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funny ass names of your bongs,pipes,etc.

Discussion in 'Toke N Talk' started by thefinsack, Nov 23, 2010.


    thefinsack Member

    man bros im as high as a fkn kite in space.The bong i smoked out of is called the Arkansas Chugulug lmao. I got another bong in the mail today 3 chambers!Its straight up blue i think ima name it the triple B (Big Blue Bong) anyone else have any theyd like to share lol:eyesmoke:

    Milner Active Member

    A smoke a bucket, its not a bucket though...

    IOWNEVERY1 Well-Known Member

    a bubbler with a frog on it........its a friends and i told him the name should be kermit
    Red Robin

    Red Robin New Member

    I call one of my bongs CO-COB. because its made out of one of those big funnel cups filled with icies you get from the fair. It said COCO BONGOS on the side but I had to cut the ONGOS part off.
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    thefinsack Member

    @Milner smoke a bucket lol genius
    @IOWNEVRY1 lol my friend had a pipe shaped like a bear we called it The Yogi animal bongs and pipes are the shit they make you feel like one with nature
    @Red Robin you shouldve kept the BONG part on lol im guessing you were high when u cut that funnel cup but the CO-COBS a great name too
    Red Robin

    Red Robin New Member

    I was going to keep the BONG part on but the end of the cup was too wide, You couldn't get any suction, so I had to chop it down shorter where it was smaller.
    Nice Ol Bud

    Nice Ol Bud Well-Known Member

    A had a thin glass rasta bong and my homies named it Sensi-Tivlia. Lol. Sensative..

    Unnk Well-Known Member

    a 6 inch green Sherlock Bubbler Leon "The mean green smoking machine" Bonaparte
    Sr. Verde

    Sr. Verde Well-Known Member

    I call my piece the 'fuckbaby'

    Because It's a hurricane bong, with ROOR diffused downstems and ashcatcher.

    Someone in a thread said, 'hurricane ROOR fuckbabies are the best' and it kind of stuck :-P

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    KDiaz Active Member

    When i roll a fat ass doobie i like to call them "Timothy McJay, The Oklahoma City Bomber."

    thefinsack Member

    damn that fuckbaby must smoke great!

    thefinsack Member

    when i roll my J's i call them John Wayne lmao its funny as hell because when im at parties ill be like "anyone down to light up a couple John Waynes?" and as soon as i say that the faces of every stoner at the place has a grin from ear to ear lol Timothy Mcjay is a good one i might start calling them that for now on

    thefinsack Member

    And everyone here on this thread happy black wednesday get fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jhopkins34 Active Member

    I dropped one of my pipes and the mouth piece broke, but you could still hit it really well. So, since it was handicapped but still worked for the most part I named it Andres, he was one of the kids in special ed when I was in high school. I actually got to hit the pipe with one of Andres' real teacher and the guy found it hilarious that I named the pipe that. Then a loaned it to a friend and never saw it again, story of my life lol

    MrSaint Member

    Blue Betty is my girl. Short enough to fit in a shoebox lengthwise, clear with lots of blue and white streaks. Love the way her wide mouth tapers into a thin neck that curves around my hand and opens up into the bowl holding water ;-) Easy to hold while walking to and fro, tokin', thinking thoughts.

    thefinsack Member

    lmao u should never let your friends borrow your pipes i let my buddy use my 1st ever pipe never seen it again.lol handicapped pipe named Andres too funny:clap::clap:

    smokeymcpotz Well-Known Member

    my red bubblers called bloody throat. lol

    swishsweet Active Member

    My friend's dad has a 1 foot glow in the dark steamroller (at least it USED to glow in the dark) that he refuses to clean. He calls it the "Poop-chute" LOL I love asking his dad if he will finally wash the Poop-chute, using a serious tone.

    FuzzyHaze Member

    my friend had a simple sherlock pipe that we used all the time, somehow it got named Professor Longfellow Wadsworth. That pipe was awesome until it was broken while tripping on acid.

    jxpfeer Active Member

    My bong is sir lix-a-lot... cuz there's a scene of 2 lesbians in the glass. it's badass.
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