DWC Root Slime Cure aka How to Breed Beneficial Microbes

Discussion in 'DWC/ Bubbleponics' started by Heisenberg, Aug 26, 2010.

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    I knows it's a stupid one!!! but I was not with it yesterday ... I added my tea and forgot to strain it and I've got a lot of thick slime today ... Not sure if bad or it's just because of the dissolved earthworm casting ? I kept the bottom 4 l in the fridge and that too has a thick slime sediment at the bottom of the bottles ? Is it safe to leave in the rdwc ? And just check the pumps ? Help needed ?

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    Firstly a great thread, thank you.

    I need some advice, ive been running RDWC for a few grows and had lots of issues. Mainly pythium, this being caused from too high res temps, i was running beneficial bacteria but i think the temps (Temps went up too 75of for about 2 weeks) was too much.

    I have a chiller and temps are kept between 64-68of. The roots are white but there is a slight discolor up as the roots leave the hydroton. I am worried that the pythium is coming back.

    I have been adding benifical bacteria and pouring through the hydroten. Im using GH3

    2.5Gallon RO Water
    10ml Mycrogrow Soulbe
    16ml unsulfured Molasses
    8ml Roots Excelorator
    2x Handfuls Earth Worm Casting (Got these in cheese cloth)

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    I think you should be fine.. is this your tea recipe or are you putting these straight in rez?

    Scroga Well-Known Member

    Be sure to ph before adding roots.excel

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    Amazing thread! Been reading it for a while. First post.....

    We have been battling slime/Pythium since the second week of setting up our RDWC.
    We're at about 80 gallons of water over 16 buckets and a rez.
    Regardless of water quality, water temp, water flow, aeration, or nutrients: the slime always came back.

    The tea discussed here definitely makes a difference. My only issue with it is it seems hard to sustain, and more like a fresh band aid that keeps getting put over the same wound over and over until you harvest or move your pants.

    Based on the same logic that fish aquarium enthusiasts use, I built a "biological filter" that I believe helps keep those cultures alive and available to your system if they need it. After the initial 48 hours of running it, my water has kept clear and nasty-smell-free for over a week with no water change.

    I have a lot more to say about it, but I thought a new thread may be more appropriate: http://www.rollitup.org/t/dwc-slime-prevention-biological-filtration-bio-filters-bio-chambers.844209/

    Thanks again for the amazing quality of posts by both Heisenberg and everyone else. Without this, i would not have thought of the above.
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    Hey, thanks for the reply.

    This is my tea recipe, its been bubbling for 36hrs, i plan to give it another 24hrs. The tea is still foaming quite a lot.

    Do you know about the pithium and where it starts. I have some roots coming out of the hydroten that look darkish, still white roots coming out all over the place but there are a group of roots that look dark.

    If my clones had pythium whats odds of me finishing the crop, week 2 now of Veg?

    Best regards,

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    Is there really any point in adding Roots Excelurator to my tea? Does it really do anything? From what I've heard it contains anaerobic bacteria and being bubbled and what not with aerobic bacteria wouldn't its effects just be nullified? Any thoughts on this? Thanks.
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    If I'm honest I've had to end of problems while using hg roots in dwc! I've now switched to canna rizatonic with great results, I use this while adding tea;) hope this helps.

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    i didnt go all the way to harvest with just tap water in DWC. so i cant really say. but i imagine adding an excessive amount of PH down regularly can cause some sort of issues. the way i see it the less you have the adjust the better. i'm not an experienced hydro/dwc grower nearly all of my knowledge is in soil growing. i can help you with pretty much anything in that category :) im a newbie in hydro settings.

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