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Cloning From Feminized Seeds - Is It Possible, Difficult or Impossible?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by mushu93, Mar 11, 2011.


    hoagtech Well-Known Member

    Finally good counter critcism. That was only way I knew of and Ive heard of using coloidal silvers with micronutrients to add bulk to a plant towards the and of flower. I was not aware it changed sex. I value your opinion. Would you mind posting a link?

    @pooscrubber You never had a fem seed turn hermie because youve never grown anything. And Im old enough to own a hydroponic store on front st. and not depend on unemployment. Lets see some pics ballscrubber

    swaggersDlite Well-Known Member

    look up "soma" on youtube he talks about colloidal silver and how its the best to produce fem seeds , very interesting guy trust him fo sho....
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    Luigisan Active Member

    I tried cloning from a feminized Endless Sky with no success. The plant is beuatiful, but is now showing signs of being a hermaphrodite. After reseraching, I now learn that feminized seeds can frequently proiduce hermies. Thus, possibly, my problem trying to clone.

    Anyways, nomore feminized seeds for me.

    xXOnyxXx Well-Known Member

    feminised seed is usually made by putting colloidial silver on a lower bud and that bud herms, collect the pollen in what ever manner you use to ensure that the rest of the plant don't get pollenated, use you pollen to breed to what ever female you are trying to cross to and the end result is a feminised seed ...... flowering can be done from seed and produce nice bud, so you better look a lil bit harder and find some reputable information.

    DVXSteverino Well-Known Member

    " bud herms, collect the pollen in what ever manner you use to ensure that the rest of the plant don't get pollinated, use you pollen to breed to what ever female you are trying to cross to and the end result is a feminized seed ....."

    Exactly!! I was waiting for a correct answer.. From my understanding...stress a female..(stable strain),..collect pollen carefully, and use it to pollinate another stable female (that hasn't been hermed)..the result is Fem seeds..now if you used the seeds from the original female that was hermed,..now that will cause instability...my 2 cents

    nitro20% Active Member

    man thought pot mellowed people out. k, so ive been growing for 10 years and been smoking (steeling)my dads for many many years.....i have had merphies all along the way, from every thing you guys say and one more a ball buster that is happening right now. ......if the clone is of stable breeding (original blue dream,, not the fake seed) and cloned it over and over but not useing a mother but just before the flowering or when ever before flowering. leting the original blue dream clones go to flower,no mater what ur stability is u will get a merphie eventually. i took this about 4 years....bout 9 to 12 generations. so this closets gonna cost me 2 cents( HA HA) i grow to smoke for free,1000 water dont pay for itself, but it turned at the end i got 5 days till chopin time and honestly it looks like the dankest resin cover dream ive seen out of it.

    nitro20% Active Member

    so then i read that bananna peels and seeds in a jar produces the active things/stuff to feminize. he wrote that out of the many times hes done this he has had nothing but female from reg. seeds and was going to try it on merphie seeds to see if it would hold off the transfomation due to the right(wrong) conditions. now this is somthing that if you where a seed bank would not want to tell anyone,right?thing about it. dont know if any of you guy have argued (just kiddin) any information out of any of these forums that will help. but im gonna try it.i need to know for myself.oh seeins i lost the best thing that i every tasted, any of you got info on the ICE seed.

    SirLancelot Active Member

    I always thought that when people purposly stressed their plants to produce fem seeds it was way late into flowering. First you make sure it doesn't have a tendacy to hermie on it's own in normal conditions. Harvest most the buds then leave a few bottom nugs. and stress the fuck out of it. or leave all nugs. Due to the stress the plant knows it's about to die so it naturally trys to do what all of life does, survive. SO it produces seeds from being stressed.

    Now my understanding is yes hermies are possible but when done properly from a strong mother the only reason those seeds would hermie is if it were in the same environment that shocked the mother. hence if you fuck the light schedule up to get it to make seeds then those seeds generally will be good unless you stress it from light. like i said this is what i THought i've read in a book somewhere, I don't know for a fact maybe someone can clear that up.

    this is an old thread but thought I'd hop in.

    growinhound Member

    collodial silver is 1 way of creating fem seeds. its all in the x y chromosomes. a fem plant can be forced into producing seeds,and those seeds will be fem. a fact that can be googled. use google to your advantage.fem seeds are great...

