical so i tried it. skeptical not pig-headed.

    keebo3000 Well-Known Member

    here is where i first saw product in use [video=youtube_share;ryQnkLiULHs]http://youtu.be/ryQnkLiULHs[/video] also youtube is a much better place I've found for solid advice other than rollitup. you can see whats happening minus all know-it-alls "a wise man knows he truly knows nothing at all"

    keebo3000 Well-Known Member

    and here is video 14 days later [video=youtube_share;KoX9vDNBeyo]http://youtu.be/KoX9vDNBeyo[/video] now others can judge someone who ACTUALLY USES THE PRODUCT instead of the opinion of some nancy-know-it-all who know nothing of the subjects they speak.

    TonightYou Well-Known Member

    Hey I've got nothing against LEDs, they do work, I've seen it, there is science behind it, and I think its the future. You are absolutely right there are more than one way to skin a cat, just like mediums. Don't get al worked up, didn't call you a liar.

    Simply asking, how does it claim to work and what is in it. Is there any control groups to support the claims being made? The industry is full of bullshit and it does the community a disservice to promote nonsense. Wouldn't you agree?

    TonightYou Well-Known Member

    Youtubes great for marketing and full of astroturffed reviews. Any smart company would be doing that kind of nonsense.

    The more answers I find, even more questions arise. I could say you have more money than sense, but I'm trying to be somewhat civil. Honestly, what's claimed to be in it, what are the mechanism of action, and is there a control group? Id think people would like to know those things before spending that kind of money, at least being an educated consumer.
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    budman111 Well-Known Member

    Please someone enlighten me, I am clearly missing something, what is so special about a 0-0-2.25 NPK?!
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    keebo3000 Well-Known Member

    in this thing of ours results speak volumes, that is all. results speak volumes

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