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Dinafem Seeds? Anyone Like/Dislike Them?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by mixin, Sep 29, 2008.


    mixin Well-Known Member

    i have been looking for a good "Sea of Green" strain that flowers quickly and produces good smoke too

    after searching for fast flowering strains of femenised seeds on the attitude's website and Dinafem appears to have the fast flowering strains down!

    i have it down to 4 strains so if anyone has any input at all or experience with these strain i would love to hear them!

    Dinafem Seeds California Hash Plant


    Dinafem Seed’s California Hash Plant is pure East Indian; a region known for being the producer of some of the finest Indica grown. By crossing two sisters of the of the same genetic line, we were able to create a fast flowering, high yielding, mould resistant plant that offers a very good yield with good quality. Medicinally, a very soothing, and sedative effect can be expected. Not over powering but more mellow. It calms, rather than excites. Like a good hashish.
    Growing: Indoors/Outdoors
    Flowering: 45-50 days
    THC: (8% - 12%).
    Genotype: 90% California Hash Plant x 10% Northern Lights
    Feminized: Yes


    Blue Hash

    10 Cannabis Seeds per packet
    What a combination! The mind sweep of Blueberry crossed with the mystical body calm of the California Hash Plant. Dinafem’s Blue Hash is a fast flowering Indica that initially adopts the color violet then turns a dark purple when fully finished; this is a beautiful plant for the indoor gardener. Easy to grow, low maintenance and very mould resistant. Also, it produces a very good yield of the highest quality. Grows very well out of doors as well. A sweet, fruity flavor that will euphorically put your cares behind you.
    Growing: Indoors/Outdoors
    Flowers in about 55 days
    THC Content: (12% - 16%)
    Genotype: Blueberry x California Hash Plant.



    Dinafem Seeds Power Kush, is a powerful blend of Afghani x Skunk #1. It is a fast bloomer that produces a harvest of sweet, orange tinted colas with high resin content. Mental and physical effects are quite notable and the taste divine. The power is surprising until one considers the genetics, then you realize it is not by chance but design.

    Growing: Indoors/Outdoors
    Flowering in 45-55 Days
    THC: High. (12% - 16%).
    Genotype: (Afghani x Skunk #1)

    Feminized: Yes
    Contents: 10 cannabis seeds per pack


    Critical +

    10 Seeds per packet

    This beautiful Indica is an award winning plant of the Highlife Glass of Barcelona. Dinafems Seeds, Critical +, is a high yield producer with a powerful, fruity skunk aroma, saddled with a delicious taste. Indoor cultivators should exercise caution due to the strong, skunky fragrance it exudes while growing.
    A very potent smoke, mentally & physically, with a high yield.

    Growing: Indoors/outdoors
    Flowering: 45-50 days
    THC: (12%-16%)
    Genotype: Big Bud x Skunk
    Feminized: Yes

    calicat Well-Known Member

    I have never grown critical mass before but have heard good things about it. I have grown big bud before and had some enormous yields. I have also grown various skunk strains with acceptable to great results. In the near future I plan on growing critical mass. I would choose that one over the others.

    SmokeUpJohnny Well-Known Member

    my fiance is from Spain and that's how I found out about dinafem...

    it turns out they have some pretty awesome stuff, a lot of UK and Spanish sites just rave and rave about how great they are...

    I myself bought their Collection #2 pack... 2 blue hash, 2 blue widow, 2 white widow

    I'm gonna be starting my grow soon, can't wait

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    trapper Well-Known Member

    just germed 8 blue widow from dinefem,two tiny black ones never germed at all the the 6 could not push through the soil before rotting,the only ones out of the strains i germinated,i would never bye dinafem again total garbage.

    smitdog Well-Known Member

    i got two free dinafem royal haze female's free from dr chronic .. i hope they turn out great this summer .. gonna grow these bad boys in some 30 gallon tubs .. hoping for a few monster danky haze sativa's .. this strain sounds awesome hope it is ..

    trapper Well-Known Member

    hope it works better for you then for me,i emailed were i got the seeds and they never had the decency to reply,but in this med growing business their are thieves that take advantage of the fact we cant call the cops,but im in the process of getting my medical licence,but not at the expence of haveing to quit takeing my stronger meds.pot can only do so much for heavy pain.it helps with the loss of appetite from other meds ect ect.

    smitdog Well-Known Member

    yes very sad to read about your germ rate with the blue widow .. i have had same experience different company .. nirvana's hindu kush i germed 8 only got two to accually crack and germ other 6 where dead seeds never did anything .. part of the game like you said ..

