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DiY LEDs - How to Power Them

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by SupraSPL, Feb 22, 2014.


    mahiluana Well-Known Member

    you can drive 5 x CXBs 3590 without problems @ ~175V / 1400mA / ~180lm/w

    very efficient combination - total 245W = 35W/sqf > enough light.
    if you dimm down to 700mA you can reach up to 220lm/w (depends on bin of your chip)

    watch your heatsink(s) and try to keep it below 40°C
    @ full load you have to sink ~170W heat power

    rocho Active Member

    could you explain it betetr, i know it's an old post but I'm just curious.
    Of course you're speaking about a CV driver, sin't it?
    i miss this part " Then keep it like that and connect 2nd cob. Verify current is 2.1+2.1. Use the other current control internal potentiometer to adjust current to control intensity." How could I make this using a single driver to pilot two cobs and driver has only one pot(esternal in this MW-A series)?

    Thank you so much!

    ganjafather27 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, im wondering if anybody can spread a little knowledge my way.

    I'd like to make a single 36v cob unit. What driver(s) would be the best for a single cob build?

    tekmunki Member

    The newer HBG Meanwells would be great for a single cob, you don't really get the flexibility of expanding the system out later like with the HLG's cause the form factor lends itself to being attached to one cob at a time. HBG-100-48A is dimmable up to 2 amps and can put out a forward voltage between 28-48v so they pair nicely with 36v cobs. You can even screw in an eye hook to the top of the driver to hang it. It's not the cheapest option being around $40 but if you're looking for something you can just mount the cob and heatsink to and still look good without wires everywhere it's an option.

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    Skiball Member

    I'm surprised more people don't use the rsp models. You can get the 1600 48 for 220$ and it's 93% efficient.

    FLtoMI New Member

    Need your advice on powering the Japanky Quantum Boards 336 from Amazon. Shows 168 Watts but not sure what driver would work best. Any advice would be appreciated...

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