DWC Root Slime Cure aka How to Breed Beneficial Microbes

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    Wish I had enough knowledge to help you but I think once the rot set and get a hold of the root system for real you cannot heal the plants back to health, have to be on it in time and brew lot´s of tea.

    Same happen to me, got myself a chiller and could not get rid of it just came back again and again almost tore my hair off. Had to clean everything, sterilize very carefully and use tea from the start before it finally worked. Sterilize everything like crazy and start over, that is what I did including grow space, gear, all of it. I think sometimes it´s faster to just start all over cause decease free healthy strong plants grow so fast.

    But better someone with more knowledge like Heisenberg answer that for you, I would pull, sterilize and start over but like I said wait for a better answer before you decide what to do?

    Good luck.
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    Thanks for the reply that's my thought. but I will wait to see if someone has A miracle cure ;)

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    you cant cure it because it is systemic but they will grow new roots and you can get through flower... just run the tea.
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    You can increase the life in the worm castings before you add them!
    By adding some extra ingredients to the worm castings and setting them aside for a day or so you can multiply the life within this already top notch input. You can also do this before brewing them up in to a compost tea.

    [​IMG]Supercharging your worm castings is a fairly straightforward process. The three main ingredients are Worm castings – of course, Oatmeal and molasses.
    Firstly find yourself a source of oatmeal, I prefer to grind my own from oats – this gives me a fine powder that I can mix evenly through the worm castings. This puts a source of food for the fungi contained within the compost throughout the mix as opposed to random sites if you just add oats.
    It also increases the surface area of the oatmeal overall increasing it’s efficacy.
    Next the molasses. Make a fairly dilute solution with water at about 500:1 or so and spray on to your castings. Just enough to make them damp. You don’t want pools to occur or to clog up the pores in the castings too much. This will provide a food source for the bacteria - if you’re used to brewing compost teas you may think that this step is unnecessary and you’d be half right – you don’tneed to mess with your vermicompost just like you don’t need to add high octane fuel to your car – but if you want to squeeze every last ounce of performance out – it’s worth it.

    [​IMG]Finally place a secure lid on your mixture and place it in a reasonably warm dark place away from anything that can get at it. I personally add air holes to my pots with cotton wool acting as a breathable membrane. This keeps things aerobic whilst keeping anything unwanted out of the mix.
    After 3-4 days or however long you’re happy with you should now have a mix with visible fungal hyphae. If you chose not to grind your oats you’ll find this concentrated at the sites of the food source, but if you mixed the powdered meal through it will be all over. You’ll have also kick started other life within the worm castings too! The bacteria will already be an order of magnitude above what it was before and if you place a sample under the microscope you may be surprised to see more nematodes than you are used to if you simply brew your tea with standard vermicompost. All because you gave a kick start to the soil food web, either before you add it back in to the rhizosphere or before you go on to brew it up as a tea.
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    thats pretty cool man... probably going to try it.
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    Defo worth a try I did, I looked under a scope massive difference on side by side tests. !

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    Hello Heis and other knowledgeable members. I have been a fan of this thread for a couple months now off and on. Heis you sound like you know your shit man I wish we were friends so I could soak up knowledge.
    Hello Heis Ive been a fan for a while. thx a lot by the way!!
    question about this comment regarding "Lots of accomplished growers say cannabis roots prefer darkness"
    currently I am using home depot orange buckets for my DWC maybe its rdwc? cause its a reverse current through a chiller? I use the TEA and roots start off white but then they turn brown. Is the light coming in from the orange buckets fucking my roots up? In this thread are you talking about water inside a separate reservoir. Because I have four buckets connected by pvc pipe and the water chiller and the pump, so that's my reservoir.

    Hello Heis I'm a big fan and I know this particular thread is old but I started reading from the beginning and I ran across this and I believe it will help me. Its regarding the comment you made about
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    Right tea will go in today!!
    I need to ask a few things so any experts out there that can help me??
    Before I add the tea I need to know.

    1 ) do I rase the water level so that the beneficial have somewhere to colonise and cubes are saturated ?
    2) shall I add tea to res and top feed with the res water until roots leave the net pot ?
    3) do I pore the tea through the net pots and hand water till roots leave net pot?

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    Raise water level enough to wet the hydrotones (at least with the splashes from the bubbles) but not too close to soak the cubes.
    Run the tea through the net pots. Top feed til the roots are visible then lower the water level to about an inch below the net pots (bubbles still splashing higher).
    Good luck bro


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    please someone answer!

    ok a couple of things I'm confused about. I believe I have a RDWC system. That's a DWC system that has a reverse current created by a pump that's transfers water from 5 gallon bucket to 5 gallon bucket via pvc pipe. right? Anyways I don't have a separate reservoir. I have five 5 gallon buckets connected by pcp pipe filled with water just below bottom of basket.
    1.My question is what temp should my water be ? 68 degrees or more like mid 70's. I heard that the benies in the tea are not really active at 68 degrees?
    2. I am using home depot orange buckets.. should I paint them or leave them orange?
    3. when Heis uses roots excel in tea does he put it in Sock or directly into water?

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    one more question people.

    If I don't have slime right now and starting a new run, how much inoculation do I require per gallon of tea? amd how often and how much should I add to remain disease free?

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    damn last question.
    RO water or tap water? and why?
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    1. 68 degrees is a good point mid 70's and you are pushing it. I use a cheap effective way with frozen water bottles.

    2. I only use black buckets but I'm sure you wouldn't have to paint the range buckets. So let them be.

    3. I never use tea before in my dwc so I can't answer that question. I just keep it simple.

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    ok Sky Rocket thanks for the answer.. So your saying that I can use the orange buckets even if they clearly don't keep light out?

    as for the other questions I asked them in this particular forum because I've had the slime before and have gotten rid of it via the Tea.... so does anyone else have a imput that they got from Heis?

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    sky rocket

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    If it doesn't block out light then spray paint them....
    lol, it's football season

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    you need to light proof your buckets.
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    Light leaks are the route of all evil !
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