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Electricity bill is over $1500!!!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by crackersmacker, Jun 28, 2010.


    icantseemyface Active Member

    i work for the electricity company so i just steal electricity. its soo easy to steal power and is never noticed, like someone posted earlier, most of the time people get busted because of house fires due to faulty wiring!

    find a dodgy electrician and you'll save soooooooo much money mate!

    good luck!

    theexpress Well-Known Member

    seriously!!! theres diffrent ways to do it all are dangerous, and some more noticable then others... dont go too big like 12-13k watts period.. including lights fans, ect.....

    stonedmetalhead1 Well-Known Member

    Do you know how many people get busted stealing power? That house in PA that had an undergroung grow the size of 3 football feilds was busted just because they were stealing power.

    BCBuddy420 Well-Known Member

    I find this post very very intrigueing :shock: you wanna explain a little more about it? I would love to run more than my 3-4 k's without worrying about electricity $$ / suspicion. Even though my bill is around 200 bux a month.

    200 bucks a month and I run 4000 watts of hid, a/c, 3 fans and a pump. $ 1500? thats absurd dude.

    icantseemyface Active Member

    you seem to be the only guy in this thread who has a clue haha

    ElectricPineapple Well-Known Member

    i know. its crazy. i dont get how he can manage that. he is probably already busted form a high bill

    noxzious Well-Known Member


    whiteflour Well-Known Member

    I'd have to find the article but I'm pretty sure the house was just built on top of a silo or bunker. It'd be hard to build something underground to that scale without raising suspicion. It's easy to pay off one contractor for a house, hard to pay off several for bunker.

    If you check out that movie though you'll notice the unfinished nuclear plant which is kind of a give away, regardless to what the govt wants you to believe the nuke plants in GA and TN are not for power. The enrichment capability far outweighs their electric power output even to this day.

    Hell that sounds like a better idea than mine, run out of pots you just make some. :)
  9. you tube search Elaborate Pot Farm Found Near Police Station
    I like how the people reacted to this one.

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