    SmokeUpJohnny Well-Known Member

    I germed 3 dinafem seeds last week, blue widow, blue hash, and white widow

    all are VERY strong and healthy plants, very beautiful and nice...

    dinafem are extremely nice seeds, I'd even say better than a lot of the dutch passion and sensi seeds ...

    if you know anything about dinafem, they back up 100% all their seeds. email them and they should send you brand new seeds...

    now that's great service!

    trapper Well-Known Member

    i was looking for their email address i googled it and could not find it,i then emailed the retailer,so if you have the email i would appreciate it,i will email them and find their response,thanks.

    trapper Well-Known Member

    do you have the email address i googled it and all i found was the distibuters not the company,like i said 2 were tiny dark hard seeds that didnt even look like any seeds i have seen,and the others rotted in the soil they just never pushed through,one did with my help,but it has not grown,it is 1"in 9 days while the other strains are 5" so i would like to see what they say,it costs almost 200 dollars.

    ZnappGrow Active Member

    I live in spain myself. I only heard really good things about DINAFEM seeds from the local growers.
    Im going to plant my moby dick seeds some time next week, and we see how it goes.

    About there email. Theres one printet on the yin can the seeds came in.
    [email protected].
    Try that one. If dosent work, I could try and ask the grow shop I bought them, to see if they got another one.
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    gloomysmokes707 Active Member

    does anyone know about the size of their seed packages or shape would be very useful in shipping methods because i only like to get packages that are flat and small in shape. i hear they have a very complex packing system when compared to other breeders.
    sven deisel

    sven deisel Well-Known Member

    gee to fuck up that many seeds at once im guessing you just cant grow worth a crap trapper all mine popped and r growing just fine. i love how mega failings are everyones fault but there own maybe you should give up on the card if you cant even get seeds started
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    Dro Plug

    Dro Plug Active Member

    I have grown Blue Hash and that shit turned out pretty good. The taste was like blueberry citrus, she had a sour taste. The buzz was good, not the best, but far from the worst. I have Cali Hash going right now, I fucked up and let her get to close to the lights, but other than that she is growing good. I will try and post some pics of her later.

    drlearysbud Well-Known Member

    I got a free feminized auto fruit seed(DinaFem) from attitude with an order I had. I grew it out and it was a healthy and pretty plant. Yield was like 3/4 oz though it was as potent as I would have liked it to be the flavor was great. No problems growing or germinating it.
    Anita Bhonghitt

    Anita Bhonghitt Active Member

    Did the Cali Hash, turned out real nice! Have the Blue Hash vegging now. Critical + and Moby Dick waiting to pop next. So far I think Dinafem are a prety good value!

    max420thc Well-Known Member

    from what ive been seeing dinafem has ALOT of good revues. i got some free bees ive popped . had a cali hash plant. it turned out to be a very slow runt. and a power kush..it is running fast and looking beautiful . very pointed leaves on it..it looks cool. it branch';s alot. it just went into flower. so i dont know much more than what ive seen so far..but it is a good looking plant so far.
    i gave five dina fem seeds to a buddy of mine ..they were free in the order . one of them is moby dick 2. i told him if he gets anything worth while just get me a cut off of it. ill know more about how their other strains grow in the next couple of months.

    hardroc New Member

    I got a couple freebies of Blue Widow from Dinafem. I germed only 1 and less than 24 hours the bean popped, put it in soil and again less then 24 hours it broke through the soil. I'm happy so far, just hope it don't turn hermi, I'm not so sure on the fem seeds anymore after hearing that alot turn hermi on you, ex: Green House Seeds, has alot of people talking about thier hermi fems, I also have a Bubba Kush I'm growing out from them that is fem'd, alot of ppl trash them as well, but mine is growing like crazy. I don't really go by what ppl say anymore, because it's not reliable, best way to know is own personal experiance.
    I've grown out Orange Mass, a friend of a freind of a friend cross bread Orange Bud with Critical Mass, and I love it. Lots of vigor and at 9 weeks, you can have some buds as big as your forearm. Really good all around smoke too, nice yeilds. Don't know about Dinafem's C.M. but prolly worth a try imo.

    diet103 Well-Known Member

    Check out my blue hash!

    It was awesome smoke. It just has a low threshold for hermying because I had a large one that I sprayed down with cold water around 6th week of flower (had a pollen problem) and it nannered the next freakin day. So I only kept this one clone and decided to flower it and it turned blue in the end and didn't hermie! I'm revegging it now!

    1stimegrower Member

    I just barely got these 5 seeds for free of critical + or AKA "Critical mass. I read it's a 50/50 indica, sativa hybrid with genetics of Big Bud and skunk. Big bud already had some skunk in it's genetics so it sounds to me like big bud backcrossed with skunk. I haven't had the pleasure of popping these seeds just yet because i'm in a current DWC grow but I read that it grows like a sativa but yields hefty buds similar to big bud. Can't wait ;)

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