    Hotwired Well-Known Member

    All this bullshit going on about the process and all the OP wanted to know is if he could clone from fem seeds.

    Yes or No. Simple answer was needed. Then all the pot doctorates came in and ruined the thread.

    Answer is yes. Although, imo, clones tend to degenerate over time. Especially if you keep making new moms from clones and continuing on down that road. Sometimes it all depends on how you pick each clone from its parent. Many plants grow one side better than the other and give you a weak stem on the opposite side of the branch. If you keep using the "weak" clones that many plants produce you will eventually kill off your ability to get good results down the road. If you continue to pick the best clones as moms you can keep the line going for quite a few years.

    If you're original mom was amazingly good you may want to eventually get one of the clones to grow nanners late in flower and make your own beans.

    Who cares how fems are made. That should be in another thread. The OP needs info on cloning from fem seeds.
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    SirLancelot Active Member

    If you read the thread you would see the OP was given an answer previously on the first page, and since human conversation has a tendacy to evolve so did the content of this thread. I've never heard anyone complain about getting more info than they asked for... and it's not even your thread why are you bitching? rough morning huh...

    Hotwired Well-Known Member

    I read the thread fully and answered it appropriately. But the thread was not "evolving", as you so put it. It was devolving into a flame war over something that wasn't even asked about in the first place.

    As for your troll comment about me bitching...................I can say the same for you. Why are you bitching about me bitching? Are you the bitch master who follows threads around waiting for people who bitch? Can you possibly think that your bitching is better than mine? Was your morning rougher than mine and forced you to bitch about my bitching? Did you have to let your bitching out? Couldn't you have said to yourself, "I wont bitch about other peoples bitching today?

    I think I can answer all these questions in one simple answer.

    You must be a bitch. Here is a special smiley just for you :clap:

    Now take this :finger: and shove it :-o

    SirLancelot Active Member

    your tough, internet thug

    Hotwired Well-Known Member

    Naaaa, but I did sleep at a Holiday Inn last night :eyesmoke:

    corners Well-Known Member

    All plants can and will hermie with stress. Like you said, its a defense mechanism. Its funny. so many people come on here and blame the genetics, or femed seeds. When most of the time its their fault because of some sort of stress they caused. Most people seem to be on their 1st 2nd and even 3rd grows and are almost always blaming it on the genetics. I dont buy it. Just letting it flower to long can make it spit out male flowers. Or too much nutes. Or a light leak. Heat stress. Too much water. Too little water.Being dumb. Being dumb and being stupid. There are so many variables to take into account with hermies and and phenos. Environment is huge.
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    doser Well-Known Member

    I am no expert but what you are saying did not happen and has not been my experience at all. I cloned many times from feminized seeds without having any issues at all. Not sayin you're full of shit............just sayin!

    missnu Well-Known Member

    Ok, I ordered this really picky freaking sativa fem seed and planted it 2 years ago and have been making clones and flowering the original over and over and over for the past 2 years, never had a clone die, or not clone, but have killed the actual plants...lol. So it is possible and easy

    missnu Well-Known Member

    Oh, I have also never had one "hermie" and my plants have been stressed in ways you can't even imagine...messing with the light schedule, messing up the nutes, ph, watering, root bound...awww man if you can do it wrong, I have done it I think...it's a process...Anyway, I feel like this strain I have is not very strong because it is just so damnably picky! Everything has to be just just just right, or they get all wonky and your yield sux...smoke is crazy awesome, but it's such a hassle, but when I say it all out like this and I really think about it, I have done alot wrong, but even as I get better and try other seeds I can't get this damn C-13 Haze to stop fucking up!!!! Grrrr!!! -----Anyway you shouldn't have an issue...
    Jimmy Sparkle

    Jimmy Sparkle Well-Known Member

    Bullshit! Oh stinky Bullshit!

    KushDog Active Member

    I Never heard of cloneing a Auto flower before,

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